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  1. Its a meme sure...but we all have choices in what we post. Since you posted 2 similar, I have to assume those memes resonate with you. I was simply saying I have been at work with many college educated professionals.....and non-college educated professionals. I'm just glad we don't think in this manner as we tackle issues together. Most of care less about the level of formal education....we just work for a common goal and pray for the safety of each other and our families. BTW, we also count on the support from folks at home....in my book, they too are ESSENTIAL. But hey...your work culture may be totally different.....
  2. I'm not at home.... I take it you are not an educated man....that's 2 digs you put out there. I know...I know....you are ESSENTIAL.....
  3. I knew you were no Fred Garvin....just not in his league.....plus you would be living in extreme poverty in his profession and you would absolutely cash the relief check..... It was a compliment.....oh well....
  4. While I understand there are bigger issues in life, and certainly in this case with Hoosiers losing their lives to a horrible virus. My heart still goes out to young ones that have worked hard for years to only lose this moment...and especially seniors that certainly had visions of ending their high school careers differently. Unlike NCAA athletes, they will not get an extra season to make up for their season lost...perhaps their final season. I certainly understand the decision and its the only decision that can be made under these extreme circumstances....but I still feel for the kids.
  5. I am assuming this announcement puts an end to spring sports? https://www.theindychannel.com/news/coronavirus/all-k-12-schools-in-indiana-will-deliver-remote-instruction-for-the-remainder-of-the-academic-year
  6. Just trying to bring some levity..... I do have to DT a ton of credit....he get's responses to his posts....makes GID interesting.....cultivates emotion. Its better with him here.......makes it fun!!
  7. https://tenor.com/view/varsity-blues-billy-bob-ron-lester-puke-and-rally-drunk-gif-5640321 I don't disagree....I just think Coaches do need to be creative about developing their players. But I concur to play to your strength.
  8. I struggle with that comment. Can't it be both winning and developing your O line? I do agree you play to your strengths....If one has a dominating O line with some strong backs....then make the D stop the run. If cocky, why even show pass?....demoralize the team by running it down their throat...control the clock, and put the kids to bed. If you don't have that type of line, need to keep the D guessing, and have the strength at Q, then do what you have to do. Play to your strength.
  9. Yea, because no scientists and doctors are conservatives....just stupid. But you do have many more Hollywood folks......
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