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  1. Minuteman Way

    Michigan City (8-3) at Concord (10-1)

    Wow! You guys are right, the crowd is thin. I was in the stands so I didn't see this view. Weather was definitely a factory. You have to be a real fan to sit out in that. I was impressed with the M. City turnout. They filled our visitor section. It was a great game and I'm proud at how our team competed, especially defensively. Good luck to M. City!
  2. Minuteman Way

    Michigan City (8-3) at Concord (10-1)

    You should hope your players aren't overlooking Concord as much as you are! Yes, M. City has a great team this year but come back when the school has sustained success to talk bad about the NLC. I would bet this could be the only win for M. City in the last 11 years if these two teams played regularly. I really like M. City's story and I hope they are able to continue the success. Will you be at the game tonight?
  3. Minuteman Way

    Michigan City (8-3) at Concord (10-1)

    Dacnut- Good post. I watched there last game against LaPorte and it was like watching Snider. The offense is definitely very good. It looked like anybody could have shut down LaPorte last week. Maybe a bad game for them, but was not impressed. I read an article that 5 starters for M. City played on a pop warner team that finished 2nd in the nation. The article talked about how M. City has had good talent and now these new coaches are bringing it all together.
  4. Minuteman Way

    Michigan City (8-3) at Concord (10-1)

    I also disagree that the NLC was weak this year. You can't end up with 4 unbeatens we all have to play each other. Concord beat 4A #1 Northwood and lost by a touchdown to undefeated 4A #4 Northridge. Don't assume 6A teams are better just because they are 6A. I think you might have the score right but the flow of the game will determine that. The story of a good team is you beat the teams you should and compete against the rest. We did that and more.
  5. Minuteman Way

    Michigan City (8-3) at Concord (10-1)

    I have not heard. He was walking around during the game but had a good limp. It was the knee. It may be sore but I bet 7 days was enough to get him ready for the game. Gipper you sound like a Ft. Wayne(fill in the blank) fan. Don't be so cocky. I agree you have the advantage this Friday but it will be your last win.
  6. Minuteman Way

    Michigan City (8-3) at Concord (10-1)

    Thanks to Tommy, I'm currently watching the M. City v LaPorte game right now! I also thought for sure Goshen would pick up on film that they could pass against us but never did. I love the spread M. City runs. Reminds me of the good ole Concord days. Coaches have seem to forgot our success running the spread. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining. We are 10-1 and I am very happy about that. I think we could just utilize our skill players better. Run, run, run is a thing of the past. LaPorte looks really bad in this game.
  7. Minuteman Way

    Michigan City (8-3) at Concord (10-1)

    That is what I'm afraid of Friday night. We seem to struggle with the long ball. Looking at M. City's defensive average, both teams are going to score. I'm interested in seeing how well Concord can control possession. Key to the game for us, imo.
  8. Minuteman Way

    Michigan City (8-3) at Concord (10-1)

    Really?!? Awww, man! LOL I joined a couple years ago but usually only get on during tournament time. I spend hours reading this stuff! I wish there were more Concord fans on here, and the NLC in general.
  9. Minuteman Way

    Michigan City (8-3) at Concord (10-1)

    I also agree with Gridiron's assessment. I don't think the NLC was weak this year. Concord, Northridge, and Northwood are very good teams. If Northwood would just find a kicker they would have beat Concord and Angola. I've watched every game this year and I will say that we regressed toward the end of the year but I think teams are loading the box on us and we have not spread them out enough with passing. Concord came off a bye week and struggled against Memorial but the defense held strong. Our quarterback was hurt in the second possession of the game in the Goshen game and never returned. Waiting to hear how he is doing?? That could be a major factor this Friday. I've read some articles about M. City and they have an impressive record against good competition. If they hadn't destroyed LaPorte last week I might feel different but I think they have the advantage this week. I've heard LaPorte had a good ground game and that is what Concord relies on as well. Anything can happen in High School football so I am staying on the positive side. Can't say we've ever played M. City so you never know. Concord has done very well at stopping opposing run games. Our strength is our defense and keeping the ball away from the other team by running the ball. 5 yards every play. Northridge just had a lightning bolt for a quarterback I'll be at the game for sure. Hoping for a good one!
  10. Cheering for the Greyhounds! I'm sure it will be a good game and will be one I'm following.