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  1. Dante....you may need a word with your literature teachers as well............. Or perhaps get back to staying in Holiday Inn Expresses.......
  2. Don't you share your opinion on GID? A lot?? I know...its just a meme......
  3. Laughing about about pathetic behavior isn't whining....trust me. Keep the disdain votes coming big guy.....I'm sure you can find some older threads to give out more. Whatever floats your boat. As I said earlier, if I am striking up that kind of emotion from you, I must be hitting it out of the park!!
  4. 😆 seriously...is that the best you got to offer? I don’t think he’s concerned about being “bullied” by the likes of some on this forum. I think he’s laughing. I know I am......
  5. It is funny....hey, look at it this way....you are getting the emotion...much of it by the same people that call others "triggered"......😀 I just was impressed I earned 9 disdain votes in an hour....by one person. I didn't even know we had that many votes in a given day.
  6. Just a thought you could try this weekend....dial back your dose..... But you be you.....go nuts when emotional!!
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