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  1. eagleye

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    The 3 C's is what creates a successful program. 1. Coach 2. Culture 3. Commitment When a program finds a coach who can change the culture of a team, school, and community, in a positive manner, they will then get the commitment needed to build a strong program. It takes all 3. Most schools who are not blessed with a large pool of athletes to choose from must have these 3 elements to create success.
  2. Did you realize that is the same weekend as the IFCA coaches clinic?
  3. eagleye

    2017 MSC-PLAC

    Congratulations to North Harrison's Brett Rudolph and Avery Blocker for making 3A IFCA All STATE this year. Congratulations also to Jaylen Peake who made 3A IFCA Junior All State. The following players made MSC ALL Conference: Avery Blocker Brett Rudolph Tate Griffen Kohana Wilks Austin Chadwick Jaylen Peake MSC Honorable Mention: Devan Carter Skyler Wetzel Jake Harley Thanks for a great season gentlemen. Our seniors will be missed. The 2018 season has begun. The weight room is in full swing and we look forward to our new set of Seniors taking the reins and an exciting 2018 season. GO COUGARS
  4. I predict North will stick to its game plan....Ground and pound with a splash of mud apparently this week. So come on out and witness the most boring game ever.
  5. eagleye

    2017 MSC-PLAC

    N. Harrison W. Washington Mitchell Springs Valley Corydon Salem Eastern Pekin Silver Creek
  6. eagleye

    2017 MSC-PLAC

    North Harrison JV went to Salem last night. Tight game in the 1st half 14-14. NH finished the game with a win 38 - 20
  7. eagleye

    2017 MSC-PLAC

    I predict that North Harrison will run the ball a lot this year. And I have heard from a good source that Coach Williamson has added 2 new running plays. I also predict this will be a fun and interesting season to watch in the MSC.