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  1. Terre Haute North had 3 football players on the 4x100 meter relay team that ran at state finals. Senior WR Howard, sophomore RB Wyrick and freshman QB Russell.
  2. QBCoach2

    5A - 2017

    So who is the 2018 5A favorite to win the south next year? Columbus East? Cathedral? Bloomington South? Castle? Roncalli? Decatur Central?
  3. The THN freshman team was in the game at this point. Cut them a break. Great game by the O's and congrats. Good luck next weekend.
  4. I think East will be the best team that THN has faced all year. I
  5. Is East that deep or you think THN is that bad?
  6. QBCoach2

    Conference Indiana 2017

    TH South returns quite a bit on offense with a young, speedy QB, speedy outside receivers and a couple of TE's that both stand around 6'5" tall. RB's will be fairly solid. Big question is how good will they be on defense. Several talented underclassmen (sophomores and juniors) at key positions on this team. They could be a contender in 2018. TH North has nine defensive starters back and a new QB. This team lacks depth at all positions. Lack of numbers and overall experience could limit them to a couple of wins over the next couple of seasons.
  7. What do you foresee happening?
  8. QBCoach2

    5a Sectionals

    I really didn't answer your question! Cathedral is the team to beat and Chatard will move up from 4A to 5A to replace them. I think that Chatard will be competitive in 5A but maybe not dominant like Cathedral can be.
  9. QBCoach2

    5a Sectionals

    Simply saying that Cathedral will be the first 5A program to move up. Chatard will move up to 5A eventually. I would venture to say that an argument could be made for the Irish to actually be placed in 6A. They compete and win on an annual basis with Warren Central, Ben Davis and Carmel. Snider is also a great program. I just think that Cathedral will move up to 6A before Snider. I believe that the Panthers will be the second program to move up after the Irish are out of 5A. My unbiased opinion is that Cathedral is the team to beat in 5A.
  10. QBCoach2

    5a Sectionals

    Cathedral will be the bully in 5A. They'll eventfully move up to 6A and Chatard will take their place 5A. Just my prediction.
  11. QBCoach2

    5a Sectionals

    Terre Haute North may be a challenge to Cathedral. Could be close for a half.
  12. QBCoach2

    MIC winner this year

    Place 7 out of the 8 MIC schools in a hat and draw one out. It could go any which way. Talk about a powerful and competitive conference! As a TH guy I'm gonna miss playing against the best teams in the state week in and week out. Even though our schools were overmatched week in and week out the exposure of playing in the conference allowed many of the kids to pick up D1 offers. It also set the bar for the kids in the TH community to want to get better. It's sure gonna be different this fall!!
  13. Baseball, basketball and soccer seasons continue to get longer. Football is actually the only sport with a true offseason.
  14. I remember Wilkey playing youth football in Terre Haute. The entire class was loaded. He was one of the smallest in the league but if he got into the open field you could just forget about it. Had a good attitude and work ethic too. Glad he's doing well with the Rox.
  15. Ricky Brookins- THN Kai Stratten- THN Christopher Barrett- THN Mike Watt- THS Junior Berry- THS Trey Grim- THN