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  1. DrivenT - Honestly I think you bring up some interesting points and you have definitely livened up the conversation around here, but you only seem to bring up the negative issues that high school football faces. Many of the items you listed here are legitimate concerns in my mind. The better question is do you have any solutions for these issues that are positive? I understand you advocate ending some programs, but that is not the long-term solution to these issues. I assume you are here because you enjoy high school football. What proactive actions should programs be doing to promote the sport and grow it?
  2. No doubt, me and him are going to be working closely together on special teams this next year. Couldn't ask for a better person to work with.
  3. Its Kyle Mullins, not Scott. He is a really good guy. Congratulations to him and I wish him the best of luck.
  4. Completely Agree with you. Do you think though that if you work at it you can develop the skills needed to run the offense, defense, or special teams you think gives you the best chance to win? Ok, you don't have any body on your team that can throw or catch. For that year you have to do what gives you the best chance to win, but shouldn't you be working on develop skills at the lower levels that allows you to play the way you want later on. Offenses should evolve based on their players abilities but you can do a lot to develop the skills needed.
  5. I knew some defensive guy was gonna get defensive. For defense definitely running to the ball. Maybe more fun to watch a team that blitzes every down, or has stand up ends and tries to contain everything, plays press coverage. As for the offense I agree that spreadem doesn't mean you got to chuck it. Personally I have fun watching those teams that use tempo. They don't have to go fast all of the time but when they do and they begin ripping off play after play that is fun for me to watch. The efficiency and coordination that it takes to execute at a fast pace is mesmerizing.
  6. Figured I would try to get some conversation going: What is the most fun thing about watching football? Is there an offense that is more fun? Whether they run over you, around you, or just bomb it the whole game...What is the thing that makes football the most or more entertaining to watch? I definitely want to know what the high school football fans think on this issue. Are there certain teams that are more fun to watch than others?
  7. Based on an extremely reliable source: Right now they have 30 + kids and are hoping to get some people on the fence to make it over 40. They have had poor turnout over the course of the summer but they are starting to get kids out. The community and athletic department have done a great job promoting the program and the kids are responding. Right now they should have 12 returning starters which is much better than the 2 they had coming back last year. I am not saying they are going to have a lot of success because they are still young in key areas and have lost some key athletes this year but the situation there is not nearly as bad as the rumors that have been spreading.