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  1. Coach Svarczkopf has given his all to the Bishop Dwenger community in his years here. I doubt you will find 1 Dwenger graduate who doesn’t feel they are a better person for having known him. As an alum and former player I would like to thank Chris Svarczkopf for everything he has done for our school. Please enjoy some much deserved time off and know that your contributions to the Dwenger family will never be forgotten. Wishing and praying for many many years of good health for you and your family.
  2. Hell of a player, tons of people on this board will disagree that he is the best in the state, however.
  3. Both against Southridge as well. I’m sure he would love to run his record to 2-0. Looks like he will have his hands full as Southridge is HOT at the right time.
  4. Dwengers only chance in this game was to start hot and then hold on somehow. Dropped a possible pick six on lowells first drive (Dwenger db had a cast on one arm.) 3 muffed punts, only 1 recovered by Lowell, but the others costed field position) Also Dwengers first offensive play was a trick play where wide open reciever was missed by a foot or so. Once Lowell got its feet under them and their lines started dominating both sides of the line, Dwenger really had no chance. Without penalties BD would not have scored their one TD. Lowell also dropped a walk in TD pass, score could have been worse. Once #6 gets North and South, he will gain a minimum of 5 yards and there is nothing anyone can do about it, Lowells 3rd and 4th down conversion rate had to be unreal. Dwenger needed its 2010 team to have a shot against the Lowell team i saw last night. Excited to see how they match up with East Central
  5. Prediction for this thread: No one will give Kokomo even the slightest chance at winning.
  6. Lowell salting this one away up 21-7, they are an impressive team with a solid defense, bunch of scrappy kids along with the man among boys #6 Dwenger just doesnt have the horses this year. Regional champions is a pretty solid year for this squad. good luck to the Devils next week you have a nice program
  7. Lowell returns the favor by dropping wide open pass that would have been TD BD up 7-6 #6 for Lowell a beast as advertised
  8. That game felt very similiar to the Snider game vs. Westfield last year.
  9. How does Wayne score 60+ one week and 9 the next. Jay county and Columbia City are pretty much the same team according to Sagarin. Wayne is more than likely the most athletically gifted team in 4A in the whole state. Hopefully Dwenger can win but im sure they will have their hands full if Wayne plays up to their potential.
  10. Is Michigan HS football that much better than Indiana? I like to think that IN can hold its own in the midwest, except against OH which is clearly better overall top to bottom, but this result is an eye opener.
  11. I have family in Detroit so Im always interested in seeing Indiana teams playing Detroit area teams. River Rouge has 594 students. They are 6-1 so they probably have some good athletes, would probably do fine in Indiana 3a, no so much against a 6a power. Im sure WC wins by however much they choose. Too bad a larger Detroit school didn't have the week open to make the trip down, although probably not the best time of year to play an out of state power.
  12. 08saint

    Snider vs Homestead

    14-14, homestead scores 1st play of 2nd quarter
  13. 08saint

    BHSS / CASTLE @ Seymour

    I caught a good portion of the online broadcast of the Castle v. Ben Davis, if all basketball games were like that it would be my favorite of the big 4 sports, and not 4th on the list. Just a good clean game from what I saw Too bad for Castle that they ran into BD who shot lights out, hard to beat a team that shoots 60% on 3's, especially when they shoot 20 of them. Game could have went either way and Castle would have had a great shot at State next week, as will BD. Nunge is an absolute beast, and is underrated IMO, glad I got to watch him play. He looks effortless as he moves to the basket and gets to the rim, no matter how many people try to stop him.