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  1. Swordfish

    NLC - 2018

    Good job NR - SF never had this kind of record back in the days of my picking teams on Friday. Just a stats FYI - Sagarin has NW ranked WAY high at last look. NW - 50 @ 73.13 NR - 101 @ 60.63 Ply - 102 @ 60.54 Warsaw - 104 @ 60.09 Concord - 122 @ 56.01 😵
  2. Swordfish

    NLC - 2018

    Sorry Coach - SF couldn't resist........Had to do it......
  3. Swordfish

    NLC - 2018

    Good luck with the GB tickets NR....... GOTW - NR vs Warsaw. Will tell the tale Friday.....
  4. Swordfish

    What is a "Dude?"

    Dudes: AND - The best:
  5. Swordfish

    NLC - 2018

    Plymouth @ Northridge = Game of the week. (IMHO) Are the Raiders the real deal this year? Are the Rockies like the Rockies of old? Could this be the battle of the NLC this season? How is the NR band this year? Why can't the Rockies bring some of their fine concessions up to NR? 😵
  6. Swordfish

    Thinking about TA

    Aww......Great to hear the stories and the adoration of Tim. SF Never spent a day with the man, but the short time I interacted with him early in the GID days before his passing I knew he was a great guy and Indiana HS football was his passion.......I still always treasure his statement I memorialize in my signature.......
  7. Swordfish

    GID Now Secure

    Good Job Admins......Thanks
  8. Swordfish

    NLC - 2018

    Maybe the Professional coaches shouldn't get so hurt by the ramblings of us Amateur hacks on an opinion blog........#whoistheprofessional.... Welcome to the GID.......Member since 2005.....
  9. Swordfish

    NLC - 2018

    SF is always around, swimming in the depths........ Fondly remembering the days of The Don, Kingsmen Fan, Bobref, and the Cira boys, the Yoders, Gibson, Dawson, Dotson...........At one time SF had contacts from every NLC team and we would text back and forth every Friday night to keep tabs on the teams and the latest scuttlebutt.......
  10. Swordfish

    NLC - 2018

    Considering the history of football at NR - this title wasn't that difficult to accomplish.......BUT.......Agreed - He is the best thing for NR football in decades..........
  11. Swordfish

    NLC 2017

    SF was remembering the same set of circumstances from back then before the game, but didn't want to post anything and jinx the team. My initial thought after the game was "is the NLC talent just that poor this year, or is CMA just that tough"? Truth be told the CMA football team is a stout team and early mistakes, followed by the Raiders inability to unbury themselves proved to be their demise. BUT - great regular season, and hopefully the NR team will continue their growth into an NLC powerhouse.
  12. Swordfish

    NLC 2017

    In football......NR has dominated in a few sports and been very competitive in many for a long time. Even winning the all-sports title a few times. Will be easier to get that title with the football program contributing like it is now.
  13. Swordfish

    NLC 2017

    Well congrats to the Raiders!! Does ole SF's heart good to see them bringing the game they have had in them out. There is a very good chance they will claim the NLC football title outright this Friday night and remain undefeated. Awesome season gang. SF is headed back to the depths......
  14. Swordfish

    NLC 2017

    Very interesting game in Dunlap coming on Friday. GOTY for the NLC. It can be said that either team could finish the regular season undefeated by winning this game. Sagarin has Concord pulling off a close one by one TD. SF doesn't want to predict anything since I haven't seen Concord play this season but I hear from multiple sources their size on both of the lines is impressive compared to Northridge, and I know they always seem to be strong clutch players. NR is certainly solid and while not error-free, seem to be disciplined and not prone to losing their cool in adverse situations. Sooooo - We will see........ Best year so far in the HISTORY of NR football, so it is exciting to say the least to see the boys doing so well. Go get em Raiders!! Best of luck to both teams for a great game - Play hard and stay safe.
  15. Swordfish

    NLC 2017

    It's refreshing for SF to finally (after all these years on the GID since 2005 and the Kirkton years) be able to say with conviction that the NLC game of the season will be coming down to NR and Concord meeting in 2 weeks. Well deserved recognition to the Raiders.