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  1. Patriot74

    PAC week 9

    Come on now.......Allen has 84 more attempts than Montgomery. Hypothetically giving Montgomery the same amount of attempts they are practically the same QB. The difference is Montgomery can beat you with his legs.
  2. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    Southridge wins 2A sectional and regional, and after that who knows what could happen. The 3A and 4A sectionals both go through Evansville. Those two will be very hard for for either conference to steal from the city limits I am afraid. Is it possible?? Absolutely, but it will take one heck of an effort!!
  3. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    I believe that the championship has gone through teams like Columbus East and New Pal. Both of which have been bumped to 5A due to success factor. I think......
  4. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    Not trying to be argumentative, but I guess that is what this forum is based off of: Sectional 24 championship results 2008 Jasper 2009 Reitz 2010 Reitz 2011 Central 2012 Reitz 2013 Jasper 2014 Reitz 2015 Harrison 2016 Reitz 2017 Central I think it's pretty safe to say that this sectional is pretty much an Evansville affair........and throw Memorial into it next year it becomes an even bigger Evansville love fest!! Just sayin'
  5. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    Okay let's take this real slow.....your statement about Booneville and HH is ridiculous. Has Booneville played a ranked team all year? Maybe that would explain their dismal sagarin rating. Your reference to SR and them being "lost".....imagine a group of high school kids practicing all summer longer, expecting their all state, Mr. Everything player, to replicate the season he had the year previous and suddenly in week two he is out. It doesn't take Vince Lombardi to realize this would affect any team, especially high schoolers. Fact is those two teams played again this year, SR wins by three scores. VL as good or better than GS.......someone has been in the punch a little to strong.....FAKE NEWS!!! That's fine if you would take the Big 8's top three over the PAC this year, Vegas makes a living off guys like you!! And lastly.......at least we have glory days to relive......all you Big 8 folks have is a Lincoln Football video, ahhh bask in that glory!!
  6. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    You say that kind of matter of factly but if your look at Sagarin ( I know I know I hate the system but...) Ev. Central 78.14 Northview 73.15 Reitz 65.52 Booneville 56.80 Jasper 56.22 It would appear it's a 2 or three horse race.
  7. Patriot74

    Sectional 24

    I asked this question on the wrong post, but there was some talk about Big 8 teams. Honestly, does Booneville have a chance at they sectional crown?? They have not received much love this year polls either AP and IFCA. Just curious what the vibe is on them in this very competitive sectional???
  8. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    This is a random thought/comment being this is a sectional 32 post, but: Does Booneville have a chance in that sectional this year??
  9. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    Memorial is going to be 4A next year due to success factor. Southridge is going to be 3A next year due to success factor. I just pray the IHSAA doesn't send one of sectional 32's teams to the east, 31 I believe.
  10. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    Three ranked PAC teams. A possibly top ten ranked VL, not to mention an improved Mt. Vernon team. That would be a war!!
  11. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    Sorry folks but any way you dissect it the PAC obviously has the BEST top three teams!! Heck the "predict a score" tool from this very forum backs me up: HH vs Booneville HH by 11.5 (and I would say more) GS vs Jasper GS by 5 (and I think that is being a little cautious) SR vs VL SR by 5 (and I would bet the farm that The Ridge would cover that spread by minimum 14 pts) Case closed. Try again next season Big 8 pretenders!!
  12. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    When you are speaking of closing gaps to another conference, or comparing how schools might be getting more comparable you do in fact rely on history. So I do not agree with your statement of irrelevance. The Big 8 has had zero tournament success in recent history as a conference and I could care less if they don't have any 2A schools. According to Sagarin, and I hate that poll, Jasper is the #2 team in the conference just a few tenths behind Booneville. Which means HH beat the #2 and #4 PERIOD!! This version of GS would throttle VL!! I would pay good money to watch a re-match of Jasper and SR and bet the farm on SR.......and if you read anything I posted earlier I SAID the bottom tier of the BIG 8 is by far better than the PAC's bottom tier!!
  13. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    I know that HH played Jasper on Saturday, that was the worst of the two days impacted by the remnants of Hurricane Florence. I never said PAC teams affected, I said HH and Jasper were DEFINITELY affected. If you are trying to compare HH, GS and SR to (and I am only assuming here) Booneville, VL and either Mt. Vernon or Jasper, you would be the one who is mistaken sir. HH has already beaten two of these teams this year. AND I did give some credit to your conference, I said the Big 8 top to BOTTOM was better, especially in the bottom tier. So in conclusion the Big 8 has not caught up to anything yet but simply started to close the gap. Case in point 2013 PAC has a sectional champion, 2014 PAC has a semi state team, 2015 PAC has a semi state team, 2017 PAC has a state champion. That sir is the gap the Big 8 has yet to come close to closing.
  14. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    HH destroyed Mt. Vernon 45-7 and beat Jasper in a hurricane 14-12. So the logic that Jasper played HH close was probably due more to the weather than anything else. Now on to what you are trying to sell about this Big 8 vs PAC bash: So far this year I believe that there has been 6 match-ups between the PAC and the Big 8. The overall record is 3-3. I know that sounds positive to you Big 8 fans but here is the catch, GS and HH are 3-0 vs the Big 8 out scoring their opponents collectively 100-19. Two of the three losses the PAC suffered were from NP and SS. The other loss was the SR-Jasper game, and while the score looked lopsided, I think any real football person will tell you that SR was caught in a conundrum....they lost Shank and played like a team without a it's leader that night. We all know that the PAC is top heavy, probably three teams heavy. You pit the top three PAC vs the top three Big 8, the PAC goes 3-0. After that I think the advantage swings to the Big 8 in the lower tiered teams, and swings dramatically in their favor. So I guess as a conference this year the Big 8 might be better, but when it comes to the elite of each conference there is no question where the cream has risen!!!
  15. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    There wasn't a soul in the PAC that wished ill will for Shank this year. I was sick when I heard he was injured. With that said....2A better watch out again this year!! But back to Gibson always getting the best draw ever in the sectional.................HA