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  1. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Southridge (some of the finest in the game, great kids, great fans, great coaches!) Brownstown (again, by a million, actually maybe not, hopefully we score 1 more than them!)
  2. Congrats to Coach May, coaches and team, on a great win, especially after being down at half. I second that Batesville was tough, played hard, and gave Brownstown one heck of a game. If you are a football fan, this was your game. Everyone should have had to pay another $6 on the way out. Two very well coached teams that both played their hearts out. Weather was great, Brownstown's new facilities are top notch, although at some points in the second half the press box started rocking, I think the new stands and press box are even earthquake proof!
  3. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    An added bonus this week, some words from myself.....before the picks, a short novella. Sectional Championship week, what a week. One of my favorite as a player and coach. Unfortunately, as a player I lost the two worst ways. One, as a freshman, a 50-6 butt kicking by Indian Creek. My senior year, the miracle comeback by Lawrenceburg. Two of the worst games of my life, for completely different reasons. IC, it was cold, rainy, and I stood on the sideline (and Coach May politely told us we better be quiet on the way home, all I cared about was a blanket and dry clothes, sorry coach). Lburg, we led the whole game and it was the last time I would step on the field, after deciding to come back and play my senior year, one of the best decisions of my life. Coach May took me in but never once promised playing time but with some hard work and injuries, I saw the field way more than I ever thought. I will always be indebted to Coach May for allowing me to join the team again. Due to never winning a sectional as a player, I pursued a teaching degree in order to become a coach. The journey began at WW, thanks for Coach Bowsman and staff for taking me in and giving me my first coaching chance. Then two years later Brownstown and (shortly after the principal called, Coach May offered me a position) came calling. I started as a volunteer, moved to an assistant, helped start the flag football league and eventually helped with special teams as well as the O-line (who can guess who made most of the final decisions though). Due to Coach May's leadership, my fellow coaches who became mentors, and the great young men and their families, I was blessed to be a part of 3 sectional championship teams and one unforgettable run in 2015 to within a point of the state title. After this season, I decided to pursue a new adventure in life, going back to school (including a trip to India). Now that I have moved on, I wouldn't be where I am, learning new skills, new ventures, and a new career, if it wasn't for the lessons football taught me and all those within the football family who became mentors for me. I have wore my Brownstown gear all week, even getting weird looks and jeers, but I will always be a Brave (and a Senator). Good luck to all the coaches who have put in countless hours, the parents who get kids to and from practice and games and donate their time and money and cooking skills, and especially to all those young men taking the field. Half will live a night they will never forget for joyous reasons, half will never forget due to heartbreak. No matter what, football has allowed these young men to become better men, community members, and productive members of our society for years to come. I will always hire a football player, they are my family. With that being said, I truly believe in my picks this week, but winning a pick'em will never come between me and my allegiances (and I will also never pick Providence). Providence at Paoli North Central at West Washington (by 100) Batesville at Brownstown (by a million)
  4. The SOS against Brownstown is a valid point year in and year out, however Brownstown and the rest of the MSC has no control over this. I think one thing to look at though is the point differential. Coach May's teams rarely let bad teams "hang" in games (and no Batesville is not a bad team!) but there are years that Brownstown lets teams hang around, however this year that didn't seem to be the case. Also, if SOS was that big of an issue, I don't think Coach May would have won 12 sectionals and been in countless other sectional title games. This also leads directly to my second point. Since Brownstown does so routinely take care of opponents early and make deep tourney runs, the young bucks get a lot of action on Friday nights, thus leading to year after year of reloading. The converse of this can be seen at IU. They routinely don't make a bowl game or blow opponents out, so the young bucks get little action or work. A typical 12 game schedule and lots of blowouts allow Brownstown to reload. I don't know much about Batesville, but I did get to meet their former coach a few years ago, seemed like a class act, very similar to Coach May so I am sure the foundation was set over the years and the new coach has established his own identity but still lean on learnings from the past. I hope over the next few days there can be a civil and smart football discussion surrounding this game. Mostly excited I get to witness my first game on Elm Street Friday night and on the new turf. I do believe it is no coincidence Brownstown got two home games during sectional to show off the turf, karma is good, glad the school board, administration and community were so supportive of an updated stadium and field. As a Brownstown grad and former coach, I remember years lamenting our facilities but that is no more. Looking forward to a great game Friday night, I can only wish that both teams play their very best, both stay injury free, but that my Braves ultimately win! Good luck and safe travels to Batesville!
  5. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Providence at Perry Central Mitchell at Paoli Eastern Greene at West Washington Edgewood at Silver Creek Brownstown at Salem
  6. oldlcoach

    Sectional 31

    I think @npatman and @btownqbcoach along with all the other Brave and Lions fans can agree with me, there are 3 things guaranteed in life.... 1. Death 2. Taxes 3. Rain during the Brownstown/Salem game It never fails to rain during this matchup, whether regular season or postseason. Right now 90% chance for Friday in Salem.
  7. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Perry Central at Eastern Pekin MItchell at Clarksville Paoli at Crawford County West Washington at Springs Valley Silver Creek at Scottsburg North Harrison at Lawrenceburg Corydon at Brownstown Charlestown at Salem
  8. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Clarksville at North Harrison Eastern Pekin at Charlestown Salem at West Washington Scottsburg at Brownstown Silver Creek at Corydon Indianapolis Washington at Paoli Jasonville Community at Crawford County North Daviess at Springs Valley Perry Central at Mitchell
  9. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Brownstown at Silver Creek Charlestown at Salem Corydon at Clarksville Eastern Pekin at Scottsburg North Harrison at Crawford County Mitchell at Paoli Rock Creek at West Washington Springs Valley at Perry Central
  10. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Clarksville at Brownstown Corydon at Charlestown North Harrison at Silver Creek Salem at Eastern Pekin Scottsburg at Mount Vernon Crawford County at Paoli Perry Central at West Washington Providence at Mitchell Springs Valley at Tecumseh
  11. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Mitchell at Madison North Decatur at Paoli Springs Valley at Crawford County Tecumseh at West Washington Perry Central at Eastern Greene Charlestown at Scottsburg Eastern Pekin at North Harrison Salem at Corydon Seymour at Brownstown (by a million!) Silver Creek at Clarksville
  12. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    "I think it will be Brownstown's toughest regular season game by far." NPatman spewing knowledge this morning! Should be a great game and a great atmosphere. Too bad there is also a Kid Rock concert that night.
  13. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Brownstown at North Harrison Charlestown at Providence Clarksville at Salem Corydon at Eastern Pekin Scottsburg at Silver Creek Crawford Co. at Mitchell Paoli at West Washington Tecumseh at Perry Central Tell City at Springs Valley West Washington V Paoli
  14. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    I also think it may be a self fulfilling prophecy. The OL DL coach is turning into an Old Coach each and every day...
  15. oldlcoach

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    I am not here to debate stats or whether max preps is right or wrong. However, I want to point out why Coach May and the whole BC staff is so dominant year in and year out. It all starts with Defense and preparation. Sometimes Brownstown knows the other teams offense better than the team itself. My case in point however is Marion Lukes from Charlestown. I have not seen him play nor have I seen the Braves play this year, but currently (according to Maxpreps) Lukes has 797 yards on 59 carries for an average of 13.5 ypc. Great stats, no matter who you are playing. My stats were very similar in 8th grade (HA!). However, Lukes only had 94 yards on 20 carries against Brownstown for a 4.5 average. I also wonder what those stats would look like if you took out a long run or two, if Brownstown even gave those up. 94 yards against Brownstown shows that Lukes is a pretty talented kid however you can see the disparity between Coach May and other coaches in the area. Between game planning, preparation, repitition, and complete team buy-in, everyone will always be chasing Coach May. It also doesn't hurt Coach May has a great D coordinator in Shane Fallis and a staff that is completely bought in to the game plan, teaching players, and making each player from 1 to 70 better than they were the day before. While I might be somewhat bias, the stats speak for themselves. Brownstown has a tough couple weeks coming up but I am sure they will be well prepared. I also wish Lukes and Charlestown a great rest of the season and I am sure Coach Hawkins wouldn't mind a rematch with the Braves in late October, November. Just my two cents for the day, hope no one's field floats away the next couple days.