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  1. EG has a Social Studies position open, they are planning on interviewing very soon. If you are interested please contact one of the following asap. Kevin Frank kfrank@egreene.k12.in.us 812-825-5621 ext 2151 Doug Lewis dlewis@egreene.k12.in,us 812-825-5010 ext 1901
  2. The head coaching position is now open at Eastern Greene. Anyone interested please contact Kevin Frank at kfrank@egreene.k12.in.us or at 812-825-5621 ext 2151.
  3. My impression was no adjustments (unless there was some type of clerical issue) so these will be the numbers used. Others had questioned that they would factor in transfers and enrollment changes. The response I received was that the numbers released are the fall enrollment figures reported to the DOE by the schools, which will be used for reclassification.
  4. Per IHSAA, the fall (September) count is being used for reclassificiation not the Winter/Spring (February) count.
  5. The IHSAA receives the numbers from the DOE, schools are required to report their enrollment in September and February. Our enrollment was 409 in September and in February it was 398.
  6. The number the IHSAA has listed for Eastern Greene is the fall count, not the count from February.