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  1. I struggle with those words. Should a religious institution, using the bible as a basis, not be allowed to set moral standards? Not everyone agrees with the LGBT lifestyle, and they base this upon what they feel is divine direction. Who says their necessarily wrong? That doesn't mean they hate anyone...simply have moral objections. Did the private institution make it crystal clear as to their standards, and the employee signed abiding to them? The employee had free will. No one forced them to seek employment from this particular employer.
  2. maybe if they taxed more like Chicago and Cook County.....wait a minute......
  3. it was an honest question...has the US or other country paid out reparations for mistreatment of people a century or more prior, and did it have a positive outcome? Did it solve an social issue? I am not aware of such, but I haven't really researched it. In this particular case, do you see a payout as really being a long-term satisfier? I have my sincere doubts.....
  4. Do you have evidence with consensus that reparations are indeed effective?
  5. this doesn't help him........changing attitude from millennials regarding LGBT acceptance...... https://www.wthr.com/article/survey-lgbtq-acceptance-dropping-among-millennials
  6. I suppose.... I wonder if the college list below is significantly different than Indy suburban public schools? https://brebeuf.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Profile-for-Colleges-2018-19_v7.pdf
  7. Wow Gonzo....a negative vote....guess you took that one personally.....😉
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