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  1. I don’t think officials intentionally go out to screw the visiting teams but I do think the crowd and emotions can have an effect one way or the other. I have umpired/refereed games but never at the high school level. Some of these calls aren’t as easy as people think either. These are good athletes and you have a split second to make a decision one way or the other. No instant replay either. Some just aren’t very good officials but I don’t think many wake up Friday morning looking forward to screwing a group of teenagers....
  2. I’m interested to hear what they got thrown out for but when two coaches get tossed it’s a bad look for the program. Listening to the BNL broadcast and it sounds like the officials have let this one get out of control.
  3. I’m curious to see how Floyd responds this week. I thought they mailed it in last week in the 2nd Quarter and still aren’t sure what they want to be on Offense. I’ll take BNL at home. Jeff didn’t look that impressive when I saw the either so I’ll take NA by two touchdowns. Haven’t seen Jennings or Seymour so I’m curious if Jennings can compete.
  4. Not sure why the !!!! I said they should be competitive. Glesing had a history of losing talented players along with other issues. Thanks for the history lesson though.
  5. I see Floyd’s schedule like this. 50/50 games they need to win or go at least 3-1 to have a good season are Jeff, BNL, NA, and Seymour. Should rarely if ever lose to Madison and JC. Should be at least competitive with CE. I haven’t seen Seymour since they changed coaches but I thought he was going to do really well if he stuck around. At this time I think very few Fc fans see Seymour as an automatic W.
  6. Not sure where the optimism comes from there. Was the boys coach prior to this.
  7. NA-BNL was a great game. NA had two chances to kick a short field goal and chose not to. Their kicker missed one extra point but I can’t figure out why you don’t attempt the short field goal with 4th and 5 up 6 points in the fourth.
  8. The addition of the strength coach along with a few other things should help Floyd a great deal in the future. It will be interesting to see if they can close the gap.
  9. Yes, I’m serious. The game was tied at halftime and near the end of the game Providence had the ball inside the FC 20 with a chance to take the lead. I didn’t see the final penalty numbers but Floyd had several. With Providence being a 2a school with players clearly getting fatigued I would call that an ugly win. I’m still glad we got the win.... With a new coach and a lot of new players they will get better.
  10. Ugly win by Floyd and a gutty performance from Providence. Those kids compete and with several going both ways. That’s what made a huge difference late.
  11. We will find out a lot about Floyd, Jeff, Providence, and NA tonight.... Curious to see how it goes
  12. I’m going to pick the upset with Providence. Very good running Offense and they can shorten the game. Floyd gets their yearly beat down against Male and Jeff takes it on the chin in Kentucky.
  13. Colonel85

    2018 MSC-PLAC

    Just curious, I heard the Charlestown coach usually holds back a little with his running backs? I know the Luke’s kid is really good. I didn’t get to go to the scrimmage. Was curious what an unbiased Charlestown fan thought of Fc?
  14. Floyd scrimmages Charlestown. Heard Jeff may have gotten a RB transfer from Columbus North.