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  1. The age comments about Charlie need to stop and stop now. He met all IHSAA requirements to play football. He was thought well enough to be offered to play football and attend the United States Military Academy at West Point....one of the top ranked academic institutions in this country. Congrats Charlie!!
  2. Congrats former Chatard all state lineman for his Miami OH team winning the MAC championship. Danny has been the starting center since his freshman year and on the Rimington Watch list 3 times!!
  3. I need to ask Dad, but believe he’s graduating from Stanford
  4. Jovan entered the transfer portal....will be interesting where he plays his final year of eligibility
  5. you are a piece of work....if you talked to Eric personally about Punta Gorda and the environment his boys came from, you would have been smart enough not to say much. But then again as you told us before, you pretty much know it all and listening is not a strength. Done wasting time with you.
  6. I think one should be embarrassed if they open their mouth and flap their gums without having any clue of knowing what they are talking about....and certainly have lived in a given location. Coach Moore has shared much about the community of Punta Gorda Fl and about the lives of his former players many times over the years. He's taken people from CG into these areas while on spring break and I've also heard from them about the area. Knowing Coach and the other individuals (friends), I don't believe one minute they have embellished anything about Charlotte High School and a number of his players lives. But since you are a Google fan, I am sure you found information such as this: https://www.charlottecountyfl.gov/dept/humanservices/Documents/2017-Human-Services-Community-Needs-Assessment.pdf The demographics of those served by the Charlotte County Human Services (CCHS) Family Services Division are comparable to those of the County. CCHS assisted 8,432 individuals, representing a total of 3,506 families from January 1, 2014, through December 31, 2016, reporting years. Of those clients served, the majority were females between the ages of 24 and 44. Family Services can also report that 79% of those served were white, 20% African American, and 1% Native American, Asian, and another race(s). Much of Family Services clients (64%), fell within the 50% or lower level of income Health and Human Service guidelines. Not surprising, since 40% of Charlotte County is living in poverty or below the Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) threshold, which will be discussed further in this report. From 2014-2016, Charlotte 2-1-1 received and responded to 39,412 calls for information and referral. Charlotte 2-1-1’s database contains 426 non-profit & government agencies and 561 programs available to Charlotte County residents, in addition to collecting data based on the calls received. The level of educational attainment in Charlotte County remains lower than that of the national average. From 2011 to 2015, there was no significant improvement. The most visible differences were 1.8% decrease of those with only high school diploma or GED and 0.8% increase of residents attaining a Bachelor’s degree.3 Those clients served by the Family Services Division from 2014-2016, 88% fell within the categories no diploma, high school diploma or GED and some college/no degree. Persons (all ages) in poverty 12.4% Children under 18 in poverty 23.3% Elderly poverty 6%. With a median household income of $44,244, many Charlotte County residents struggle to make ‘ends meet’ 5 , especially when the cost of living continues to rise and wages do not. Above are excerpts.....feel free to read the entire report. There was nothing stated by Grover that was an embellishment. You've never spent one second of your life talking with Coach Moore, yet you accuse others of embellishing.....seriously? The ONLY ONE that should be embarrassed is the guy staring back at you in the mirror.
  7. I think we predicted this one. Nice raise for Coach Allen! https://fox59.com/2019/12/06/indiana-football-coach-tom-allen-agrees-to-7-year-3-9-million-per-year-contract/ It would be fantastic to see Coach Allen become a legend at Indiana. I truly believe he loves IU....and it shows.
  8. Did Penix play in more than 4 games this year? Does he redshirt? I can't recall, but I think he already had a medical redshirt. I hope he doesn't walk...hope he gets in the weight room and gets stronger. He is very talented. As both Indiana and Purdue has shown us, can't have enough QB's on the roster. I am guessing 4 star Tuttle is walking.
  9. He did stay with the new coach. Moved to safety and had a great season starting. Unfortunately he injured his knee against Syracuse late in the season, that knocked him out for both the Kentucky game and the bowl game. But they expect him back for spring ball I believe. https://bigredlouie.com/2019/11/25/louisville-football-russ-yeast-injury/ There’s no denying that losing Yeast will be a huge blow to an already suspect defense. In his junior season, Yeast has totaled 61 total tackles as well as four pass deflections, two forced fumbles, and an interception and has been one of the key clogs in a group that has definitely struggled, but has made just enough plays to win games. Yeast was a favorite of the new Louisville staff from the very beginning of them taking over and will be the biggest loss this season. Bryan Brown talked about Yeast and the early impression he made back during Spring Practice, which set the foundation of his breakout season, with ESPN Louisville’s Drew Deener, saying:
  10. My guess is that Allen is going to get a nice raise after the season. I believe he's currently at the bottom of the Big 10 with a $1.5M annual salary. That just blows be away that this is the lowest salary in the conference..... What a decision he will have next year deciding Penix vs. Ramsey. It was tough enough for him last year....now after the season Ramsey has had after Penix went down. They each bring something excellent to the table.
  11. Don't forget CG tailback Daniel Weems...rushed for over 1200 yds as a soph. The backfield with Jackson, Steele, Weems and Wheat should be fun to watch next season. 1 Sr and 3 juniors.
  12. Had a nice track season as a frosh last year. I hear his brother (frosh now) also has some wheels.
  13. Career should not in my opinion. Perhaps formally it doesn't with Mr. Football criteria...I am not sure. But I do think career can absolutely bias a voter..especially if the candidates are really close.
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