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  1. southend

    ND Receiver Suspended ... Again

    To that point, ND may revert next year, if a new defense has to be learned. I know it effected Indiana’s progress, win loss wise, for several seasons under Wilson. Having to learn a new defense 3 years ina row.
  2. southend

    ND Receiver Suspended ... Again

    So Yes, most of the movement by these assistants, can be traced to money. And there we have it, the big programs get the cream when they want it. The rest of the schools in the middle to the bottom of conferences will stay there until ADs or schools pony up.
  3. southend

    2017 Schedule

    whiteshoes, when do you get next years schedule going?
  4. southend

    ND Receiver Suspended ... Again

    Indiana, in the first two years Of coach Wilsons tenure, went through two very good DC's. Because of money. What was the circumstance in the ND case? Money?
  5. southend

    2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    You could be right here, lockerroom. With these players still being Tom's boys', that he recruited, I think the whole dynamics of the team changes with a new coach. Pecking order, all of a sudden, this gets foggy. Which in turn creates communication , relationship problems, not only with each man on the team, but coaches to players and so forth. The modern athletes are a pampered bunch, the"what have you done for me lately" syndrome. So im not going to put to much emphasis into this season. If you remember when Tom Crean came in, he essentially cleaned house. 1 player left on the team from previous year. Clean slate ,his guys from the start, and they had no talent but they all played hard. I think Ryan "Archie" will have to weed out the guys ,that don't want to or can't fit in with how the team is run. Bottom line it may take a few years.
  6. southend

    2017 Schedule

    You do know where Whiteshoes is from don't you? Where the breaded tenderloin was born, Huntington Indiana, where it all got started.
  7. southend

    2017 Schedule

    On a side note to this, Whiteshoes, I’ve discovered some of the best food or meals were found at the games themselves. Circa 2000, I remembered at LN or LC, just inside the gates, a small vender was smoking pork and shredded it for sandwiches, but also had the best rib tips. Also at a game in southern zone, in the gates ,a guy was grilling very good rib steak sandwiches on the best rolls, not store bought. That was a 2 sandwich game. Have you ever in your travels, run into on site food finds?
  8. southend

    2017 Schedule

    Yea Billy Whiteshoes Johnson is a northern bird, looking at his schedule. But liable to land anywhere, where there is a good game!
  9. southend

    2017 Indiana Hoosiers Mens Basketball

    When Bobby coached, without looking at his record, I think he may have won at least 90 percent of his games with the badgers. Ironically coach Knight turned down an offer from Wisconsin because Indiana made a similar offer and he thought the recruiting grounds would be better. In 1971
  10. southend

    2017 Schedule

    Double whopper?
  11. southend

    2017 Schedule

    You have to like cheese, I mean a lot of cheese if you eat that pie.
  12. southend

    ND Receiver Suspended ... Again

    Kelly turned the Irish around? Good game for ND!
  13. southend

    Sitting Out Bowl Games

    Harsh reality for the less fortunate. But it is the trending norm. Im not sold either way, glad I don't have a horse in the race. It is easy to argue either way when it doesn't effect you personally. Hell,I wish they would make college B-Ball players stay in school for 3 years. That's how old fashioned my thoughts are.
  14. While I agree whole heartedly with this, sometimes it is also about exposure for getting to the NFL. No better engineering degree than Purdue, but getting that degree from Michigan wont keep you from getting a top notch job. Or getting an Ag degree from Michigan state or Nebraska. Northwesterns' business and medical school are very good. So my point is, unless the "State" schools take it up a notch or two in football, the kids will be forced to look to greener pastures. Cant blame them.
  15. I think that over the years, with the rise of social media usage, these ratings have become more refined and more accurate. But by no means iron clad guarantee, stars equal performance on field. And development is the equalizer, over 3 years, in this star rating system.