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  1. justasportsfan

    Snider Panthers

    Love how the snider thread turned into into an sac/luers topic after the Carmel loss. Much respect to luers and dwenger..as well as the cyo..snider had the luxury of D1 athletes littering their roster the past few years. I wonder if this will play a role in their decision to petition 6a or not. Imo winning the 6a title is the creme de la creme..the 2015 team would have been suitable in 6a. Crazy how things work out with this success factor/enrollment process. Parents send their kids to the best place they deem suitable. I can almost guarantee they're snider alumni whom are raising little giants that can't wait for them to claim a 6a crown. Good luck to to those still fighting for a ring!
  2. justasportsfan

    Snider Panthers

    I'm sure ziembo(sp) and his associates will make the best decision. That is why we have them in their positions. The past 3 or 4 years had a great run of talent paired with proper game planning. The teams that played the last 3 years were comparable to what carmel showed size and athletic wise last night. The cupboard is never bare and the feeder programs are some of the best (won the city title) in the area. The teams that earn your ticket to 6a may be gone when you roll into the big dance. Sustainability at it's highest level is the only way to play up a class and win another title. Is it possible? Maybe. Will anyone beat warren this year..?maybe..
  3. justasportsfan

    Snider Panthers

    I applaud the Panthers effort last night. They didn't seem to be intimidated. Competing with a 2nd place team from the mic is something only a few programs can do..let alone beat them. This team showed a ton of heart this year while not having the size and talent that recently walked the halls. I'm not sure how many programs have petitioned to stay in 6a. Cathedral?
  4. justasportsfan

    Snider Panthers

    Let's remain focused..the person whom commented hasn't said a word about snider all year until now..when Indiana had 5 classes snider represented the north several times and before 6a was initiated snider was the last rep of the north..moving forward...i am very impressed by this year's team..i questioned their heart and toughness..the two losses are an anomaly for a snider team whom can actually beat carmel..they placed second in the mic for a reason and I've seen them play this year. They're big..fast..n strong..buckle up panthers..this matchup isn't for the faint of heart.
  5. justasportsfan

    Snider Panthers

    It won't matter who wins the Carmel/Jeff match up if the panthers dont get past sparty. HHS is itching to serve up the taste of postseason defeat n will be motivated as ever. Hope snider comes out focused..the sectional title might help fill the void of the victory bell..
  6. justasportsfan

    Snider Panthers

    Haydock is a great coach whom turns good talent into great teams..i.e. harding/woodland.. luers may be ok..if they bring home a state title this year all will be forgiven (if not..gulp). As for snider..their rematch with Carroll is intriguing..the quote given after the game by one of their players.."we just came out here and whooped em!" If the Panthers don't come out swinging their lockers will be empty quick..homestead is better this year..so is carmel..they placed 2nd in the mic..they still have the talent n size which make them title contenders..the size of the Panthers line vs the last few years is a concern..penn lost to Mishawaka..they will have to refocus if they're gonna make a deep run..
  7. justasportsfan

    SAC Week 5

    The sectional will be tough this year. It will depend on which of the 4 teams bring their "A" game..it seemed snider had a few less playmakers which potentially make them a formidable foe against the likes of carmel...dwenger looks tough as nails..their run game is a cyo clinic..they will be hard to beat in 4a..
  8. justasportsfan


    Penn played a great game tonight..remarkable how great programs resemble one another (snider)..sound fundamentals are a great equalizer at times.. 6a will be loaded next year..as always..
  9. justasportsfan

    Round 2 - Snider vs Homestead

    Northrop has looked good in many of their games this year...they will not be an easy out...for this game..its always difficult defeating the same opponent twice...especially one as talented as HHS...snider has the capability to accomplish this feat. Should be a good one!
  10. justasportsfan

    Snider vs Northrop

    They definitely took northrop's best shot. It was almost as if they were shocked by their competitiveness...teams are hungry as ever to score a victory over the snider program..hopefully the panthers remain focused..
  11. When playoff time comes there will be no "weak" teams contending for championships...when will the ruling come out on WR from HHS that was ejected friday? Id like to see both teams at full strength..hope the RB from snider will back in action as well...
  12. justasportsfan

    SAC week 4

    Homestead looked good the last two weeks..they have 6a talent and their qb makes good decisions and can run the option very well..he might even lead their team in rushing..they will be ready for snider..i can see these squads going rd 2 later for the sectional title..
  13. justasportsfan

    SAC Week 3

    I concur..they will have to take everyone's best shot..they will be battle tested.
  14. justasportsfan

    Class 6A-2017

    Thats opening up another can of worms..having a 1 vs 16 would probably mean an indy team vs someone from outside the area. The school district paying for travel and preferably food would have something to say (ihsaa) especially if their team gets thumped in front of mom and dad (student body wouldnt attend). Im not against seeding..just dont see it ever happening
  15. justasportsfan

    Class 6A-2017

    Im assuming you mean the schools that already have strong followings? Take a top tier team..give them home field due to being a higher seed and send a more than lackluster program on a 2 n a half 3 hour bus trip...the latter might not bring a strong enough gate in the ihsaa eyes to warrant such early travels. Some 6a schools have a hard enough time filling up their own stadium during sectionals..shameful but true..