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  1. Good observation. Eastern Green was 38-11 over the past 4 seasons, with 2 sectional championships and a runner up at state 2 years ago. Wonder what happened to the Tbirds?
  2. I just hope their mindset isn't just win one more game....one game at a time and win a bunch more games. That was a quality win....Maryland is not an easy out and had their backs against the wall playing at home....they needed that win. IU wasn't pretty at the end and I thought a little conservative on offense....but it worked out.
  3. You won't hear people from CG saying they will win easily....we know the history between our 2 schools. Nothing but upmost respect for Coach Gaddis and his program. Was not thrilled about the sectional draw....not easy to go to East's home and pull out a victory. Is the big horn still up on top of the building in the end zone? I still remember Motley Crue "Jump Start my Heart" blaring from the speakers near start of the game from back in 09......
  4. That is tough news about Cam. Let's hope he heals quickly. Tough blow for these young men and their teams.
  5. Tough for this young team to finish....eliminating the NP loss, the other 4 Trojan losses have occurred by an average of 5.5 points, the largest spread being 7 points. Teams have to learn how to win. Doesn't get any easier with the opening sectional game at Columbus East next week. Let's hope the tough learning during this season pay off down the stretch. Trojan Pride!! Congrats Irish....stay healthy and make a run!!!
  6. I always hate that this game is on fall break at CG. Safe travels tonight folks and wishing all players remain injury free going into the playoffs.
  7. My pal bought a hemp rug once for his screened-in porch. His son and buddies smoked it. He told me never again.........
  8. I don't question that at all Bob. I didn't say it was easy to get in and remain....actually one of the toughest. I am just willing to bet for ND and any of the top academic schools, standards for admittance do differ some for the top athlete and a non-athlete. That's in a no way a negative. I wouldn't have thought of Georgia Tech, but makes sense. I would have also thought Northwestern and Vandy would be in the upper echelon for admittance.
  9. I'm not questioning at all that requirements weren't met. I truly don't know, but guess what you are stating is spot on. I am not sure where ND draws the line for its big time athletes. Maybe not far off from the typical admitted non-athlete student. Just don't buy they are one and the same. Either way, football seems to be going well for the young man.
  10. Wow...no clue IU led the all-time series between the schools.....
  11. I was in Memorial Stadium as a high school kid when the Huskers came into town....back in the Corso and Osborne days. IU won the toss and received to open the game. WR/KR Duane Gunn took the opening kick back for a TD....IU led 7-0. Final score Nebraska 63 IU 17.......... I can't remember....is that the game Corso got a picture of the scoreboard after the kickoff??
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