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  1. kingtut

    WRC 2019

    I don't think Dugger will be eligible for IHSAA playoffs for a couple more years.
  2. kingtut

    DOE Enrollments

    Winamac has been bumped down the last two cycles by the success factor. First by Linton and now by Pioneer. Monrovia is bumped down this time by Southridge.
  3. As usual, Greene County Coach gave a very good, and in my opinion, accurate analysis of what to expect in this game.
  4. That score would be a huge moral victory for NV. I hope you are right but...
  5. I remember it but I wasn't there for some reason. I was working a lot of OT at NWSC Crane at that time. I Missed some Friday night games.
  6. TS gave us a very complete rundown on that game in an earlier post. It was 1975. Linton won 14- 12.
  7. That's not the point, Terry. No, 2A is not too tough. It will not be too tough for Linton next year if we are in 2A. It certainly wouldn't have been too tough for the 2016 championship team and might have resulted in a 2A championship. It certainly wouldn't be too tough for Pioneer this year. What I'm saying is because the 2016 team was dominant, they bump up a team that most think couldn't even have won their 1A Sectional. The bump-up served no useful purpose. Probably sometimes it does. But anyway, the Miners will rise again. I really hope we stay in 2A for a while.
  8. Could be true. I thought the original post had been totally forgotten. BTW, I recall some years back Whiting came to Linton for a game and Linton won in what I remember was an upset. Maybe Miner Pride remembers when that was.
  9. Linton and LCC are two entirely different situations. I'm sure LCC has a great following and fans that rival any other. But as any multiple school city you have to share the fan base with the other schools. Linton is a small town of around 6000 people in the city and twp. Not much here to generate pride. No industry to speak of. The football team is important to this town. More so even than consolidated schools that have no central community. Our motto is MINER PRIDE. When the Miners brought home the trophy that evening in 2016 the bus was led into town by fire trucks with sirens blaring, police cars with lights and sirens and anything that would make noise. It was Friday night and citizens lined the streets for blocks on the route to the high school. It was a beautiful sight. Maybe some think that's a bit off the wall as they say but for a town like Linton, The football team is a big deal. They've been at it since 1904. And I've been at it since 1937 or so.
  10. Thanks to all who have contributed to this topic and kept the discussions civil and light-hearted. I appreciate it greatly when real football fans can have an intelligent and informative discussion even with differences of opinion and not degenerate into something ugly. Even though I started it with Linton as the Topic and was just expressing my opinion, however misguided that may be, I have heartily enjoyed the banter. This is the way it should be. Thank you, GID friends.
  11. Record last 72 years. Linton 1 Boonville 0. When I was in high school in 1946, we played them at Boonville and won 20 - 6. Of course I was there. With the marching band. We also opened the season that year at South Bend Riley and I was there with the band. Overnight trip. Lost 20 - 13 to defending state champion. (by the polls-no playoffs) Also lost our All - State back to a broken leg. Rained that night. I remember the field lights bursting and showering down on the people.
  12. What...Linton recruit? We have a few Dugger, Worthington, and White River Valley kids, and even a couple of Eastern Greene kids, but I don't think they were recruited. 🙂 They just wanted to come to Linton to play football.
  13. I agree on all points but bad weather should not keep fans home from a playoff game, particularly against a team like Mater Day. That's unacceptable in my view. A lot of Mater Day fans were there and they had to drive two hours to get there. Strangely, had the game been at Evansville, there would have been more Linton fans at the game. Go figure. When we've been fortunate enough to play at LOS (I think six times, Including the scheduled games) half the town is there.
  14. Looking forward to next season, the new sports building at Williams field is nearing completion with new dressing rooms for teams and officials, new rest rooms and new concession area. It's pretty impressive and centrally located to serve football, softball, baseball and tennis. Sorry, though, no changes to the press box, as far as I know. Turf field? Not in my lifetime.:-)