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  1. CityCoach53

    Wood Memorial

    Union routinely fielded teams with 15 healthy players within the last decade and were competitive. They beat teams that I coached on at least one occasion.
  2. CityCoach53

    Hunter Johnson to transfer

    Jaylon Smith would beg to differ.
  3. Stevie and Rod Brown were absolute monsters for those East teams of the late late 00s. Some great battles in Regional/SS with Reitz and Cathedral. My cousin played with them on those teams, so I got to see them play quite a few times.
  4. Steve Shine: Maconaquah/Northwestern/Bengals Mike Otto: Maconaquah/Purdue/Tennessee
  5. We'd just go from being the furthest west school in the NE8 to being the furthest east/southeastern school in the NLC. Most of our travel times would be about the same. There's no real advantage to changing conferences. It's also probably a step up in competition for us, and right now we're a middle-of-the-pack team in the NE8 in a majority of sports...
  6. CityCoach53

    Colby* new Maconaquah Coach

    The funny thing about your post is now that the Colby's are at Maconaquah, every coach you mention will have coached at Maconaquah in the past. While the Braves have never had much gridiron success, it has been a proving ground for some of the state's best! Bart Curtis, Mark LeFebvre, Russ Radtke (ast), and Terry Lichtenberg (among others) all coached at Maconaquah during their careers.
  7. That actually may be a better fit for Blackford from a competitive standpoint. Then Lapel could join and round out the CIC.
  8. I can assure you none of those three schools are looking to leave the NE8 to join/rejoin the ACAC.
  9. *Austin Colby, that is. Don't want to assume...but guessing this may have played into his dad stepping down at K-town. https://macbraves.com/2018/02/15/colby-to-take-the-helm-of-maconaquah-football/
  10. CityCoach53

    Kokomo Open

    This might have something to do with it... https://macbraves.com/2018/02/15/colby-to-take-the-helm-of-maconaquah-football/c
  11. CityCoach53


    Congrats to (in)famous GID poster LCCFAN09ER on being named the varsity boys' basketball coach at TC Howe High School in Indy! Although not as invested in this iteration of the GID, LCCFAN09ER will forever have a place in the pantheon of GID "bad guys." Kendrick named new Howe coach
  12. I wouldn't call that logo "iconic" for Luers. When I played them a decade ago, the Luers helmets sported "LUERS" in block lettering. Although, I would say that the current rendition is much better than the old.
  13. CityCoach53

    * Week One Scores/Highlights *

    According to John Harrell, the Michigan City - SB Washington game has been called, due to a fight.
  14. CityCoach53

    Northeast 8 and SAC 2015

    East Noble should probably win the NE8 this year. New Haven will be right there, as well. The rest of the conference is a toss up. I think most of us are waiting to see how Leo and HN stack up. Columbia City should be improved this year. A solid class of juniors and some polished seniors will lead the way for the Eagles. Last year's senior class, while talented, was pretty small. The Eagles are getting some numbers back into the program at the varsity level and some much-needed depth is being built. They should certainly compete, but IMO the initial NE8 crown is East Nobles to lose: