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  1. Good article explaining Mishawaka's offense, and what BD will have to do to win. https://outsidethehuddle.net/2018/11/14/kevin-merz-bart-ball-and-the-challenge-awaiting-bishop-dwenger/
  2. NRRaider2001

    NLC - 2018

    Since it's now public I want to thank Coach Mike Logan (Northridge's Defensive Coordinator) for his 30+ years of service to the Northridge community/football/baseball programs. I grew up listening to his "voice" from the stands in the late 80's early 90's when my brother was playing and when we first joined the NLC. I had the chance to learn under him myself, and am thankful that my oldest son had the chance to learn from him and his system the last few years. Needless to say, he was here during some really tough years for our football program, but thankfully he got to enjoy success these last several years, including the run to Semi State a couple years ago and an undefeated regular season last year. Bill Beck shared this on his twitter a few minutes ago from the year of our Semi State run: https://www.elkharttruth.com/sports/side-lines-northridge-s-mike-logan-breathes-fire-and-passion/article_da2eb810-551c-5d79-a1fe-26aa11015ae5.html
  3. NRRaider2001

    NLC GBB - 18/19 Edition

    Hard to believe we're well into 2 weeks of girls basketball already, as Concord was the final NLC team playing football this year. Congrats to all the kids named to the All NLC team yesterday, well deserved! Today was another exciting day for Northridge Girls Basketball as Morgan Litwiller has became the first girl from the program to sign with a Division 1 school (Eastern Illinois). '18 grad Brooke McKinley is now playing for Grand Valley State and '17 grad Kelsey Brickner is off to a great start for Bethel this season. 2017/18 Standings: Northridge 7-0 | 21-4 Northwood 5-2 | 16-9 Warsaw 5-2 | 15-9 Wawasee 3-4 | 13-11 Plymouth 3-4 | 11-12 Memorial 2-5 | 14-10 Goshen 2-5 | 12-11 Concord 1-6 | 10-13 Northridge is hosting Sectional 4 this year in 4A and West Noble will host Sectional 21 in 3A. Northwood picked up a big win against Elikhart Central, while Northridge had a big win at Ft. Wayne South over the weekend after a big loss to powerhouse Homestead. Goshen gave Mishawaka Marian all they could handle but ended up losing by 4. This weekend Northridge hosts the NLC/DAC tournament with Northridge, Warsaw, Merrillville, and Crown Point participating. Next weekend Northridge hosts the NLC/NECC tournament with Northridge, Concord, Angola, and Fairfield participating. Any thoughts on how the conference might shake out this year? at this point in the season I would have to guess it will end up similar to last years standings. @Fairfield02 how do the Lady Falcons look this year?
  4. I was gonna throw in some tips on post-game food/entertainment, but I believe Truman's is closed now, so they'll have to settle for some Hacienda if they're stopping at the 100 Center after the game.
  5. Should be a great game, most on here will likely pick Dwenger, and rightfully so with their history...I think it's a close one though, Mishawaka could surprise a lot of people.
  6. We used to open our season against MC until a couple of years ago, best of luck to our fellow Northern IN teams this weekend. As has been said, while MC has been impressive, last weeks win was against a Concord team that isn't your typical Concord team, this was a down year for them. I'm pulling for the Wolves in this one, but realistically wouldn't be surprised if it isn't even close. Hopefully I'm wrong!
  7. NRRaider2001

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    Great post and congrats on another great season.
  8. NRRaider2001

    Regional: Angola at Dwenger

    @coach_funk I think I hear your intro music coming on
  9. NRRaider2001

    Neutral Sites from Regionals ON

    agreed about Skyline...Flint family here has me addicted to the Flint/Detroit Coneys....LaRosa's on the other hand is great IMO...always enjoy a trip to Jungle Jims as well
  10. Wolves win big, but kudos to the Minutemen for being the last NLC team standing this year...never would have thought it would shake out that way at the start of the season, although a smaller sectional for 5A than those of us in 4A S19. New Pal will be waiting for the winner, so enjoy this one while you can!
  11. Regarding Wawasee, the NLC has been down the last couple of years compared to what is normally a very strong conference. However the future is still bright for the conference with Mishawaka slated to join in 2020 when the Elkhart schools combine and go full on NIC. One common thing that almost all NLC Football Programs have is very good coaching and community support. Wawasee seemed to be the one exception the last couple of years. Coach E. had some success in the NECC, but it was a whole new animal when he took over a tradition rich program in a much more competitive conference year in and year out. I see his kids are now enrolled at Dekalb, and hope the best for the family, but it just wasn't a fit for Wawasee.
  12. NRRaider2001

    NLC - 2018

    Ken Fox article on the Elkhart Truth - https://www.elkharttruth.com/sports/high_school/concord-vs-elkhart-could-become-a-big-rivalry/article_1b6a42cd-56fa-5fb5-bad4-98548626bd26.html It appears that starting in 2020, Concord will be opening their schedule against Elkhart High School and moving Jimtown to week 2 with Mishawaka sliding into the week 6 slot. Should be a good cross town rivalry!
  13. NRRaider2001

    NLC - 2018

    I was just getting back into the Elkhart County area to listen to the 4th quarter on the radio, sounded like a great atmosphere and game, unfortunately coming down the hill back into Middlebury I lost the signal with about 2 minutes to go. Our field is similarly terrible, although not in a swamp, can't wait for the new turf to be put down. One of the few benefits of meeting my kids mom 2 hours from home twice every other weekend is that I get to catch some games that I'd otherwise not have a chance to hear. Particularly enjoyed getting to listen to the Pioneer games (although none were competitive). Most impressed with the Froggy/Elkhart County Game of the Week crew, least homerish of all the broadcasts I have picked up over the year. Was listening the the Carmel/Jeff game as well hoping to see a Penn/Carmel rematch, but we all know how that ended.
  14. NRRaider2001

    Marian at Luers part II

    should be a good game for sure! the City of Mishawaka is well represented in Indiana HS Football, maybe not Ft. Wayne's level, but not bad for a smaller city
  15. NRRaider2001

    2A Regional Whiting at Bremen

    Good luck to our former NLC bretheren Lions. Should be a great game Friday night!