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  1. There was lots of talent on display in the 1a game. It did not take a back seat to any of the classes this year.
  2. I don't know how many players Kokomo has coming back , but they are putting a real nice program together in the mid state area.
  3. southend

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Yea I'm not so sure that if Penn, and Carmel combined they would come close to the BD team this year. Other than the Giants, I think that 6a was very entertaining, completive and even.
  4. southend

    State Title Games

    I'm ready to watch the 1-5a match ups next weekend, again. Round 2.. Mmmmaybe, 2 out of 3 tournament this year?
  5. southend

    State Title Games

    Southern Indiana football rules this year!
  6. The Kats were in this game all the way to the end of the 3rd. Then they started floundering around with pass plays. on several occasions, and also at the start of the 4th. Then that's all she wrote. Even with the score, their ball control was dictating the game up until then. I think the play calling during that period is what did them in. They just needed to keep hammering up the gut and not try to play catch up at that juncture of the game. Coaches may have pushed the panic button a little to soon. Lots of time left at that point. But any way you look at it The Kats showed why they got that far this year.
  7. This will be the battle royal, Farmers vs Rolling hills country folk!
  8. Lindauer is a good player, but you could tell, that this team had a lot of success this year, because of those players you mentioned, not necessarily just The QB.
  9. But I like the success factor for Indiana football, private or public schools.
  10. southend

    State Title Games

    Do the 1a schools have the best conditioned athletes? Compare the teams in 1a with the 3a teams, and how many players go both ways for each class this year? Then take that on up the ladder thru 6a. Me thinks the best conditioned athletes are the ones that are on the field for every play of the game. And it ain't the top football classes.
  11. Rural school Football at its best today. In this match up. I'm sure someone on here will say Huntingburg is a thriving metropolis.
  12. Columbus East success goes straight to their line play. They never quit opening up lanes for the run, and never gave up when they had to pass protect. I mean someone had to run the ball, but anyone on their team could get 100 yards per game with the blocking that the line does.
  13. Talk about thinking you know a ton. First 2nd half score was long pass?
  14. southend

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    It help Carmel slide past a very good Snider team in the 4th quarter. That in most posters opinion, they weren't the better team. In Cathedrals situation It helped them slide by a determined Bloomington South team, in the 4th quarter. So yes my point is in situations where teams are close in manpower it is a definite advantage to be able to play better competition during the year.
  15. southend

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Man! what a rough crowd.
  16. southend

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Thanks also, as I said, this is just hypothetical talk. That is what I was getting at. Maybe a better match up in 6a with the Panthers speed. But oh well that's why they always play the game, Nothing won on paper. And ive stated in the past, several times, that metro indy teams really get to see it all in the regular season. And a huge advantage, no matter what class, come playoff time.
  17. This and so much more. Admission policies at our colleges and universities. Public construction project allocation. "penalize success to be fair society"
  18. southend

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Thanks BTF. Seems to me that the snider team, could never really get to their (full) potential, because of shooting themselves in the foot, to often, in a variety of ways. Is that a fair assessment? And as far as I can tell the Panthers may be the only team in the state, this year that could match Giants speed.
  19. LOL, easy mistake to make. Like Allen co. Only using one L,(Alen). Somebody beat the”L” out of Allen.
  20. southend

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Do you think that R. Nelson would have beaten Penn? Not trying to start WWlll, here, just hypothetical. If so, would it have made a difference this year in the final game? I just didn’t get a good read on Snider this year.