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  1. Guess that's the best you got....I understand your defensiveness
  2. you actually can't comprehend. I have repeatedly indicated it textbook Dem...I mentioned Clinton, and the Dem candidates with their Easter worshipping tweets. Has it been the card played by Obama?...heck yes and that's irrefutable. So he doesn't get off the hook...but its hardly his approach alone. Its a left approach. Is he the originator and the rest are followers, I don't know. Perhaps yes. Kind of defensive there you Obama buttsmooch....
  3. Do you have examples of GOP leaders failing to call victims of vicious attacks on Muslim populations, as Muslim? Do they just refer to people as mosque worshippers? Ramadan worshippers? Easter is the holy day for Christians....why was it so hard for both Obama and Clinton to say an attack on Christians? I know you want to fixate on Obama....but of several Dem candidates, only Beto and one other referred to the victims as an attack on Christians. Booker, Harris, Warren and others would not use the word "Christian" in their tweets. That is the name of the group targeted with terror. And they were targeted by radical Islam...who has claimed responsibility with motive. Pure and simple. You bring up Trump's response...seriously? I already mentioned he forwarded a tweet soon after using the word Christian. He has a history of not failing to use the word. Can you say the same about Obama? Really not sure why you have a hard time admitting that the use of certain words isn't by accident....they are by intention. Really wondering what you are arguing....if anything, I give Obama some credit for being consistent....even if it is wrong. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/apr/22/barack-obama-hillary-clinton-tip-anti-christian-ea/ Churches, the place where Christians congregate to worship. Calling them “Easter worshippers” is a political ploy designed to tamp down realities of radical Islamic terror targeting of Christians and Christianity. But this is what those of the far left do. This is how Muslim apologists roll. Obama while president, while responding to acts of terror that occurred during his time in public office, never could point the finger of blame toward radical Islamism, even as the rest of the world was screaming radical Islamism — even while the radical Islamics themselves were busily screaming, with bravado and boasting, about their own murderous plots and deeds. “Obama cites the history of Christian terrorism (and creates an uproar),” National Catholic Reporter wrote in February of 2015, in a story about the speech Obama delivered at the National Prayer Breakfast. Among his remarks? “Humanity,” Obama said at this 2015 breakfast, “has been grappling with these questions [of terrorism] throughout human history. And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.” He has a history of saying similarly. “Obama: ‘We’ are to blame, not Islamic terrorism, for massacre,” the New York Post reported in June 2016. “President Barack Obama: Why I won’t say ‘Islamic terrorism,’ ” CNN reported, in September 2016. Truly, as Sen. Ted Cruz, on the heels of the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians in Egypt and the burning of 45 people in Iraq, laid it out on Fox News: Obama’s “an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists.” His tweet on Sri Lanka underscores.
  4. LOL! Reminds me of the scene with Woody Harrelson in Kingpin.....
  5. BO and Hillary know their base.....they know the make-up of their party, especially those further left. As I will say again, they chose their words. Hawk's "intelligent" posts demonstrate this quite nicely. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/protestants-decline-religion-sharply-shifting-religious-landscape-poll/story?id=54995663
  6. if making me chuckle at your "brilliant" comments means in your world I'm triggered....so be it...LOL!!
  7. Never said he was Muslim. But I believe both he and Hillary chose their words carefully. As IO stated earlier...its vogue in the US....and its a political world
  8. Because of the inconsistency. I don't think when both of them use the same term omitting that Christians were targeted and slaughtered, that its an honest mistake. https://edition.cnn.com/asia/live-news/new-zealand-christchurch-shooting-intl/h_685d0b0c42a52b60b2da5b9b3bd23330
  9. I really don't care who uses the term....Christians were targeted in the bombing. Call it what it is. There was no issue calling it targeting of Jews with the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh or Muslims at Christchurch in New Zealand. Am I supposed to be surprised what label the US media uses? https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/28/us/pittsburgh-synagogue-shooting/index.html The real issue is people being killed in places of worship.....it's horrific. Each group deserves the respect of being identified as who they are. Praying this kind of cowardly act stops immediately. BTW, I don't follow Trump tweets, but I did go in and check and I did see that he retweeted Christians being killed. Thank you Beto.
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