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  1. FLP_NDRox

    Rockville coach resigns

    Unfortunately, no. I'm out of the loop now, myself. My opposition to the rebranding guaranteed that. I don't really have an interest in getting back into the loop. It's not my kids. It's not my school. I washed my hands.
  2. FLP_NDRox

    Rockville coach resigns

    Nice to see NCP will be out there saving $$$ by adding more salary. /s Coach Batty deserves so much better. Yeah, they'll be 1A this year, and depending on the transfers out near the 2A line next year.
  3. ? To game the system like you imply they should, they will. Every bad sectional drive will happen in 8 team district play. I suppose it would be better in 4 team districts, but those will likely result in some great teams sitting. My phone is dying.
  4. Or not enough money to bus these kids all over the state every other week all fall.
  5. Again, it rewards ADs and Geography. This isn't college. This isn't even Ohio. You are only going to play whoever is approximately your size within an hour, 2hrs tops. Which is mostly who they already play as near as I can tell. At that point you might as well play districts. And I know you're OK with that. The problem is I don't know how many boards and/or ADs are OK with that.
  6. The problem is that any computer qualifying system will be riddled with these anomalies, particularly for the smallest fifth of schools. You'll see it elsewhere. Look at the school I previously overlooked, South Vermilion. They went 7-2 in the smallest small school conference in the State. However, a few years ago SV left their old conference of similar sized schools due to chronic uncompetitive teams. That conference, the WIC, only had 3 of 12 teams in the top 32 of their respective classes (4A to 1A). Every team in that conference has to think there's no way the Wildcats are more deserving, as do much of the 3A teams in the Sagarin ratings on the outside looking in. It's not like Indiana Deaf is going to stop playing out of state deaf schools, so every year these out of state deaf schools will matter in systems where out of state strength of schedule will matter. In class A the margins are so thin these games will matter to maybe a third of the 1A. These anomalies need to be addressed before a qualifying system is proposed.
  7. LCC gets a home game with two wins. Tell me that isn't rewarding a schedule, ie an AD and geography over performance. In decades I have never seen a patch in football for sectional runner-up. That's just being ridiculous. The fact is that any playoff proposal should be ran with 1A as the first test. The most atypical results will be found there. This year you find a 2-7 team with a home game, the geographic division of teams where in the south there is an incredibly disproportionate number of teams who didn't make it (25% of 'South' schools came from 'North Sectionals' or only 40% of 'south' schools qualified), and quite a few fairly long drives early. I remember doing this a couple years back. In 1A one of those games that mattered in the "what-if" was Florida Deaf vs. Alabama Deaf. If a game with no media coverage hundreds of miles from Indiana means who gets to go home and who gets to go on the system is insane.
  8. FLP_NDRox

    Sectional 47

    Requiescat in pace, Rox Football 1901-1910, SixMan c.1940-1961, 1962-2017
  9. Depends on how hardcore Indianapolis wants to get and when. To get to the 2,000 students per corporation the State want, NCP and SWP would have to combine, but as always in small town America, there's issues. For the last 70-80 years the State has wanted consolidation to be voluntary, or failing that 'voluntary'. With the funding changes, Rockville and TR's financial situation became utterly untenable and 'voluntary' consolidation was the only option. IIRC, when Riverton was taken over by the state, they dumped a bunch of money in and put in a good financial plan, so SWP doesn't need money *yet*. Traditionally, SWP wanted to combine with Vigo County schools and not Rockville. Some of their component districts opposed consolidation as far back as the 60s. I don't know why Vigo County would want them. There's 2 elementary schools on land that will be hard to sell, a high school that's probably too small to be worth it to keep for them, and likely closing that school to put hundreds of miles a day on busses to fetch and return a couple dozen kids per route. I say that to explain why my guess is pure speculation. I'd say probably the consolidation creating Parke County High School will be around 2045. It's not as far off as it sounds.
  10. Rockville is officially done as of end of the year due to consolidation, as expected. 'Parke Heritage' /eyeroll will be added in its place.
  11. I remember Bobref suggesting something similar to this back in 2015 or so. I also seem to remember running the numbers for 1A. The fun part was finding that the outcome of the Florida Deaf vs Alabama Deaf game affected and I believe nay have been the difference to a team on the line. I find that ridiculous.
  12. At what point is football a waste? Or any other sport? Or fine art? Reasonable minds can differ, and any line is an arbitrary one. I'd be more willing to drop individual sports over team sports since they can be played on your own time without relying on the AD to schedule and advancement doesn't typically come from school teams. Since the Fine Arts are mostly BS if you can believe Adam Ruins Everything, they can be next to go. Print journalism is practically dead, so goodbye school paper. With Weinstein only the top of the iceberg, I wouldn't want to encourage drama. But I believe in football and want more of it. 6man, 8man, flag, girls, whatever. Driven, when would you draw the line to see teams cut, and why?
  13. I get that OP is unhappy with the scores, what I don't understand is his solution? I remember a few years back in an exchange with Bobref about what should the goal of Indiana High School football should be. I have no idea how DrivenT would answer that. Does he really *want* FEWER teams? Me, I want more. There are almost no Class A basketball schools playing football. I think this is a bigger problem than a couple dozen shutouts in October. Are these scores that big of a deal? Why do we want fewer kids to have the opportunity to strap up and play? What is the end goal of a tournament? What is the purpose to figure out qualifications? Because the only problem I'm seeing on a systemic level is not enough teams and not enough players. Fix that, then fix balance.
  14. If you are going to say Mexicans can't play football, be honest about it and do it. I think with the improvement in the passing game for schools with good quarterbacks is the reason. If both teams are running the ball and chewing clock, there isn't time to see blowouts like we do now. I'm saying I think the competitive imbalance isn't much different than it was 20-40years ago, but rule changes have made it more obvious.