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  1. gbjemler

    Mishawaka to NLC

    This says it all about Coach Curtis and has impact on kids and the football community where he coaches. Warsaw could absolutely dominate the NLC if there is buy-in from "Warsaw" itself.
  2. gbjemler


    Bart Bottorff's program at Penn is outstanding. He basically is the go to guy in Northern Indiana for Rugby at the high school level. I believe he has also coached at the national and international level taking USA HS aged teams overseas for competition.
  3. Failed to mention: I believe a medical excuse is needed.
  4. Our rule for ALL KIDS: be in school by 11 am or no game that night even as spectator.
  5. gbjemler

    Bad Weather (Favorite Games)

    Did not play but on sidelines...Peru at Frankfort....probably about 6-8 years ago in a sectional game. Rain from 5:00 on sideways. completely sideways for 3 hours. Field already in bad shape after long season. Visiting sidelines dip downward then back up to the track. There was a huge pond from the north 40 yard line to about the 10. So deep that a player could have submerged in a pile. I was more worried about a drowning that night than any injury. SERIOUSLY!! Frankfort was running the Brett Colby line em up shoe to shoe and the toss back to the running back to find a hole. Peru was a spread team. No contest. The kids were having some fun in the mud until they went in at halftime to warmup, only to come out to having had the temps drop about 10-15 degrees. The 2nd half was miserable. The mud covered all of the drain pipes in the showers and water spilled out into the hallway and towards the door close to the locker room. Craziest thing ever. It was an indoor flood. AND THEN: I went across the street from Frankfort HS on the main street to a Burger King and got some food which included some onion rings that just did not taste right. Vomited all weekend. GREAT FUN!!
  6. I know this is a NIC thread, but since we could potentially play Jimtown in Sectional 27. Looking at Indian72's sectional list: Peru sits right in the middle. They have been in the Fort Wayne grouping, the Northern Indiana grouping and the Central Indiana Grouping. It has been a North/South grouping and an East West grouping. They (IHSAA) just cannot make up their mind, but it makes sense why they can't. Being from Northern Indiana (former Caveman early 1980's), I love coming north. As long as they keep Peru from making the long trip to Fort Wayne for any of it, that is great. Jimtown or Marian would be the furthest. If both Peru and Jimtown win this week, Peru travels north. But with the bypass north and then the bypass east, Jimtown is not horrible to get there. However, 3 years ago it WAS horrible to play there for the sectional championship. Sophomore, at the time, Kenny Kern scored like 9 times in the first 3 minutes. Just joking....it was 4 times in the first 6 minutes. Our young kids got a taste of real Northern Indiana football. Smash mouth at its finest. THEN Jimtown got pounded by Andrean I think in regional. For years, we got to see Concordia (2 luxury travel busloads of players), Norwell (Chandler Harnish group), New Haven, Harding, Yorktown, Belmont, Eastbrook....that was a lot of fun. Harding: played them the year after we beat them in a Basketball regional at Belmont. They were evidently still pissed about basketball.....Our kids walk on the field, and one of their studs says to our stud receiver within range of several of our players..."you ain't scoring tonight (name) " Our stud receiver had a great BB game in regional. They must have remembered him. Harding had like 3-5 D 1's that year. 63-0 at half. Yep, we didn't score. I like Peru right where they are. Nice sectional grouping. Not too far and NOT Fort Wayne...and NOT West Lafayette...and NOT Northwood. LOL
  7. Could you send the actual url for this statistic so I can follow where Peru ends up? Peru runs the ball a ton and to be number 11 is pretty cool. Although I know that not every team in the USA uses Max Preps, it is still something the kids can be proud of.
  8. gbjemler

    Tippy valley coach suspended?

    Don't know about KV. But in the 90's during his first stint and now in his second stint at Peru. shirt and tie
  9. gbjemler

    Tippy valley coach suspended?

    Bob Prescott Peru: wears shirt and tie every game
  10. gbjemler

    Tippy valley coach suspended?

    THIS ^^^^^^ thank you Coach Nowlin!!
  11. This ^^^^ seed one and two based on sagarin. rest is blind draw.
  12. Shoot I can top that. If I had a voice and some dancing skill...oh and a band, I could be famous. I 've been around here too long and have heard several people say they played football forgetting that I have been watching Peru football for 30 years. "Back when i played...." I know who has played and who hasn't. It really is a true and funny topic. I just give them a glance and a nod. These arent coaches just fans.
  13. Prayers to the Bacon family, Coach Barron and his staff, and the rest of the Plymouth community families.
  14. Well I would just give the ball to Kenny Kerrn on the trap every other play. Seems to work pretty well