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  1. Panthers1

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Western's Tyler Knepley and West Lafayette's Luke Staton were selected by their teammates as captains of the North All-Star team! Congrats to them, the Hoosier Conference is well represented!
  2. This creates another problem...specialization. If Billy is a great baseball player that also plays football, and isn't allowed to attend baseball practice in the fall per school rules, then Billy is more likely to say "I'm just going to focus on baseball." This new rule is great if you are at a large high school that has a majority of athletes that only play 1 sport, but it is terrible for high school that rely on multi-sport athletes. Kids are going to be pulled in a lot of different directions and the likelihood of them playing just 1 sport is going to increase. I am not a fan of this rule at all, but I think the rule would be better if there was only 1 contact period for each season. Example (basketball gets their 5 week period in the fall, baseball gets their 5 week period in the winter, football gets their 5 week period in the spring). I think the idea behind this rule is to eliminate all of the "open facility" workouts that turn into actual practice, and just give the schools "permission" to do what a lot of teams are doing already, which is practice out of season. However, I think that there will still be places that use their allowed sessions during their contact period, AND THEN do extra stuff on top of that.
  3. Panthers1

    New Turf In 2017?

    Northwestern will have turf in 2017 Kokomo will also add turf for 2017
  4. Praying for him and his loved ones!
  5. Panthers1

    Hoosier Conf - offseason

    John Hendryx is a great coach and even better person! Glad I had the pleasure of playing for him and coaching with him!
  6. Panthers1

    Hoosier Conf - offseason

    I don't think you can call HH a favorite in that division. Honestly I don't think there is a clear front runner. HH- Great tradition, tons of athletes, good coaching staff, State finalist in 2012 Tipton- Tolle has done a great job and they always play hard, 2013 state finalist, lots of proud tradition Cass- Great tradition, their system utilizes the athletes that they have, Mannering has done an outstanding job there Western- Has a new coach, but they always have a TON of great athletes and a lot of tradition NW- it's hard to bet against Hendryx they're building a solid tradition and they've done a good job at getting the most out of their players This should be a very competitive and fun to watch division!
  7. What happened there? Why did Engle resign?