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  1. Coach O'Shea (former LCC) is doing a stellar job at North Central currently.....
  2. Statistically speaking.....no. First, walkons are hardly anything new at IU, Purdue, Ball State, etc. 8 D3 teams, 1 D2 team, and 3 NAIA schools in the state. If Allen takes 10 walk-ons, that is less than 1 per team, ASSUMING those kids were all staying in the state of Indiana to play ball at those levels. (and that is one big assumption) One could contend that you eliminate Rose, as they recruit across the country looking for a certain type of student....academic and STEM based. 2 of the 3 NAIA schools are powerhouses and UIndy and improved their program significantly over the past few years. BTW, Purdue also offers walkon opportunities......
  3. All I am asking is that you either provide specific examples in which the offering of PWO's have absolutely been the cause of decay in small college football, or simply admit your voice is nothing more than an opinion. You also put words in JustRules mouth....he did not correlate Allen's actions with the decline of small college football. He stated the the history of D3 football in the state has been mediocre as compared to some other states especially given their performance in the playoffs. That fact is historical and well before Allen's arrival at Indiana. What is recent fact is the strength of NAIA football in this state, and the growth of the University of Indianapolis in the D2 ranks. Further, we can name walk-ons that have earned scholarships at the D1 level. You have zero proof in the demise of small college Indiana football.....NONE! What you do have is a voice....and nothing more. Either name the 20 or 30 cases of demise or simply understand your credibility in this particular case is in question.
  4. You have zero fact and 100% opinion. Hot air. I have given you countless examples of strong programs outside of D1 in Indiana....examples of walk-ons earning scholarships at the D1 level. I've seen absolutely NOTHING from you that confirms any decay in football below D1. I did notice your errors about Indiana State and Ball State, not realizing they are D1 programs. I am waiting on some facts that demonstrate decay in football below D1.....do you have anything at all?
  5. I watched a documentary movie on Prime called Hitler's Holocaust. It was actually made in 2019. About 6 to 8 people (mainly former Jewish survivors) are a key focus, although the documentary goes far beyond their experiences. At the end, I noticed it was dedicated to Eva Kor.....and then I learned of the individual profiles (most were in their mid 90's and still alive) and 2 people now live in the Indy metro area. (Indy and Carmel) These productions are so difficult to watch....but so important....
  6. Regretting the bean burrito and White Castle combo for lunch.......
  7. Agreed...both schools have turned out some incredible athletes over the years. (especially in football, basketball (boys and girls) and track) LN has a legitimate Mr. Football candidate this fall. Tremendous talent.
  8. nothing but love Coach!! Not an IU alum Coach...but kid #3 is now going there following the other 2. Man, have I become a shareholder. When do I get my free polo shirt?????
  9. Indy Star reporting via Twitter Coach John Rodenberg has resigned after 2 seasons at LC.
  10. I had to look that one up...pretty interesting. Nice representation of Big 10 schools to the public ivy's list. Surprised not to see Purdue and Northwestern. Looks like the originial list was published in 1985, and Michigan was the only Big 10 school then to make it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_Ivy Another source....same original and current school listing https://prepexpert.com/public-ivy/ Current list....31 schools comprise the Public Ivy's list. https://www.universityreview.org/list-of-public-ivy-schools/
  11. if you're referring to Purdue, poison ivy doesn't count.........😁 That was more for Coach N!
  12. 🙄 What I am willing to do for the betterment of Indiana football???? That's funny. Even if I agreed with adding a qualifer would suddenly pack more stands and drive more excitement, I don't think I have much influence. Why stop with football Bob?....let's put qualifiers in for all Indiana sports!! Certainly has to make it better right?? LOL. Stands are going to be packed with a never ending buzz.....that's funny. Major League baseball has nothing to lose....7 straight years of declining attendance. 162 game schedule, high ticket prices for a family, ridiculous prices for concessions, high parking prices, comfort of watching at home, a history of cheating.....perhaps they are learning that you can't keep putting the screws to the common fan. They are focused on TV ratings....and much of that focus is for the post-season, regardless what is written in BleacherReport. I just showed you that more isn't always better with current NBA trends.....but hey, don't take it personal I have a different opinion...it makes this forum interesting!!
  13. And that's your opinion. I don't necessarily buy into it. I played during qualification period here in Indiana...watched my son play during a non-qualifier. I've seen it with my own eyes, so I'll take my own word for it. Bob indicated what MLB is doing will raise excitement during the regular season. I say bull....MLB did it for the post season...more money generated during the post season. I provided data with the NBA have >50% of its teams in the playoffs and it doesn't lead to tons more excitement during the regular season. It does not drive up attendance or TV ratings. I respect your opinion JR...but I don't buy it would lead to a marked difference...and using MLB's addition of playoff teams isn't a great predictor of renewed or additional enthusiasm of the regular season. I would love to see seeding in place for HS football....but I don't buy that it will lead to increased fans in the stands.
  14. NBA has a fair number of teams in the playoffs. Do you attend many of those regular season games? Do you invest in their product? Watch a ton of NBA on TV? How are their ratings? What is their current trend? NBA has a total of 30 teams...16 make the playoffs. https://www.si.com/nba/cavaliers/news/nba-tv-ratings-abc-espn-tnt https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/12/24/nba-ratings-decline-explanation-espn-tnt-abc-adam-silver/ https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/bulls/ct-chicago-bulls-nba-tv-ratings-20191204-nluusfjsmja4pf3ynd2b7lcjru-story.html https://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2020/01/nba-ratings-decline-lakers-rockets-celtics-abc-tnt/ I think current ratings data illustrates that more doesn't always equal more interest.
  15. That is where I am FOX...I would even support regional or semi-state games being played on neutral fields, if we felt that added to the quality of games. Or seed the teams so the higher teams host and they are rewarded for having an excellent regular season...in lieu of the current flip flopping of hosting playoff games.
  16. I contend its you that doesn't get it. My point is that it doesn't necessarily make the regular season better. Adding more teams may make it more exciting for the few on the bubble. For teams firmly in, not so much. For teams out, not so much. With it being EASIER to make the playoffs, it makes the regular season much more forgiveable and MORE LOSSES will still get teams in the playoffs. Teams don't have to be a good during the regular season to make the playoffs. I get more teams will get a few more fans excited. But quality of the regular season performance becomes suspect. Again, if more is better Bob, then lets quick jacking around and add even more teams...heck, let's push toward all in. Then all fans will be happy their team is in the post season. Stop saying I don't get it because I don't buy your theory. I don't think adding more teams to the playoffs equals a more exciting regular season for all. I think it sucks the NFL is adding more teams to the playoffs. Definitely dilution.
  17. I have always supported seeding the playoffs. I have never supported elimination of teams, especially in classifications of only 32 teams. With MLB and now the NFL adding teams to the playoffs, does it really strengthen your argument? The more teams added to the post season, the more it dilutes the importance of games in the regular season....much more forgiveness now for teams to falter, yet still make the playoffs. With college football, every regular game is critical. Heck, if the trend of adding more teams to the playoff continues, pretty soon MLB and the NFL may have an all-in playoff system! 😉
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