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  1. Patch33

    6A Football

    I think over the next 5 years, you will see that change because of population shifts and the growth of the HCC schools. Right now, the MIC schools are for the most part still much larger then the HCC schools. But as the old North Central Conference gave way to the MIC, eventually the MIC will give way to the HCC. I think enrollment at every HCC school is rising and with the exceptions of Carmel and probably Center Grove the same is not true in the MIC. Eventually another conference in the Indy area will take over the HCC after that, as the Indy area populations shift. The HCC is already better in some sports then the MIC such as baseball and Golf. MIC rules in T/F and basketball. As long as Carmel stays in the MIC ( which as the MIC dies will likely become part of the HCC) they will be dominant in swimming and NC in Tennis and Soccer. As the burbs continue to grow, the MIC will eventually begin to falter. Its sad, but if trends continue history will repeat itself.
  2. Patch33

    6A Football

    Westfield lost 44 seniors from the 2016 State Champion, then lost one of the best running backs in the State in game 3 of 2017. The future is bright however as the JV Team. 8th, 7th and 5/6th grade travel were all undefeated. Frosh lost 2. Typically to make a run at a state title, it takes a special group and some luck. Most places usually have a let down after that year, unless the team is made up mostly of underclassmen. I am not going to predict State Championships, but Westfield will be very good for the next few years. Brownsburg will be anything but middle of the pack. They have several very good players returning. Avon will also be very strong as will Fishers. HSE always has great athletes, we will see how the new staff does. Noblesville has a fresh start with a new staff and Zionsville returns a lot of talent. The HCC will be a dog fight with no easy games. FC comes into the conference as a bit of an unknown, but they were successful last year and I believe have a lot returning.
  3. This is similiar toe THE SOS camp head around Indy and Columbus. Coach Schieb has been doint this for years. College show case happening 1st week of June. Its a great chance to improve in the Spring!
  4. Westfield and St Francis QB Nick Ferrar just signed with the Lion as a FA.
  5. Coaches technically get paid to coach their sport from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. There is not contractual obligation to coach a sport outside of the season to gain your stipend. The expertise they are sharing is with kids from all sports not just with football kids grades 1-7. ( I'm not talking about official off season football workouts here). Charge....because our time is worth something even if not much. I think my stipend for football comes out to less the 5 cents an hour. You all say we should be ok with that because it is the life we chose. Ok. Then you all should be ok with the products on Fridays regardless, because of what you are willing to pay. Most of you are way over served by the coaches and teachers in your community. I often wonder why in every segment of society people get paid for extra hours and doing extra things, but for some reason you all expect teachers and coaches not to get paid to do extra things outside of their contracts. Firemen get paid by the hour, Policemen get paid by the hour.... why not teachers? Are those professions eating at the public trough. I really wonder how many of you all do parts of your work for free. It's funny, you all think our jobs are easy and we are overpaid... yet teaching is one of the highest stress jobs in our country. You capitalist should take over, because there is a teacher shortage and the law of supply and demand says that salaries should go up. They aren't. By this thinking, teachers should be happy to do clubs and extra- curriculars after regular contract hours for nothing. (Betsy DeVoss)
  6. So why is it unethical or scandalous to provide a training in strength and fitness to all athletes in your district and charge them? The coaches running the program deserve something for their time and expertise Trust me, nobody is getting rich). Most parents will go out and spend thousands of dollars for this kind of training and others. Would it be better to provide this service at a much higher cost so it is attainable to only the economically well to do off site? Or is it better to provide low cost ( sometimes free) age appropriate training at the schools. It is really not different then running a camp. It fact it is a camp.
  7. I gotta call BS here. Actually when adjusted for inflation, teachers make less today then we did in the 80's. Salary schedules were decent and you could climb the salary scale by getting a masters and other further education, but because of changes in education formula's by our man Mitch, salaries and budgets at schools are not so great. Yet our government, parents and public continue to demand more of our schools and teachers. Also, Mr. T, Under Mitch there became a new evaluation system which if followed makes it very easy to get rid of a teacher who is not performing. In fact a new teacher can be let go for any reason. Before you start waxing poetic, you should first know the facts. Also, Teaching because of the laws does almost have to be a lifetime appointment in one school, because it is the rare school that will give you all of your years of experience if you move. Most schools at best will give you 7 years of experience. I guess experience in coaching and teaching doesn't matter as much as it does in all other areas of our society. Obviously anyone can coach and teach. I see it every weekend in youth sports.
  8. There is only 1 "spread team in the conference. The coaching in this conference is great every week. no one will be shocked or awed.
  9. Patch33

    6A Football

    Not so fast my Friend..... Carmel has to win their sectional first.Folks are catching up to the Hounds.
  10. Congrats Jason!!! He is a Great Coach and an even better person..... BD will be fine. Now where does Noblesville turn?
  11. Patch33

    6A Football

    The Hounds have to win their Sectional first.
  12. Patch33

    Colby* new Maconaquah Coach

    Congrats Austin!! You will do great!
  13. Hoover tried that. Again, History is not on your side.
  14. History is not on your side my friend. The market has never cared about the needs of the poor.
  15. So in your world, only the wealthy kids would get an education and our economic inequality would grow. you would have loved to live in the Guilded age ( if you were lucky to be wealthy). I would argue that the best way to improve and grow the economy is by educating everyone. Only Kids with money should get to play sports, be in choir or band, art club, etc. I understand your fiscal conservatism, but your views would create a greater inequality in our country then already exists.