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  1. Indiana has beaten FIU, Virginia, and BSU. Purdue has lost to Northwestern, EMU, and Mizzou. Three wildly different schedules and zero commonality between opponents. Only number that matters is Brohm 1 vs. Allen 0, head to head. You are wrong, sir!
  2. eschnur66

    2018 Boilermakers

    GAME DAY! I have absolutely ZERO expectations for this team, other than they need to show the ability to be explosive on offense. But, I have not been this excited since I was at the season opener in 2004 in the front row of the student section. Fortunately, this time I will remember what happens! BOILER UP
  3. eschnur66


    That is an absolutely false statement!
  4. Schools need to put their big boy pants on and eliminate the ability of out of season coaches to even invite players to practices when they are in another season. Problem solved!
  5. Kyran Husk - Evansville Bosse - 6'2 225 - T/DE
  6. Muda is on the money here. When there is real money on the line, then it is time to get every call right. Missed calls are part of the game. Let the kids play and we can teach them the lesson that is associated with something not going their way once in a while!
  7. in most cases, talent finds the recruiters. They evaluate that talent. Level of competition comes into play, but after measurable information is looked at. I talk with D1 recruiters all of the time. Your last statement is more false now than it has ever been. At one time, 1A-3A players had a terrible time getting recognition. Now with recruiting happening the way it does, individual statistics matter less than they ever have.
  8. This is not an accurate statement. D1 recruiters use 6A as a measuring tool. If you are a cut above at the 6A level, that is just more affirmation to them on your ability. However, talent is talent, and the level you play at is less important than it has ever been. IF he rushes for 3000 yards, and does so due to the size, speed, and skill he possesses, he will receive the same type of offer that he would have received had he been playing elsewhere. Please remember, if his skills match the level of the statistics he has put up to this point, D1 recruiters will find him. So long as he is going to the right events and getting noticed in shorts and t-shirts.
  9. The Dundies are at Outback!
  10. Right ... But you must remember that being a good/great football player is only half of this award! Much emphasis is placed upon both Academics and Community Service/Involvement.
  11. Colts Center is under construction.
  12. Griddy's banquet is in Lebanon on April 15. The winners will be announced at the banquet and released the following day.
  13. MUCH more difficult to organize any other time! We cannot compete with basketball in this state. And finding a facility with dorms and organizing the event during the school year would be a logistical nightmare.