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  1. Cotton Eye Joe

    CIC 2018

    Rensselaer will be very young this year. I believe only 6 seniors. They have very little back this year on the offensive side of the ball in terms of production. Lost their starting QB and running back. Will be a long learning curve for the Bombers. Sectional 35 has some very talented teams. Eastbrook has a ton returning. Rochester and Lewis Cass are both very talented ball clubs. Eastern looks to have the chance to have a special season. Don’t know much about Oak Hill, Taylor, or Delphi.
  2. Cotton Eye Joe

    2A Football

    North Newton should be a team to watch. Lost to Woodlan by 12 in the Regionals and has a lot of kids returning. I know they have very high expectations.
  3. Cotton Eye Joe

    Zach Prairie out at KV

    So who is the new KV coach? I heard it was to be announced last night as well. I did not hear who was hired though.
  4. Cotton Eye Joe

    AP All State Teams?

    Any further word on AP All State Teams. We are closing in on 2018.
  5. Cotton Eye Joe

    Team Camps

    Also South Bend St. Joe and Huntington North attended the Manchester Camp as well.
  6. Cotton Eye Joe

    CIC Sectional Week

    I agree with you 25 Seconds. Your defense did do a great job as well. It was a very good high school game. No doubt. I do not appreciate Panther 67 referring to “Rensselaer Tactics” when describing the game. Personal foul calls were called on both sides. Many of us Rensselaer fans visited with Eastbrook fans before the game. Nothing but respect. When I watched the end of the game, it sure did look like to me that both teams players and coaches were shaking hands and showing great sportsmanship. It was an intense game. Both teams played hard. When there was questionable behavior on either side, both coaching staffs dealt with it immediately. Again, it was a couple of players. Neither side condones that crap. Best of luck on your tournament journey. We have made so deep tournament runs over the years, as have you guys. Nothing beats winning that state championship on Thanksgiving weekend. Best of luck to you guys on your quest.
  7. Cotton Eye Joe

    CIC Sectional Week

    No excuses here. You won the game fair and square. Just pointing out a couple of facts like Panther67 was. Eastbrook won the game. They flat out did not make mistakes other than the fumble.
  8. Cotton Eye Joe

    CIC Sectional Week

    First off congrats Eastbrook. You are correct about the lack of hand shakes before the game. That’s because they first bumped. Watch the film, it’s on there. But yes Rensselaer did have a couple of seniors that had unsportsmanlike penalties and they were quickly removed from the game. You are totally correct. That is not characteristic of Rensselaer football teams. Let’s not forget your player that threw a punch at one of the Bomber players and got an unsportsmanlike penalty as well. He was quickly removed as well. You left that tidbit out. If it was not for a shanked punt which gave you the ball at our 28, and a muffed punt which gave you guys the ball at our 7 (both of which cost us Touchdowns), your only real score came on an 81 yard touchdown run. It seems like the Bomber defense throttled you pretty well. Do you agree? We turned the ball over 5 times and still could have won the game. 5 Bomber turnovers and you still only scored 21 Points. On top of that we fumble at the 1 yard line which should have easily been 7 for us. But, hats off to your team. They did what they needed to do to win. Anything else you would like to whine about????
  9. Cotton Eye Joe

    Hoosier Conference 2017

    What the hell did I just spend 3 minutes reading?
  10. Cotton Eye Joe

    Hoosier Conference CFWM Off Season

    Steve Roberts fought a courageous battle. It meant the world to the Bomber Football Team and all of Bomber Nation to see him make it to the state championship game. People do not know this but Steve was presented with a state championship medal by the seniors on his 60th birthday a couple weeks ago. He showed all of us in Rensselaer how to fight through adversity and how to battle to the final whistle. The viewing for Steve will be Sunday from 2-8pm in Joe Burvan Gymnasium at Rensselaer Central High School. Funeral services will be Monday at 10:30am at the First Christian Church.
  11. Cotton Eye Joe

    Hoosier Conference CFWM Off Season

    I agree. That would be the negative side of it. Great one year, stinks the next.
  12. Cotton Eye Joe

    Hoosier Conference CFWM Off Season

    Wait until next year for what?
  13. Yes, it was the point system and Rensselaer was 2A. Back then I am pretty sure there was 3 classes. Rensselaer won their first game 8-0 against West Lafayette. The problem was the schedule. We were playing a Northwest Hoosier Conference schedule of Kankakee Valley, North Newton, North Judson, Knox, Lake Station, and Winamac. Non conference games were South Newton and Frontier.
  14. Well then I would say LCC is the favorite then as you just pointed out from Cal Preps
  15. Cotton Eye Joe

    Bluejay Football Fans

    Good luck to our neighbors from Starke county this week vs. Bowman. I believe you guys will physically maul them. I say Judson 48 Bowman 12.