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  1. Sure it will happen eventually. Ohio used turf to host playoff games and force school districts hands. So now more want a share of gate for playoffs. I love grass fields, but that's probably because I used to play on one of the best grass fields in NE Indiana. Minnich Field is really nice.
  2. Do conferences have their own crews like college?
  3. basement bias

    Looking for IHSAA licensed official

    Now have this covered. Thanks!
  4. basement bias

    ACAC Week 6

    Margins seem a little low. Woodlan should be more than 14. I really hope AC wins like the last regular season game at SA in 2016.
  5. basement bias

    ACAC Week 6

    Winless showdown: Heritage vs Park Tudor 3s & 2s in the records showdown: Woodlan vs Jay County Wells County showdown: Bluffton vs Southern Wells Adams County Championship Game: Adams Central vs South Adams
  6. Those East Allen turf fields look pretty nice. Still hope we stay with the grass in Adams County.
  7. Better than expected in my 2 cents. Line has played well since the scrimmage. Schedule may have helped a bit too but we will see. Backfield is really good at all 4 phases. Defense solid like every year basically. Should be on the Berne Witness. SA vs MC on 1 channel and AC vs Heritage on the other. I like to split screen my laptop and connect it to the tv if not attending AC games.
  8. On Sept 22 for our 5th & 6th youth league. Seems everyone is booked on that date that we've contacted. We are located in Adams County in the Monroe and Decatur areas. Please message me if interested for more details. Thanks!
  9. basement bias

    Week 5 ACAC

    They played SA a lot better than I expected.
  10. basement bias

    Week 5 ACAC

    Midway point of entire Season !!! Woodlan vs SW Bluffton vs Jay Co Heritage vs AC Monroe Central vs SA Is MC auditioning for an invite playing ACAC squads?
  11. Partial to the conference that uses our name not once but twice. 😂 ACAC (AC-AC)
  12. basement bias

    Our Friday night lights.

    Awesome article. Someone must be cutting onions around here. Football and other sports can be more than just a game in this aspect. Prayers to your athlete for the best outcome.
  13. Kudos to them. Still think it's goofy bc one player isn't the whole team. The kids from Bluffton, Northfield, and Manchester know how the real game went.
  14. basement bias

    ACAC Week 4

    Don't forget Lefebvre at SW as well.
  15. basement bias

    ACAC Week 4

    Woodlan vs Bluffton Heritage vs South Adams Adams Central vs Jay County Out of Conference: Southern Wells vs Monroe Central