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  1. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    Love the thoughts @IMHO great post!
  2. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    I've been shocked by this as well. I'm usually okay with Sagarin rankings (obviously they get better towards the end of the season), but with their schedule rank of 187 [worst in the NLC by a LARGE margin playing Concord (122) Jimtown (123) Goshen (207) and Fairfield (308)] I've been skeptical of their Sagarin rating as well as their spots in both the AP and Coaches polls this year. I know they can't help how good/bad their teams are on the schedule, but they'll have plenty of opportunities to prove themselves worthy of their current ranking/ratings over the last 4 weeks of the season. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it this evening and will have to tune in to the NewsNowWarsaw app and listen to the "Voice of Tiger Sports" Roger Grossman. I'd love nothing more than to be up there and make a pit stop at Das Dutchman Essenhaus! Mmmmmm 🤤🤤🤤
  3. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    God forbid I provide content for this thread to discuss 😂
  4. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    Game is up in Middlebury and I'd have to give the edge to the Raiders at this point. Can Warsaw win? Absolutely. But in year one of "Bart Ball" the Tigers are still looking to get consistent on the offensive side of things. Too many times they've failed on 1st and 2nd downs and put themselves in 3rd and long (6+ yards to go in this offense is long IMO) and hasn't set them up for successful, sustaining, time-chewing drives. I have been extremely impressed with the Warsaw defense, and that has kept them in (and won) games for them so far this season (2nd best D in the NLC in ppg behind NorthWood - but I'd argue the Tiger's have faced more "potent" offenses so far through 4 games). I'll give the nod to the Raiders this year but fully anticipate the tide shifting over the next few seasons. *EDIT* sometimes I say things, and then I want to dive deeper and see if my intuition is remotely accurate, so I did some research. When looking at the opponents for Warsaw and NorthWood and their offensive averages NOT including the games they played against Warsaw/NorthWood, this is what I found: TEAM vs. WCHS PPG (3) Net Diff CC 8 30.7 -22.7 EN 10 28.7 -18.7 PLY 32 25.0 7.0 EM 7 27.7 -20.7 TOTAL -55.1 AVE -13.8 TEAM vs. NW PPG (3) Net Diff JIM 0 25.3 -25.3 FAIR 0 0.0 0.0 CON 20 31.3 -11.3 GOS 14 26.3 -12.3 TOTAL -48.9 AVE -12.2 So if you can follow along, Warsaw has held their opponents an average of 13.8 points below what they've scored in their 3 other games vs. teams NOT named Warsaw, and NorthWood has held their opponents an average of 12.2 points below what they've scored in their 3 games vs. teams NOT named NorthWood. So while the Panthers have the better overall defensive average of 8.5 ppg to the Tigers 14.3 ppg, NorthWood's statistics obviously benefit greatly from playing Fairfield in week 2 (a team that has yet to score a point this season through 3 games).
  5. While Anderson did consolidate with Highland, I can tell you not all those students went to Anderson High School. A number transferred to Alexandria, Pendleton Heights, Yorktown, Frankton, Lapel, Shenandoah, etc. A number of those schools have had successful seasons in recent years (in a number of sports, not just football) with students that were previously in the "Highland" school district. Shenandoah, Lapel and Pendleton Heights have won 2 sectional championships a piece since Highland closed and Yorktown added 1 as well. Heck, Alexandria had won 5 games (including a 31 game losing streak) in the 5 seasons before Highland closed. They've since had 3 winning seasons and become a competitive program in the CIC under Pete Gast. For this year specifically, they do have a new head coach and that could lead to some of the issues. Coach Qualls had a pretty successful run at Heritage Christian (2008 State Champion, 2007 State Runner-Up) and finished his final 10 seasons with the Eagles .500 or better. I'm hopeful he can turn things around at Anderson (or at least make them mildly competitive in the NCC).
  6. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    Just sent you a PM of the video making the rounds on social media, as well as a screen grab pic of the ball clearly outside the upright from the press box view
  7. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    Great game last night and taking nothing away from the Rockies, but their field goal was clearly wide left that the officials called good to end the game. Unfortunate way for a fantastic high school football game to end. Nice job by Memorial last night! Glad to see that win for their program. Seeing the results for the other games, still firmly believe the conference will be won by a team/teams with multiple conference losses. Should be an exciting NLC season
  8. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    While I suppose I wouldn't exactly be shocked if a score like this occurs, I can't say it's one I'd predict. I'm also not one who like to say Team A beat Team B and Team C beat Team A, so therefore Team C will beat Team B... But when Plymouth lost to East Noble 16-6 and Warsaw beat East Noble 17-10, I'll be shocked to see the Rockies score 35 points. Doesn't mean it won't happen. Maybe I'll eat my words tomorrow night.
  9. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    My updated thoughts on the conference after 2 weeks: 1. NorthWood - Fairfield is awful this year, but as long as Yoder stays healthy and they keep getting the ball in his hands, it’ll be tough for NLC teams to outscore the Panthers. 2. Warsaw - drinking the Kool-Aid on BART Ball. As the offense keeps working the kinks out, the Tiger defense (while it does give up yards) is a force. 10 turnovers forced in 2 games is impressive. Combine that with a ball/time control offense? Could seriously limit scoring opportunities for NLC foes. 3. Northridge - tough game last night, but St Joe is solid this year. Strong defense for the Raiders, but they’ll have to find ways to score on a more consistent basis. No reason they can’t win the NLC again this year. 4. Concord - hard to put a team that’s already 1-0 in the conference at a prediction for 4th, but a loss to St Joe and then a goal line stand to beat Memorial doesn’t have me sold on the Minutemen this year. However, a win is a win and they’re always a threat. Plenty of time for things to get turned around. 5. Plymouth - Rockies picked up a good win on the road against Kokomo, however that’s not the same Wildcat team that made it to the 5A state championship game last year. Home opener this Friday against Warsaw will be very telling, and Plymouth has owned the Tigers the last 4 years. 6. Elkhart Memorial - call me crazy, but the Crimson Chargers could win 2 or 3 NLC games this season, but it’ll be a tough road ahead. Glad to see them compete last night after a downer against Central in week one. Getting Goshen and Wawasee at home helps. 7. Goshen - Fairfield is awful, and Elkhart Central isn’t as good as the RedHawks made them look, but I’m not sure they’ll have the chance to beat anyone outside of Memorial and Wawasee. Hopefully they can be competitive as the season goes on. 8. Wawasee - losses to Lakeland and West Noble don’t bode well for a strong season from the Warriors. They’re making a lot of mistakes and causing self inflicted issues. If they clean that up, they might win a game or two in the conference, but no reason to think they’ll make any noise this year. * Side note on the Warriors: I’ve noticed not a lot of coverage for them from the Times Union or InkFreeNews. Is Eshbach not a fan/friend of the media? I didn’t even see a quote from him in either recap from both of those media sources. Just an observation I’ve made.
  10. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    I love a good @Swordfish sighting! Always nice to know he's still out there, lurking in the depths ;)
  11. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    I cannot stand sitting in the stands at football games. Whenever I am at a Warsaw game or at my college alma mater, I do whatever I can to watch the game from either the sidelines or the press box.
  12. NLCTigerFan07

    Michiana Pick'Em 2018 Week 2

    A blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then!
  13. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    A quick 50 minutes later, first half is over, and the Tigers lead 10-0 in a first half played completely in rain. I believe each team has had two fumbles a piece and a number of penalties. Definitely a work in progress on offense, but the Warsaw defense is stuffing Columbus City every play.
  14. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    Also as a side note I saw the Warsaw freshman team beat Concord 22-6 last night. I know the NLC is down some frosh teams this year but were there any other scores to report from last night?
  15. NLCTigerFan07

    NLC - 2018

    Hopefully I can provide some more color in the coming weeks, but work has been brutal the last few months. Here are my picks for Week 1: St. Joe at Concord - St. Joe by 8 Elk Central at Elk Memorial - Elkhart Central by 17 Fairfield at Goshen - Goshen by 28 Adams at Northridge - Northridge by 6 Northwood at Jimtown - Jimtown by 2 Plymouth at East Noble - East Noble by 7 Warsaw at Columbia City - Warsaw by 24 Wawasee at Lakeland - Wawasee by 4