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  1. GS Titan 78

    Brownstown @ Memorial

    Likewise I don’t know anything about BC but I can tell you this Memorial can score quick fast and in a hurry. I just don’t see them having a problem Friday. I am not discrediting BC ability but they will have to stop Memorial multiple times and score on offense at a very high percentage. It’s a tall task. Memorial is on an altogether different level they are very impressive.
  2. GS Titan 78

    Sectional 32 Championship

    Good luck to Memorial. Very proud of our Titans.
  3. GS Titan 78

    Sectional 32

    Let’s all agree no matter what’s happens tomorrow evening we will be respectful to each other. I was appalled by some of the comments against VL after a 52-6 victory. Listen we all love our team as we should and support them to the end. I am far from perfect and need to practice the scripture below daily. Good luck to both teams tomorrow evening. http://bible.com/100/eph.4.29-32.nasb
  4. GS Titan 78

    Sectional 32 Championship

    Yes they do. Very good. They have won the best Stromboli two years in a row. Makes Sandy’s very unworthy. Smack your momma right in the mouth good lol
  5. GS Titan 78

    Sectional 32 Championship

    Twisted Tomato has the best Stromboli in Evansville. I go there often with customers. The wicked is smokin
  6. I just want to see no turnovers from either team. A slug fest down to a last possession game winning drive preferably by GS. No excuses or what if bull crap and lastly no injuries for next week. Good luck to each team. It don't get much better than this.
  7. GS Titan 78

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    I'm drinking the Memorial koolaid against VL but I've read 5-6 TD margin not sure I agree but Memorial should win. I was not at the the first HH GS game. I can say with 100% certainty if any team and I mean any team has 4 turnovers and two snaps over the punters head your in for a long night. I am not discrediting HH, their record speaks for itself and they created the turnovers by their toughness. I'm confident if GS plays like they did against SR the outcome will be different. As stated 4 great teams left but only 2 can move to the championship game. Good luck to everyone with no injuries in what appears could be another rain soaked evening.
  8. GS Titan 78

    Sectional 32

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. This discussion is for after Friday night. Nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes.
  9. GS Titan 78

    Sectional 32

    Yes it is crazy. Hopefully no one gets hurt because of poor field conditions. The current forecast is for rain Friday.
  10. GS Titan 78

    PAC week 9

    Quick Stats GS according to Maxpreps Receiving Yards Per Game 191.4 Rushing Yards Per Game 241.9 Total TDs 49 Tackles Per Game 65.1 Sacks 12.0 Interceptions 10 Quick Stats SR Receiving Yards Per Game 80.0 Rushing Yards Per Game 282.6 Total TDs 44 Tackles Per Game 66.6 Sacks 6.5 Interceptions 8
  11. GS Titan 78

    PAC week 9

    Hows SR defense? GS defense is pretty stout.
  12. GS Titan 78

    Sectional 32

    1 Past 10 years 4A State Champs. This was my thought process not just the sectional. Reitz also won it in 2007-2008. Hopefully this year someone from the South can win it again. 2008-2009 Indianapolis Cathedral 2009-2010 Evansville Reitz 2010-2011 Indianapolis Cathedral 2011-2012 Indianapolis Cathedral 2012-2013 Indianapolis Cathedral 2013-2014 Columbus East 2014-2015 New Palestine 2015-2016 Fort Wayne Bishop Dwenger 2016-2017 Roncalli 2017-2018 East Central
  13. GS Titan 78

    Sectional 32

    Well I apologize from my lack of knowledge of 4A. Its obvious I was wrong. Where has the 4A State Champs came from the last several years???
  14. GS Titan 78

    Sectional 32

    4A is much bigger than just Reitz and Central. I'm sure if Memorial moves up they will fair well but to just mention two Evansville teams is a bit arrogant. But what I've observed from your comments everywhere it fits.
  15. GS Titan 78

    PAC week 9

    Pike Central at NP: PC 7 - NP 28 South Spencer at HH: SS - 7 HH 48 Southridge vs Gibson: SR 24 - GS 31 IF GS turns the ball over like against HH it's a long night for GS. I'm hoping that's behind us. Tell City VS FP: TC 21 - FP 14