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  1. CoachLeisure

    MT. VERNON (fortville) OPEN?

    LOL! Man, things change fast in 1 year. I guess my $3,600 stipend was holding them back from some real improvements. Glad to see they could put the money to good use! It is a good job, with great administrators. But believe me; for the 6 years I was there, things weren't nearly so progressive. Best of Luck to whomever gets the job!
  2. CoachLeisure

    MT. VERNON (fortville) OPEN?

    Coach KJ, Yeah, I'm pretty sure for now. 27 years is long enough for me. I'm not 35, or even 45, anymore. The 12 hour days were wearing me out. Just no energy for family life during football season, which now starts on June1st. Who knows, maybe when I retire from my "real job" I will be able to just focus on football. We'll see... But honestly, I didn't miss it at all this past season. I was able to do some color commentary for local radio and TV games, so I'm still involved. Coach Nowlin, You may know more about it than I do. Perhaps things changed after I left that you are aware of and I am not. When I was there, the only indoor facility we had was the gym during thunder storms. I'm just basing my opinion on the things I saw when I was there; water damage to the football building due to a leaky roof, mold issues in the building, a 40 year old sled and only 4 handheld dummies that were usable. The rest were broken, water logged or had no handles left. I admit the term "above average" is subjective, but I did use the word "above". As for how many "grades" above average, I guess I'll let you make your own decision when you tour the facilities. I assume you will be applying?
  3. CoachLeisure

    MT. VERNON (fortville) OPEN?

    I coached @ MV from 2011-2016. There is NO indoor facility, though with new field turf and a fairly nice locker room and coaches offices located behind the home stands, the facilities are above average.