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  1. El Tigre

    EIAC Final Week!

    Coach Kenny H . . . So much stupidity in such a small statement . . . Do you realize the hypocrisy in your lame attempt to be like STC? Not sure how the Tigers haven't been humble but for an Offensive Coordinator of a team to get on here and blast another team about their lack of humility by not being humble himself, that's classic. The lack there of presented by the SD football program on Friday night was truly sad to watch. Coach Kenny H wants to talk about being humble when his own players were dropping F bombs to the other coaching staff before, during and after the game, players were making cut throat signs and taunting the entire game like they were actually up by a lot and you guys stormed the field. I know Knight nation doesn't win a lot so let me tell you guys that you're not supposed to storm the field when you were projected to beat a 4-4 team 42-7 and barely beat them 20-14 in OT. Not that I would expect much from a team, school and town that makes a Jerry Springer show look like Leave it to Beaver. I know you're not from around here coach but have you ever heard the saying "show me your friends and I'll show you who you are?" And you don't even realize that your with your little quip against the Tigers you're actually making fun of your own offense do you? Maybe you were 3 deep on Dipsy Dogs up there in the press box but you realize that the fumble you're talking about was YOUR offense's fumble right? You realize that it almost gave the Tigers a chance to take the game to a second OT right? You realize that it could have been your third lost fumble of the night and your fourth overall turnover right? Maybe spend a little less time this week trying to be STC and work on some ball security. Fact of the matter is that the 2nd best SD team in the last decade barely beat the worst Tiger team in Coach K's tenure. You guys thought you were gonna be able to roll over the Tigers with your 58 seniors and you barely beat them in OT. You sir like your Bounce House blow up helmet are all show. That being said I'd like to be the first to congratulate the Knights on their 8-3 season. Can't wait to see the T-Shirts you guys get. Coach Kenny H since this is your first year you'll find out that the Knights always make T-Shirts when you beat the Tigers, even when you go 2-8. There will be a lot to print on these though . . . . 2018 SD Football "The Year" No Sectional Championship No Conference Championship BUT . . . we barely beat a 4-5 Lawrenceburg!!!
  2. The Tigers made it to state 2 years ago and only two losses last year were to State Champions . . . I think they'll be alright.
  3. This is classic, we're back to our old ways. Don't mess with EIAC Grid posters.
  4. Have to be honest I'll be really surprised to see Roden run the same offense at Noblesville that he did at EC. His first couple years they were trying to transition to the Spread or at least a Multiple look team. Problem is that EC is too entrenched in being a ground and pound team and I think he discovered really quick that it's hard to run Spread when you constantly going up against better athletes. Once they transitioned back into what EC does is when they've really hit their stride over the last three years. Now maybe I'm wrong and he's become a believer now, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Noblesville be more open in what they do.
  5. Different strokes . . . but "bro culture" seems to be working out for some people
  6. Who's on first? I agree with you it's a very likely scenario but if you set up a list of tie breaking rules it would sort itself out. Tiebreaker 1: Head to Head, 2: Record vs Common Opponents, 3: Overall Opponent Record, etc.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Seed by regular season record and have a series of tie breakers, that would solve most of the issues.
  8. I don't see how they'll be able to use Sagarin when it doesn't take into account out of state teams. The solution is simple as letting coaches seed the tournaments at their Sectional Meetings, who knows the teams better than them?
  9. Well forgive me for not putting much thought behind a the suggestions of a troll who puts forward ideas of eliminating high school football because of concussions on a high school football forum. You already have a system of promotion and regulation when it comes to the playoffs in the Success Factor. Teams are "promoted" through post season success to a higher class by earning enough points and are "regulated" by whether or not they earn enough points to stay in that class. I don't see how "Promotion and Regulation" is going to work in decided yearly playoff participation? Is it a points system? Is it based on record against common opponents? You answer you vagueness by being even more vague. You need to pick an argument and stick with it. You've gone from how would a sign up for the playoffs format work, which I showed you, to a qualification system for post season play, to which I asked you to make a suggestion, and then you come up with "promotion and regulation", which we have already.
  10. Yeah . . . well I bet this forum truly appreciates your "suggestion" on an effective system to select playoff participants but I'm not sure you're being vague enough.
  11. So then what's your suggestion? Go back to the Cluster System, everyone seemed to love that. Or a points system like Ohio where you can stack your schedule against bad teams with high enrollments so a 4-6 Moeller gets in over a 6-4 Elder team that beat them 42-14 in the regular season? All In is the best way for a playoff system, you want to make the regular season mean something then seed the Sectionals.
  12. You wanted to know how a "sign up for the playoffs" would work so I gave it to you. Apply to the IHSAA, pay the fee, follow the rules, and wait through your probation and you get to go to the playoffs, that's kinda how the all in format works. And not sure how you think I'm in favor of teams breaking away form the IHSAA when I argued earlier sectionals should be seeded while stating how progressive the IHSAA has been in the last few years namely with the creation of the Success Factor. If we're willing to create a system that bumps teams up to higher classifications based on post season success then why are we unable to seed teams based on regular season success? But I guess you're right, I want teams to leave the IHSAA . . .
  13. http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/ihsaa/documents/about ihsaa/2017-18 By-Laws.pdf ARTICLE III - MEMBERSHIP Section 1. All Memberships Are Voluntary. An Indiana-based Secondary School may become a member of this Corporation by meeting the requirements for Membership, by subscribing to all rules and regulations of the Corporation, and by completing and submitting a membership application form to the Commissioner, accompanied by a Two Thousand dollar ($2,000.00) initiation fee, on or before August 1. Section 2. Full Membership in this Corporation shall be open to all public, private, parochial, boarding, and institutional high schools of the state offering and maintaining Two (2) or more years of high school work, provided they meet the requirements of the Corporation and also subscribe to its rules and regulations. A school to be eligible for Membership in the IHSAA must (a) have Full Accreditation or Freeway Accreditation from the Indiana Department of Education or be fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement or by another national or regional accrediting agency recognized by the Indiana Department of Education for purposes of the School Scholarship Program under Ind. Code §20-51 and approved by the IHSAA, provided the school meets the graduation qualifying requirements of the state of Indiana and (b) must have previously provided and continue to maintain at least one team in an IHSAA sponsored sport for each gender during each sports season. A school shall neither become a member nor remain a member in the IHSAA whose detailed financial (athletic or otherwise), scholastic and attendance records are not readily made available, as requested, to the IHSAA during an investigation. Section 3. Any school upon being granted Membership in the Association shall not be permitted to participate in IHSAA tournaments for a period of four years from the date of admittance. Article III - Membership 4 NOTE: Existing IHSAA member schools that consolidate or divide into multiple schools shall be excluded from said rule. Section 4. Junior membership may be extended to a school which is accredited by the Department of Education, which offers ninth grade, but which is not eligible for full Membership. If you need a Sparknotes version I can't help you there big guy.
  14. Appreciate it bro. I want all teams to get in because there is no qualification system that is unbiased in high school football, I'd be in total favor of a qualification system that really did the job right but to this day I haven't seen one. And I don't see how I'm trying to get it both ways, if you want a shot at a state championship then sign up for the playoffs and go, but if you don't want your Hot Dawgs to be in the playoff because they might be beaten badly they don't have to, play your 9 regular season games, get your participation trophy and strap on those basketball sneakers big guy.
  15. So I really don't understand the arguing point by Bobby Cox on people wanting to see early round blowouts by seeding because if he hasn't noticed they're already happening with the current playoff format. Before posting the next part to I want to say that this is in no way meant to embarrass any teams, players or coaches, I'm just trying to prove the point that Bobby Cox's argument against seeding for the purpose of attempting to limit first round blowouts is asinine. Now what one person may consider a blowout can be very different from what another person would but for the sake of argument I went ahead and considered a blowout any time a winning team scored 40+ points while also beating their opponent by 30+. Take into consideration as well that there were four games I removed that while the winning team did score 40+ they beat their opponent anywhere from 25-29+ points which while some, including myself, would still consider a blowout I wanted to make sure I stood by the blowout qualifications I set. Trinity Lutheran 60 Dugger Union 6 Columbus East 60 Seymour 0 Griffith 55 Hammond 0 Lowell 41 Gary West 0 New Prairie 56 South Bend Washington 0 Mishawaka 71 South Bend Clay 0 South Bend Riley 49 Kankakee Valley 10 NorthWood 54 DeKalb 3 Fort Wayne Wayne 62 Columbia City 20 Fort Wayne Dwenger 41 Fort Wayne South 7 Mississinewa 65 Frankfurt 20 Mooresville 61 Connersville 13 New Castle 41 Richmond 0 Greenwood 43 Beech Grove 7 Silver Creek 42 Madison 7 East Central 48 Edgewood 6 Wheeler 45 Hammond Clark 14 West Lafayette 79 Benton Central 7 Southmont 49 Crawfordsville 7 Knox 49 Fairfield 7 Chatard 62 Indy Northwest 6 Indian Creek 44 Indy Manual 8 Ritter 55 Rushville 14 Sullivan 34 West Vigo 0 North Harrison 50 Corydon Central 14 Gibson Southern 63 Pike Central 6 Vincennes Lincoln 60 Mount Vernon (Posey) 28 Gary Roosevelt 52 Hammond Noll 6 Central Noble 56 Whitko 8 Woodlan 68 Prairie Heights 0 Eastbrook 56 Eastern (Greentown) 7 Rensselaer Central 66 Taylor 0 Frankton 67 Madison-Grant 8 Shenandoah 60 Northeastern 8 Tipton 49 North Putnam 7 Park Tudor 52 Indy Washington 0 Eastern Pekin 59 Switzerland County 21 Paoli 42 Clarksville 0 Providence 48 Perry Central 15 Southridge 46 South Spencer 7 Mater Dei 49 Telly City 6 Culver 49 West Central 14 North Miami 57 South Newton 16 Pioneer 55 Carroll (Flora) 21 Southwood 70 Freemont 14 Clinton Prairie 74 Anderson Prep 20 Monroe Central 57 Clinton Central 6 Sheridan 50 Tri-Central 8 Tri 60 Oldenburg 14 Indy Lutheran 54 Cambridge City Lincoln 16 Fountain Central 54 Covington 13 Eastern Greene 57 North Daviess 0 Tecumseh 54 Wood Memorial 0 Brownsburg 56 Perry Meridian 3 Columbus North 56 Jeffersonville 14 McCutcheon 42 Huntington North 7 New Palestine 54 Muncie Central 14 Decatur Central 47 Indy Tech 8 Now for those of you who don't want to count that's a total of 58 games, which out of roughly 160 opening Sectional games means that over a third of the games are already blowouts. Now I know Bobby Cox would say if Sectionals were seeding that percentage would probably be higher, I could argue that only 2 games (1v8 and 2v7) would really have that possibility and anything can happen on any given night, I'm sure there would be years with more and less than 58 "blowout" games. The bottom line is that the argument against seeding Sectionals because of early blowouts is a red herring. If the goal is to prevent this then either create the mercy rule (Muda just woke up from his keyboard with the keys imprinted on his face) which I hate, I have seen in person how that actually hurt a team who was making a comeback but ran out of time because half of a quarter ran off the clock. I am in no way for the continuing of the wussification of America. Or, create a playoff system that eliminates teams, which I am not in favor for either because I have seen many of my coaching buddies in Ohio who have gotten screwed through a qualification system. I love the all in tournament, think it is the best way and never want to see that change. But we need the best teams playing each other in the later tournament games. In Bobby Cox's opinion if that makes me somebody who wants to see kids' dreams demolished in early game blowouts then so be it, the high school football fan in me who wants to see the sport in his state (which has been extremely progressive in the last decade) continue to grow and mature thinks this is the next logical step to make Indiana High School Football more relevant on the national stage.