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  1. MasonHAsher

    Greene County Invitational

    To answer that question, and you know better than me, does anyone really care if they win the tournament? I mean, it's going to be Linton vs. Bloomfield in the championship and LS should blow them away.
  2. MasonHAsher

    WRC Week Two

    Marshall has a little height and their starters will go something close to 5'11, 6'1, 6'3, 6'5, 6'7 (It will be very similar to this). Their big man is pretty solid and they have a few good guards. They are a good team.
  3. MasonHAsher

    Barr-Reeve at Linton Friday

    I agree, but I also think that BR has been a bit in flux so far this year.
  4. MasonHAsher

    Barr-Reeve at Linton Friday

    I think Linton is favored slightly. On my HS pick'em contest I put them as -.5.
  5. MasonHAsher

    WRC Week Two

    I agree with everything else...although I think Marshall will take down SV. I think PH is going to be solid, but even as a NP alum, they are not good at all.
  6. MasonHAsher

    WRC Week Two

    NP will not beat Parke Heritage.
  7. MasonHAsher

    MasonHAsher's Week 2 Poll

    Bosse runs a style of play that a lot of people can't contend with. Powell, Sanford, McNeal is a trio a lot of teams don't have. You can't really put any stock into a loss to a very good Jeff team. Same with Marion...they get beat by a very good Lawrence North team and a very good Homestead team - I can't justify dropping them down because no one has a better resume. It was tough for me to even put Silver Creek in front of Brebeuf. SC has four wins over teams combined 3-10...two very bad 2A teams, a historically bad 4A team, and a 3A team that is not going to be good this year.
  8. Here is my new Week 2 poll.
  9. MasonHAsher

    MasonHAsher's Week 1 Poll

    They do not. Their heralded transfer is ineligible this year, so he hasn't played. Barr-Reeve and LCC are two easily more talented teams. It's always tough to place Howe because they always are a top team but always play such a tough schedule. Sets them up well for the tournament though.
  10. MasonHAsher

    MasonHAsher's Week 1 Poll

    I don't think so. They lost another one tonight. They will stay off my poll until they can beat some teams in a row. They were 0-2, now 0-3. 1A isn't *that* bad. Preseason I had them at 8, they lost - dropped to 12. Will most likely drop completely off now. I have them at 12.
  11. MasonHAsher

    Indiana HS Pick'Em Contest

    Duh, you're right. Not sure what I what thinking (not a math major) - prizes are 158.40 and 52.80 apiece. Originally did 60% of 132.
  12. MasonHAsher

    MasonHAsher's Week 1 Poll

    Greensburg is insanely talented and plays a tougher schedule than HH, according to John Harrell. A huge win over a bad team does not justify a team being good. I know HH is talented but I don't think of them as a top ten team right now. Greensburg could run the table this year. Bosse has always been a team that runs and now with a viable rim protector could be really good this year. I did drop them a bit due to their results. 1A is so bad this year. Bloomfield is a top 10 team. Turner Royal, their exchange student coupled with a few tall guards really set the stage for them this year. 1A is just so bad.
  13. MasonHAsher

    Indiana HS Pick'Em Contest

    well, it's $2 for the entire year - and there are 132 people entered in it. $2 to win $80 isn't much of a rip off.
  14. MasonHAsher

    Mr. Basketball

    Trayce Jackson-Davis (Center Grove) is clear favorite since Keion Brooks transferred to La Lumiere. Brandon Newman (Valpo), Armaan Franklin (Cathedral), Isaiah Thompson (Zionsville), and Cobie Barnes (Floyd Central) are probably the people behind him, but it's Trayce's award this year.
  15. MasonHAsher


    You are generally correct. I have no dog in the fight but it is a little suspicious that it was at Lapel and Lapel people were even saying that it was awful officiating.