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  1. backjudge28

    Running Clocks

    Both coaches have to agree to it otherwise clock runs as usual. Sadly, I’ve seen more and more losingvteam coaches this year be down 50-0 going into the 4th quarter and refuse to agree to running clock
  2. backjudge28

    Linton-Stockton @ Providence

    Williams is easily one of the fastest/quickest kid I have seen on turf. Providence won their sectionals last year and they are much, much improved from last year. I don’t see them having any trouble in their sectionals whatsoever. Can honestly see them winning Regionals.
  3. Coaches vote counts WAY too much for tournament advancement! In some states it only counts for 5%!! Too many times crews let coaches and teams get away with too much without enforcement of rules such as sideline enforcement or equipment because they are afraid of pissing off coaches due to their vote. Also, there is typically always going to be an upset coach in a losing effort in a close game and generally officiating takes the blame more times than it should. the fact that any school in the state can vote on your crew whether you have had a game of theirs at all just turns it into a popularity contest. And let’s be honest, coaches may know the rules but they don’t know them as well as we do; especially enforcement. They also have no clue on our proper mechanics so how should they be the ones to have our fate in their hands for advancement. I’ve seen crews on state finals and I cringe at their mechanics
  4. You actually think coaches watch film of officials other than their games? That’s the furthest from what they are worried about.
  5. Completely agree Bobref! We have several guys in our area that are leaving their crews out of frustration with the coaches vote. The fact that any school can vote for your crew and have never, ever worked a game for them before is wrong! It has just become a popularity contest and like a political campaign to kiss asses to not tick any coaches off because you get worried about your vote. I think this is a good reason that coaches gripe at crews that enforce the rules that coaches don’t agree with (sideline restricted area and the pants covering the knees and other uniform/equipment issues) because other crews don’t enforce it because they don’t want to ruffle the coaches feathers because it all goes back to the almighty vote and not calling the game as it should be called. That makes it hard for the crews on a week to week basis when us as crews can’t and won’t call the game consistently
  6. backjudge28

    Reitz vs Central Part 2

    This game will have one of the best officiating crews in southern Indiana
  7. backjudge28

    Change in punt coverage mechanics

    I will say that I, as a back judge, always line up opposite the R. It feels right to us. Your proposition makes great sense to me. Biggest help with this is on punts out of bounds you can get the spot out of bounds more accurate too.
  8. backjudge28

    Eastern Greene Thunderbirds

    The head football coach is also the athletic director. That’s a huge red flag to me regardless if the coaches knew about it or not; the head coach/athletic director clearly didn’t do his job to to fullest
  9. I thought the crew did a pretty good job. I mean, do you think they were the reason for the 42 unanswered points!?