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  1. greyhound3175

    SIAC Week 6

    watching both teams this year I would have to agree. BC SOS is much more difficult than Mem. I think Mem is a great team and enjoyed watching them last year when i came to support my brother at Central. Idk who would get in the way of a BC vs. Mem showdown in November
  2. greyhound3175

    SIAC Week 1

    It’s not a panic mode. It’s game one under a new coach. That program is not going to change over night. Let’s give Coach P a chance.. They need to learn how to compete at a high level and overcome adversity! The whole Conference will have problems with Memorial.. I’m not sure if they get beat in conference play this year. I could be wrong!
  3. greyhound3175

    The SIAC Conference 2018

    DC is extremely talented! Big time WR,RB,QB. They have a lot of speed on the outside. Big lineman as well. Should be good match up. Apollo new coach is really good came from Doss that has produced a ton of D1 kids. Talking to my brother he thinks Apollo will be good. From what he has seen while recruiting. Dont know much about the other Two. Who ever plays memorial will be in for a long game. All Evansville teams win expect for MD . I don’t see them beating Apollo. Apollo will be to much. Nowhere near Lutheran North or SIAC but too much for MD
  4. greyhound3175

    The SIAC Conference 2018

    I don’t think EC is going to be the same! Just my opinion. We will have to see. I think memorial gets stopped in semi state by Chatard this yr! I am excited to see and learn more about some smaller schools down there
  5. greyhound3175

    The PAC Conference 2018

    Gs then SR!
  6. greyhound3175

    The SIAC Conference 2018

    Central wins it maybe splits between memorial. Central is far more athletic than ppl give them credit for. Memorial has very very little depth. Memorial air raid will be difficult to stop, but Central maybe the only team with the speed to run with them! Just like last yrs game I witnessed first hand.
  7. greyhound3175

    SW Indiana football 2018

    Where is that game being played at
  8. greyhound3175

    SW Indiana football 2018

    I’ve heard from some ppl in the area that castle will struggle a lot this year! I like the left handed kid a lot more for that style of offense and he can see over lineman.. If I’m not mistaken they have some key returners?
  9. greyhound3175

    SW Indiana football 2018

    Yes I’m looking for a game 1 to go to and am conflicted with Some Indy games or coming to the ville for that game! Jasper has typically been a power! They had a run where the produced some freaks of nature!
  10. greyhound3175

    SW Indiana football 2018

    Agree!! Extremely happy for them! My brother talked to me last night before all the stories broke! Sounds promising. i would like to know from you guys how good is Jasper going to be? They return quite a bit
  11. greyhound3175

    SW Indiana football 2018

    Again you are completely incorrect! But I’ll let you believe the story you read! That’s not what happened! He should have said what he knew ............ it’s always tough to have this conversation! Many won’t believe it has anything to do with it.. we are making small strides though
  12. greyhound3175

    SW Indiana football 2018

    I do think it’s a 2 yr deal home and away! I’ll have to double check
  13. greyhound3175

    SW Indiana football 2018

    I am just confused.. 10’ - GS no show in semi state . 11’- no show in semi 12’ Chatard beat GS 13- lost to Brebuf 14’ Both a no show 15’ Chatard beat GS 16’ both did not play each other 17- memorial wins it all! I know all about HH in the 2000s. Tough teams who ran into BC. This is the thing that I think is striking a nerve. In recent years like the last 5 you can not tell the competition level has even been close to GS in their conference. Please be honest. Please be honest and rank who’s plays tougher competition. BC,GS, Memorial. you question my football knowledge, but I have literally be scouting for years and have seen a lot of Southern Indiana football. Just please tell me where I am off so I can understand better where you’re coming from. Just so I can reevaluate how I scout the area if I am off. I follow Indy, the region, and southern Indiana. Kinda have to to get paid.. That’s fair
  14. greyhound3175

    SW Indiana football 2018

    Trust me know disrespect taken! You love your school etc I expect you to always want them on top. The biggest mystery is if they stay!! Like you said we will soon fine out!! : evil grin:
  15. greyhound3175

    SW Indiana football 2018

    Just to make sure I am clear on this. We were talking straight football. I 100% agree that the community of Gibson is amazing. When I would come down to scout GS I always have a good time. No is questioning the integrity of the family structure down there. You unplied that I smoke weed because I’m honest enough to give my opinion about GS. While smoking that weed as you say, it’s importantant that I am honest in my assessments of teams around the area. I’ve read some much of these threads that GS fans literally think GS is all that! Yes you are when when your closes game in the conference is who? And you still win by 30 pts. My point memorial plays far better competition than GS every yr period! If memorial and GS switched conference they would go unbeaten every yr. So back to the original discussion GS can not contain 4 elite athletes on the field together at one time. Again from a personnel standpoint of the athletes at GS. Is that fair to say?