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  1. No. No family except an uncle that played in the late 1930's. I grew up very close to the football field and was there and around the high school all the time as a kid. I was sort of a mascot hanging around the team all the time when I was very young. On Saturdays we had pickup football games on the field. Often one elementary school playing another. No unis or anything like that. There were several elementary schools and St Peter Catholic school at that time. All consolidated into one elementary school now. We didn't like playing the Catholic school because they had eight grades to our six. See, The catholic school had an advantage even back then 😁
  2. I haven't missed any games at home or away for a few years. Linton has a great travel crowd and I don't want to disappoint anyone by not being there. The Friday Night Lights is the highlight of my week during the football season. I go to all the home basketball games too but not all the away games. It was a long trip to Indy to play Ritter last week but I enjoyed it. I've told it on here before but I'm in my 9th decade of watching the Miners play having watched my first games in the 1930's. If I can make it a couple more years it will be an even 10 decades. I'm debating about riding my golf cart up to the field now to watch practice. Its currently 94 degrees so I probably won't stay long.
  3. They're doing very well. I think the JV has lost one game, I think to Southridge but I'm not sure. They beat Monrovia at Monrovia. They defeated West Vigo 50 something to 0 this week. It was 35 - 0 at the half when I left. The eighth grade team is outstanding. They lost their first game ever through all middle school grades last week to an outstanding Terre Haute North MS. North was very big and had some extremely fast kids. Their coach said he had three of the fastest kids in Vigo County. The Linton eighth grade group lost their first game ever 30 - 16. Last evening they defeated Sullivan. I was told the score was 42 - 6. They have won all the other games easily, including the Terre Haute South Middle school. The varsity has only 5 seniors on the roster with all the skill position players returning next year. So the Miners are alive and well and pretty well stocked for the future. Also, they may be the best 1 - 4 record small school in the south right now. I believe we have a good prospect of finishing the schedule 5 - 4. On a personal note, I'm really looking forward to the Eastern Greene game at home on Oct 5. 🙂 On another personal note, as I and my friends were discussing this very topic this morning at McDonalds, I began counting years and by the time this year's 7th grade players are sophomores I'll be almost 91 years old. My bleacher days may be getting numbered by that time. At least my seat on the top row of the bleachers may be traded for a lower seat. 😊
  4. I wonder whatever happened to "Orange Crush" who used to be very active boosting his North Daviess team when the Cougars were a bit more competitive than they are now. As a matter of fact, where are all the Miner GID posters this year. 😕
  5. I also think the Miners will win out the rest of the season but the long trip to Clarksville Providence for the last game may be a problem. Also if the 1 - 4 Miners were still playing the schedule they had prior to the last two or three years they probably would be 4 - 1 with the only loss to your Arrows. It's tough to lose but I still like playing the better teams.
  6. Linton JV played the Vikings last evening. I left at the half with the young Miners leading 35 - 0.
  7. A long time ago there were 6 man teams in Indiana. I recall that Rockville was very good as a six-man team. Also there was an eight-man conference in the fifties and maybe the sixties. Petersburg and the conference they were in fielded an eight-man team.
  8. Thanks, Dan. Thank you, so much.
  9. Thank you. I am truly honored.
  10. kingtut

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    I've not heard any Miner fans being bitter about North Central dropping them. The comments I've heard is that North Central picked the wrong time to opt out since they have their best chance to be competitive with Linton last year and this year. I'm sure next year would be no contest. But perhaps 80 you've heard from different folks than I have. It's true the Miner fans have been really quiet on the forum. Linton fans have been spoiled. Attendance has been way down at the two home games although I'm sure weather was a factor somewhat although that never made a difference when we were winning.
  11. kingtut

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    Although I don't think NV is quite up to the level of Linton's first three opponents, Linton obviously put some things together for the first time this season. The team is still a work in progress but I think the coaching staff is moving some players around and final getting the right players in the right spots. Having Dyer back from injury at the wing spot was a big boost also. The Miners might be pretty good entering the playoffs.
  12. kingtut

    Wabash River Conference Week 4

    I expect the NV/Linton game to be more competitive than the Miners first three outings although I won't predict an outcome. Linton was improved defensively against Monrovia except for a couple of glaring and costly lapses. The O was missing completely although all three of Monrovia's opponents have struggled against them. I think NV will be a better matchup for the Miners. I hope the weather is not a factor.
  13. Scheduling is really tough for the Linton AD. Being an independent there are not many options. Used to play 3A West Vigo but the dropped us. The nearby WIC teams only have room for two non-conference games. Linton fills one of those with long-time rival Sullivan who is 3A. (there's been discussion about Linton joining the WIC since they have a vacancy. WIC was/is courting Linton.) I have no idea what the status of that is. The WIC is mostly 2A and 3A with at least one 4A (Northview).
  14. At the time Southridge was put on the schedule, we had no idea we were going to be in the same Sectional with them.
  15. Yes, if we played the same schools. But maybe Linton wouldn't have scheduled Southridge if we hadn't moved to 2A.