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  1. Go Thunderbirds! They have a special mission this year.
  2. southend

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Ok, yea when son was playing. That is why I thought enrollment was higher. B-ball in the big class.
  3. southend

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Am I thinking right that they played in the Columbus sectional in basketball then?
  4. southend

    Bucket Game

    Same could be said for the Hoosiers, The wolverines were there for the taking. Ive said before, Boilers have tradition, and will have a quicker rebound to respectability, than the Indiana hoosiers. who ever comes out on top Saturday, hope they bring home a bowl W.
  5. southend

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Ha! Another question, was EastCentral ever 5a? Or have they stayed 4a.
  6. Plus I forgot to mention, Woodlan has a coach with the best name, Sherwood Haydock! Nobody, no team still playing can match that.
  7. Boy I really like what the raiders have done over the years , for football in the southern part of the state. I have seen them and know that they are really tuned this year. But I also like what is going on in the little community of Woodburn. When I was around there ,they were the punching bag for the Allen co. Schools. No more. Having not seen them play this year I’m going on blind pick. Southridge.
  8. southend

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Are you including Penn in "The Region"??? Can't say I've ever heard of that before. 219 man! Northwest quadrant of the state. Yea not region. But good representation of the area.
  9. As much as I would like The Raiders of the Ridge to pull this off, I think Ott has this team, Scecina,in high gear. I'm goin with the Indy metro team here.
  10. southend

    D2, D3 and NAIA Playoffs

    St Francis, is a hidden gem in the Summit City. Super football played, sometimes unnoticed by the city folk there. Lots of local Indiana boys, struttin their stuff.
  11. Poet laurite, it"s a big world out there. LOL
  12. southend

    Ben Davis vs Avon

    LOL, the new poet Lauriat of GID!
  13. southend

    2017 Boilermaker Football

    Way to go Boilers, wow what a nice win for the program. A with the Indiana win, this puts meaning in the BUCKET game! It has been a long time since this has been the case. 1 team goes to a bowl this year. Ross-Ade will be arocken for this bout.
  14. southend

    2017 Hoosiers

    First 2/3's of the game was beautiful football weather also. Boy, Legow really slung the rock Saturday, in less than desirable wind conditions. He really does have a big upside. Running was still so-so.The passing attack was so good, it loosened up the line for some pretty good running gains. But when face with goal to go inside the 5 yd. line, couldn't punch in on one occasion. Completely soaked by the end of the 3rd, but well worth staying to see some deserved success.
  15. southend

    Ben Davis vs Avon

    Ok, But I wasn't talking to or Gonzoron. And also I wanted BDGiant to give me the reason I was down tic'ed, which he still has not. He just gave me a bunch of malarkey about how its just par for the course.
  16. southend

    Ben Davis vs Avon

    I'm would like a response. I am very curious why.
  17. This is an away game for raiders? Right?
  18. PASSING? no way! That ain't southern Indiana football.
  19. southend

    Ben Davis vs Avon

    What do you down tic posters think?
  20. Wow, I love the southern Indiana "BILLY BALL"
  21. southend

    Lowell vs East Central!

    This, I was surprised with EC.