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  1. Deke Cooper... Evansville North, Notre Dame, Carolina Panthers
  2. Thank you for mentioning the spouses... we sacrifice time (especially when children are involved) for no stipend! Watching the state championship games, where everyone involved with the team gets a medal, including the bus drivers, I wondered where the coaches' wives medals were?
  3. Don't fiorget the D-line... #45, #55, and #73 were all strong and fast linemen (and more importantly complemented each other well and played as a team). They need to be replaced as well.
  4. I watched the Danville/Chatard game last Friday and am very impressed! However, don't overlook EM's defense. Lindauer and Combs deservedly get most of the press but our front seven is pretty solid too. The defense may not have as many sacks in their maxpress stats, but they do have almost twice as many interceptions (often a result of pressuring and/or hurrying the quarterback).
  5. This team is entirely selected by players. Every player on every city team gets a vote.
  6. RhinoMama73

    Blue and White Tigers

    Only a junior... getting attention in baseball too.
  7. Deke Cooper, Evansville North 1995 Led the Huskies to state state championship game... nine years in the NFL at safety.
  8. Hopefully we can put to rest the whole "SIAC teams cant be physical"... I believe Memorial proved last night that we can!
  9. RhinoMama73 is a booster... I always pay my tab!
  10. EM tigers are just looking forward to being home for one of these big tournament games!
  11. RhinoMama73

    Central vs East Central

    Was there in 1993 with Evansville North (Deke Cooper and co.) Definitely an experience... think Friday Night Lights meets Field of Dreams!
  12. I was very impressed with GS. They fought back when down. A lesser team would have thrown in the towel. As a parent, I was extremely nervous throughout the 4th quarter!
  13. Isn't that the definition of adjustment... stop doing what isn't working and try to exploit a weakness you may see? Passing on first down helped Ervin and the running game.
  14. Memorial did stop running the ball every first down play in the second half... opened up the offense a bit! Combs also calmed the addrenelin and made the plays he usually does.
  15. Evansville Memorial tigers 26 Gibson Southern Titans 17