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  1. Read the article well...as well as other legal views....I think you need to go back and read it again....Dude. See...we don't disagree on everything....
  2. I'll take the analysis on Mueller's investigation from legal experts before I will MSM or you. Don't take it personal. I do understand why you do reject legal interpretations...it doesn't align with what you desire. Biden won't be allowed to campaign as normal because he is a walking gaffe machine. The world knows this. You go ahead and make him out to be a genius. He's not anything close. He is not in charge of his campaign...that is the work of the DNC. You cannot be moderate and support AOC on all those issues....especially her plan for climate change. She will tell you that she's no moderate. Just accept it man. You are no moderate. It is impossible to debate with someone that doesn't understand his own limitations....Mr. StatGuy.....
  3. I don't talk about Trump because this isn't a Trump thread....he has one on OOB dedicated to him. This one is dedicated to his opponent(s). Ahhh...you mean when the goalposts were moved from collusion to obstruction?? According to the American Bar Association (not mainstream media) Mueller did not take a clear position on obstruction. Even CBS reported MAY be 10 cases of obstruction. You can keep going all you want....but it is nothing more than hot air. https://www.americanbar.org/news/abanews/aba-news-archives/2019/03/mueller-concludes-investigation/ Why is Biden leading in the current polls? (remains to be seen on their accuracy as in 2016) I've stated it repeatedly. Dems (not Biden) are running a brilliant campaign. Keep Joe as quiet as they can, and attack Trump on all fronts using MSM. They've realized that being true and accurate doesn't matter...all you have to do is to create perception. And this is a brilliant tactic. Yes, AOC is a dimwit. If you support someone like her, you lose all credibility proclaiming yourself as a moderate. On the last, we shall see...I do concur that Dems seem to be the party of a large % of millenials. But generations come and go....and things always change. History tells us that.
  4. thought this graph shared on Twitter was interesting as well, assuming correct. Note: I have not confirmed the source.
  5. Do you have data that illustrates that the reason of the lowering mortality rate is truly due to deaths and the vast reduction of the elderly? There is substantial data that shows mortality rates by age group. It begins to exceed 1% for 60 and above and then increases significantly at 70+. Again, I don't disagree that younger generations can absolutely expose the elderly. I would contend we are doing much better protecting the at risk groups and the decline in mortality is much more than people "dying off".... I am actually not arguing against masks. But don't be fooled that wearing a surgical mask eliminates the risk. It does not. But in combination with social distancing, impossible to argue that it does reduce exposure. I wear a mask without in public and to keep sports and other activities in place, I would gladly wear a mask.
  6. Perceived or real? Dems should absolutely thank MSM. I guess a great offense can become a great defense.... I have to applaud the Dems. They have a horrific candidate. Keep him hidden, away from the microphones, and attack and lay smokescreens against their opponent. Get a feeble minded person in office, and allow Nancy and Chuck to run the country.....let them push the increasing leftist agenda....it is all about the power.....hand over the reins to the dimwit AOC for the next generation. They have their vision.
  7. Do you think playing high school sports will truly cause this trend to reverse? Do you have the same concern with attending school? My guess is that the chance of exposure is far greater with school attendance that it is with fall sports. Far greater populations, indoors.
  8. They have had multiple flare ups with incidence rates since the inception of the virus. Their latest was in June. I didn't say it was down to one. I am not aware that China's testing strategy has changed since April, so I don't believe it is outdated. Do you have anything different? I am not arguing that wearing masks isn't a good idea. However, the Chinese gov't has stipulated masks since early in the game. What makes it so difficult to compare data with China is that 1) they don't publish data widely, including incidence and mortality 2) they do not test Without those 2 key indicators, indicating China has this disease managed is spectulative at best. But China, like many other countries, do manage this at a country level....I also agree that compliance is accomplished. And businesses are up and running. Hopefully, we can keep this trend continuing in the US....declining mortality by protecting those at the highest risk.
  9. Sadly, country rock legend Charlie Daniels has passed away this morning at the age of 83. I followed him on Twitter...he must have passed suddenly without much warning...I believe a stroke. RIP....great man. https://apnews.com/aaaecdb9fbedf226121d25c09f25d0a7
  10. Multiple flare ups with incidence...the latest in June. Is that better? The world multiple was also used in my original response.
  11. Are you sure? You are aware that China has experienced multiple flare ups of the virus in various regions, correct? (including one in June) And that is what we know....their gov't doesn't allow their media to function like ours. China also have a different COVID testing strategy than the US https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-china-testing/china-to-keep-coronavirus-tests-focused-stops-short-of-wider-testing-idUSKCN2291AU
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