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  1. southend

    Ben Davis vs Avon

    What do you down tic posters think?
  2. Wow, I love the southern Indiana "BILLY BALL"
  3. southend

    Lowell vs East Central!

    This, I was surprised with EC.
  4. Thanks for the up tics guys. I've got a couple of jerks on here giving me down tics for complementing fan spirit,
  5. I think this might be right, after what Columbus east did the unthinkable, to a very good Cathedral team. But Gaddis has not seen the Kats, in his long football history. So even playing field. I give Kokomo more than a punchers chance in this one.
  6. southend

    Penn v Ben Davis 6A Title Game

    Yea I could see you rooting against one of your nemesis's. But I'm not so sure this Penn team,after watching for the first time, and is loaded with sophomores, might not be able to take the 6a trophy. where as I don't think Carmel could.
  7. southend

    Lowell vs East Central!

    Yes I'm thinking East central now to win. They just manhandled Green wood. But I, I have to admit, have underestimated the region teams. Including Penn. So I'm susceptible to persuasion this week.
  8. Now here are two schools that I haven't seen in several years, or ever, get this far. Kind of nice to hear about them,on the brink of going to a championship game.
  9. southend

    Ben Davis vs Avon

    I know that I was, for one ,and to break up my going with the favorites, I picked this to be an up set special. To no avail., But any way, Why the down tics here? Please don't you tell me that being confident about anything is politically incorrect? And that this is the way to tell me to mind my manners? I may be guessing here, no down tics please, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there were a few, god forbid, confident fans posting on this site yesterday. What do you down tic posters think?
  10. southend

    Ben Davis vs Avon

    Again what is the question? You can’t answer my request , with a question.
  11. Boy, two more schools, that have not been this far in awhile. And both playing at a high level now. I'm going with Greenwood to get to the BIG SHOW. And you know why, you guessed it. They play their season to the metro area, they are prepared for what ever comes up.But, East Central is sure rolling over teams now.
  12. southend

    SemiState Scores

    Waaahoo! For Allen Co.
  13. southend

    Woodlan @ Eastbrook

    Sweet , Allen co. Gets 1so far
  14. southend


    Way to go Penn. wow
  15. southend

    Columbus East @ Cathedral

    Come on East, bring it home
  16. southend

    Woodlan @ Eastbrook

    Come on Woodburn, you need the school to bring it to the BIG show.
  17. southend

    Ben Davis vs Avon

    Thanks Easy, no But I can handle this. And what question is this ?
  18. railsplitters? who ya got? in this game?
  19. southend

    Michigan City at Kokomo

    Wasn't he the mayor up there for a few years?
  20. southend


    Talkin the game is just about over. Now we will have to see who has it this year TO GO THE BIG HOUSE. And my favorite part is who has to eat CROW! I know, I thought it was thanksgiving at my house last year after semi"s. Crow isn't as good as turkey.
  21. southend

    2017 Hoosiers

    Guess I'm headin to the last home stand tomorrow, anyone else going to brave the 45 mph winds at memorial?