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  1. I assume you are talking Sagarin....post playoffs, CG was ranked #5 with a 8-6 record. I would struggle with a #4 ranking with a regular season record of 4-5. Not doubting you, but that's a head scratcher. Again, perhaps my sample size isn't large enough....I don't see kids taking plays off because nothing is on the line. CG and Cathedral plays that final game every year like its a war. I'm not sure that a higher post season seed would make a ton of difference how those 2 teams play that game. The same in the old days when CG vs. Warren was the final game of the year. Maybe it does mean more to a fan.....but enough to pack more people in the stands? Enough to offset the loss of people in the stands during the post season because their team didn't qualify? I can see this back in my day when there were only 3 classes.....but now we have 6. And to eliminate half of a 32 team class just doesn't seem right to me. Especially in Bob's example of a pro league adding more teams to their playoff.... I guess we all have an opinion on this one....much respect...just don't align on this one.
  2. Yep....I understand...just responded to SE's early comments about scholly total's in context to PWO's
  3. You have zero proof of any decay whatsoever of football below the D1 level based on PWO's being offered by IU. ZERO. But, if you want to be concerned about the health of Indiana college football....knock yourself out. BTW, you mentioned IU's scholarship amounts equaling Ohio State, and I merely indicated Ohio State also offers PWO's. (as does pretty much every major D1 FBS program)
  4. At least you stick to your guns....no matter what the overwhelming opinions might be. But you may want to give up thinking you are in the majority when it comes to Coach Allen destroying small college football in this state. The roster numbers and quality of play are absolutely 100% against you. Glad you brought up Ohio State....you don't think they never go down this path? Wonder about the negative impact on Ohio small college ball? https://www.elevenwarriors.com/ohio-state-football/2018/02/90946/ohio-state-welcomes-more-than-a-dozen-walk-ons-to-program https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/walk-ons-play-help-shape-winning-culture/ Looks like ND has some experience in this area as well............ https://notredame.rivals.com/news/nine-freshmen-walk-ons-join-2018-notre-dame-roster Let's not forget Purdue...... https://purdue.rivals.com/news/purdue-boilermakers-football-41 Purdue’s roster of preferred 2019 walk-ons continues to grow, as the program received a pledge from Alex Maxwell of East Central High in St. Leon, Ind., last week. Maxwell started at quarterback the last three years for East Central, but he will play receiver at Purdue. Singling out Indiana for a pretty common practive in D1 football? Kind of struggling with your logic.
  5. How disconnected is Bloomberg? Not much gray matter required to farm. Piece of cake I guess! https://www.newsweek.com/mike-bloomberg-teach-anyone-farm-less-gray-matter-modern-jobs-1487633?amp=1
  6. Bob, been fighting off the flu, so a delayed response. I think your economics argument can work both ways. Just last year in 6A, a young, developing Center Grove team lost its best player before the season started. They went 4-5 in the regular season playing one of the toughest schedules in the state. They got healthier, developed as a team and went all the way to the 6A championship game, just coming up short at the end. Do you really think a 32 team playoff is better served not having this type of team in the playoffs? Speaking of consumers, don’t you think the IHSAA would prefer CG’s fans attending games in the post season? I attend a lot of regular season games. I don’t see much “sand bagging”. I don’t see teams stepping off the gas in the regular season just to step on it during the post season. Perhaps you do? What I’d hate to see the possibility of coaches and parents to be tempted to play an injured young man sooner than he should, just to get a regular season win. I understand your theory....I just don’t buy limiting supply of teams in post season will lead to significantly increased quality of play in the regular season. But perhaps I’m just spoiled watching a well-coached program play in a great conference with quality non-conference games. Only 32 teams in 6A....only 32. MLB isn’t cutting back teams for the post season....they are adding. Almost 50% of its team now qualify? Seems to me a much more forgiving regular season. They might want to focus more on how to prevent their teams and players from cheating..... I respect your thoughts....thank goodness for those Econ classes in grad school...😉
  7. We shall see in the primary....not sure his competition will let his past insensitive comments go.... As far as trying to regulate soft drink consumption by people only to have it thrown out by the courts, many of us won’t forget that level of stupidity.
  8. As long as people are ok with him making the size of your soda a priority.......🤣 Then again, he may have even bigger issues on his plate....we shall see if his money can buy him out..... https://newsone.com/3902452/michael-bloomberg-racist-quotes-through-years/
  9. TrojanDad


    This could be interesting.....Oliver Luck indicating the XFL could go after college underclassmen. This could be an option for players that really don't desire to go to college to play ball....and if good enough, could start earning a paycheck....at least a legitimate one....... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/xfl/2020/02/12/xfl-oliver-luck-teams-could-sign-college-freshmen-sophomores/4736646002/
  10. I'm scratching my head following your logic a little Bob. The regular season has always been critical for MLB. If you didn't have have one of the best records, a team didn't qualify. So now there will be more teams making it....which many purist believes it dilutes the game. It will become even easier to make the playoffs and worse records are awarded. To me, this is more about increasing revenue through more playoff games....games that cost more to attend and TV ratings. I'm not sure adding more teams to the playoffs makes your argument any more stronger than the old MLB format. Almost half of the teams makes the playoffs? On the way to an all-in tournament.......😉
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