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  1. https://babylonbee.com/news/cnn-publishes-real-news-story-for-april-fools-day
  2. CG's Austin Booker to date....19 D1 offers....Conferences to include Big 10, Big 12, ACC, PAC 10, SEC, AAC and MAC https://247sports.com/Recruitment/Austin-Booker-132927/RecruitInterests/
  3. Spot on...... Now if BO was president, and Lindell volunteered to do the same thing.....the media would have melted and libs across the US would be gushing over themselves with love and thanks.....they might have had an issue with his expression of faith, but overall...instant adoration.
  4. There it comes...deflection and rationalization. Not during a pandemic....because lessons learned from H1N1 wasn't enough...... You should have been a politician....full of pure poopy....
  5. Of course they do....thank you is not in their vocabulary, unless Nancy is putting tons of pork in a COVOID relief bill. Then they will bow to Nancy, get her another drink, and try to get the countless homeless in her district to vote blue in upcoming elections......because you know, Dems are just all about the people. 🙄
  6. I don't know if I buy completely buy that.....growing up in the 812, I remember many high schools too small to have high school football. My siblings all graduated from schools that didn't have football. And the schools that did have football, would easily have more fans in the stands for basketball games. It was all about basketball....single class basketball. I get in the 219 it was different. We even used to talk about football was a northern Indiana thing. I moved into town and went to a bigger school and played the sport...it was becoming more popular at that time....my mom loved to go to the games...she'd tell me I don't understand a thing, but its fun to watch you play. The Colts arrived and that began to change....and change it did. And then football powers started forming outside of the 219.... I get it was different in 812 communities such as Evansville....not sure about Terre Haute. Just to be clear....I did not wear a leather helmet....and I had a facemask....pretty cool one at that.
  7. Sounds like Jack's Welch's style of performance management during his GE years. Eliminate the ones on the bottom....each year there is a new bottom. "Rank and Yank" That doesn't exist anymore in GE.....
  8. What is the gov supposed to do Muda? Stick his head in the sand and pretend the virus isn't happening? Models he has been provided, actions taken by other states and desires from the Federal gov't leave him little choice. I don't think he enjoys what he has had to do....
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