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  1. Now wait a second!!!!!! Ron Rhodes, on the news this very morning, said to expect rain, and wind and lightening and the end of time Friday evening around game time!!!!! Are you telling me that the Funky Fruit man is wrong????? It can't be
  2. New Pal and Columbus East were moved up due to success weren't they??? and they are both pretty dang good
  3. Since we are talking about next year's Sectionals already because Memorial has this year's tournament wrapped up...........Who takes Memorial's place in the Sectional? AND will all roads to the Sectional crown go through Gibson County??
  4. I think then we can agree to disagree about the sincerity of your first statement, and please don't call me buddy. GS is the favorite because they are at home, because they are the reigning conference champion, because HH wasn't even mentioned in a poll for the first three weeks, and just barely made the top 10 in IFCA, AND LASTLY because the Evansville Courier's Power Rankings has GS ahead of HH. By saying most on here feel HH will win you are only referring to those fans from Evansville that are trying very hard to get under your skin, and doing a very good job of doing it I might add!! Practically every HH fan on here has said it will be a very difficult game and takes nothing away from your team. Curious what you mean by "our factors"?? Are you referring to fumbles, interceptions, sacks things lack that??? Or are you referring to something else???
  5. AP polls mean nothing according to almost every person on the Grid. So don't try and pull the whole "GS is the dog" shenanigans. You and I both know that is tongue in cheek and back handed......GS is the clear favorite and you know it. AND quit trying to act like there might be some losses because of a frosh and a small senior class. You then take away the fact that other teams might actually be good.....example that highly rated 6A KY school! Because Memorial is THAT good. AND when they walk their way to the semi-state like everyone in southern Indiana has already proclaimed the success factor will move them to 4A next year. That will be a really good 4A sectional by the way....Reitz, Memorial, Central, Booneville, Jasper and everyone else.
  6. Ahh thank you. That would make sense.
  7. I think you might be hitting the juice a little early this morning. GS is very good. HH is a good team. These two teams play in the same conference. These two teams have developed a little bit of a rivalry. This game hopefully will live up to the billing of a good fight! A close game into the 4th, with a big play winning it for one or the other. Definitely not a wide margin IMO.
  8. If they were so good, and have been so good why did GS drop them from their schedule. Yes I said years, that is plural for year which by definition is more than one!! So I will stand by my statement. My original statement was directed at people (mainly GS faithful) suddenly referring to HC as a "good ranked 6A KY school". Which then leads me to my next question.....if they are so good why drop them???
  9. Why do we now refer to HC as a ranked team??? HC has been down for years, and has had a good start to THIS season, but I really wish people would quit acting like HC is a dominating team or something!!!
  10. Ahhhhhhhhh so like the Jasper game, we should be well adjusted!!
  11. Could the weather be an issue for this game??? The news this morning talked of rain Friday night, just a thought.
  12. I will take that one step further. Southridge is playing some pretty good football without Schenk, averaging 57 pts a game since Jasper. I think Jasper woke the Raiders up and exposed some things. Obviously the winner of GS and HH has an advantage, but HH has to go to SR. I believe SR might be sitting in the catbird seat for the conference!!
  13. Patriot74

    PAC Week 6

    HH at GS toss up a coin and call a heads or tails! Just b/c I am a Patriots guy HH 24 GS 21 NP at FP Posey has some speed but is suspect on the defensive end. FP woke up last week. NP 35 FP 28 SR at TC Too much Raider ground and pound in this one. SR 56 TC 7 PC at SS Who knows in this one. If the Rebels show up and tackle maybe, just maybe.... SS 28 PC 14
  14. The game will be decided by officials!! We are playing in Gibson County you know.................(tongue in cheek) I honestly think both coaches and their team will come into this game with quiet confidence but are willing to say that there are a few unknowns about their teams. Someone will win and someone will lose, but I think that this game makes both teams a heck of a lot better come week 7 and for the rest of the season!! Obviously I think the Patriots win, something like 49-7.......(eye roll) Looking forward to a great atmosphere....is it Friday Yet!!