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  1. I think they got beat in the Regional.
  2. I prefer Monet. He appreciated to simple country life. He had no love of the big city or all it's hype........just like me.
  3. It must be a southern Indiana thing, you wouldn't understand.................
  4. Who do you think is pretending??? I am quite certain if you polled the contingent of fans, coaches, and players from this area more than 80% would say they feel disrespected by northern media, fans and most people who talk football. It is what it is, perception is reality. Maybe your confidence is misunderstood.......that being said I 'll still take Memorial 7 days of the week and twice on Sunday!!
  5. Such a typical statement from some one who obviously believes great football players and teams do not exist south of Bloomington. That the only REAL football and players that play are either from Ft. Wayne or Indy. Every year that's all we down south hear, how great football is up north. Unfortunately it is evident with post season honors and accolades because rarely do many of the athletes down south get the honors they rightfully deserve. I will say this simply. In the 5 classes that are represented in south western Indiana there are three teams still alive. On these three teams there are some straight up ballers, who can flat play the game! I would stack these kids up against any team, any player, any body in the state. But because these kids are not from northern or central Indiana they are not spoken of much, they are not mentioned much, they are not respected much. SO obviously there is no way they are that good. There is no way they can be one of the best in the state. So please continue to insult all of us down here with you rhetoric about how our teams here don't play the same schedule, and that the Indy schools are too good for us because of WHO they play!! Please continue telling all of us down here that there are SO many kids in Indy and Ft Wayne that are so much better than the athletes down here are. But remember this; each year we will continue to send a team or two to Indy to compete for a state championship. Each year we will take our untested and unappreciated athletes into LOS. Each year we will continue to win and bring trophies and plaques home to southern Indiana, where football really isn't that competitive. Memorial 38 Chatard 21
  6. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    I just hope that we are lucky enough to get to share the same field with the Tigers. That would mean we survived the Jewel and Titans!!!
  7. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    Man.........I normally think most everything you put on here is spot on, but today I am not drinking the same punch. I remember a lot of things Coach Clayton told us, and usually the "everyone is 0-0" comment was said to a team that had underachieved, or needed extra motivation and he was trying to let everyone know it was a new season. So by saying that the only thing that has changed is the coaching, are you assuming they (the coaches) aspire to be less successful in the tournament?? That they think a conference is more important?? I dare think not. I remember the days when HH was still striving for their first sectional, and it was a grind because of schools named Memorial and Mater Dei. So when HH finally got over the hump I think it changed the mindset of what was achievable, tournament success was now something we should expect, not chase. But the fact that you are saying conference success is nothing important is lunacy. You must take into consideration that 15 years ago the conference didn't truly have a team that could compete year in and year out with HH. Nowadays that is not the case. Gibson Southern and Southridge have proven that they are in the conversation every year, and if you are fortunate to stay healthy and win this conference you have done so by beating two very quality teams. Couple that with the fact that this sectional is loaded with talent and coaching......simply put, by saying a sectional title is all that matters is ridiculous. There will be three very good teams lose in this sectional. In most years these teams could possibly be the champions. I do agree with looking forward, surviving and advancing, but to act as if a conference championship and undefeated season is not commendable.....well we will agree to disagree.
  8. Patriot74

    Sectional 32

    I am completely baffled by your statements. "Not as good as their margin......" So you are saying that they played their schedule, the did quite well with the season, and after 10 games you still aren't convinced they are legit??? "PAC champs are for birds" By all means let's take for granted just how hard it is to win a conference out right when you have teams like GS and SR in your conference, coupled with playing them in back to back weeks! AND then to say if they don't win a sectional it's meaningless, when in fact this sectional is absolutely a meat grinder. It's not very often that I turn on my brethren but these statements by you might be the lamest, and most disappointing I have ever read from someone who claims to be a Patriot fan. How about this: HH is for real. The have some legit talent on this year's roster, and for ten straight weeks those kids have brought IT every night!! They are conference champs AND THAT MEANS SOMETHING. HH is in one of the toughest sectionals in the state in any class, and if they are fortunate enough to win it, then they have seriously balled out the last two weeks of the tournament. But if for some reason fate should not be with them, THEN CONGRATS FOR ONE HECK OF A YEAR!!! GO PATRIOTS
  9. Patriot74

    Sectional 40 - Round 2 Poll

    Maybe War Daddy should call Titan20 his big brother since he is coming to the rescue for all these teams in Sectional 40!!
  10. Patriot74

    Sectional 40 - Round 2 Poll

    Again like I said yesterday......maybe I should have said it's down compared to previous years.
  11. Patriot74

    Sectional 40 - Round 2 Poll

    Truth hurts I guess. There are a lot of teams way down in this sectional. Pretty interesting that I don't mind saying it. You could be the head coach of a program and admit that your team is down, and state that teams in your conference are down. Who cares. The reality is, can you fix it?? AND there are some teams that need fixing in a real bad way. Outside of the top 3 in the PAC this year, the entire conference was weak. Unfortunately, in this sectional, several of those bottom feeding teams from the PAC are in this bracket, along with some teams that historically have been good, but this year have fallen on hard times. So like I continue to say, this sectional is not strong, and it's SR's to lose. But thanks 20, I do enjoy my job. And I don't mind speaking the truth. If it hurts, man up an fix it!!
  12. Patriot74

    Sectional 40 - Round 2 Poll

    It wasn't a couple of years ago, it was last year. We couldn't compete with Memorial or GS. Curious how this is acting all big brother. I am simply making a statement that I believe is very valid, SR is the best team in this not real strong bracket. Enough said.
  13. Patriot74

    Sectional 32 - Round 2 Poll

    Are we talking about basketball??? I mean you guys have already moved on to your winter sport correct?? Now go away with your hypothetical " we would destroy......" and good luck in hoops!!!
  14. Patriot74

    Sectional 40 - Round 2 Poll

    Wow someone is grouchy. Never mentioned my team until someone else did. I didn't know there were rules about staying within your class, or your own sectional. I pay no attention to SOS because you can't control your conference games. With all that being said.....I am a football fan. I watch film. I study the game. I attend games. I even attend games that my team doesn't play in if I am intrigued by the match up. If I offended you by my classification of this sectional, I apologize. Maybe I should have said this sectional is really down this year as compared to years previous, and also to other local sectionals. Whatever. But it is no where near what it has been in the past. But to insult me by saying I have no class, well that is a bit far. And to your question about ranked 4A teams and my team playing them, the answer would be zero. But I do have a question for you. Are you trying to tell me that because Mater Dei played two 4A ranked teams, losing 42-7 and 35-7, that makes them good or respectable???
  15. Patriot74

    Sectional 40 - Round 2 Poll

    Yes Mater Dei historically was great!! Not this year though. Linton Stockton a few years ago was impressive, this year very young. In the past I would have NEVER said that about this sectional. But this year it is not a strong sectional. All I will say is after week 12, when in fact you see that SR rolled through this sectional never really tested, you will finally agree with me!! If the Patriots get beat, they get beat. It very well could happen. GS is a very good ball club, playing at home, with some motivation on their side. Who knows. But why would I want an excuse for a team, that if in fact if they do lose, would be 10-1 and conference champs!! Don't need any excuses. Now if you Raiders lose.......wow in a sectional this bad.........EXCUSES EVERYWHERE. But that ain't gonna happen. Raiders all the way to semi state. Then they get tested!