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  1. Indieanapolis

    Vincennes Lincoln at Jasper

    Vincennes Jasper is a hard one to predict sometimes. I remember my sophomore year when Vincennes pulled the upset. But Jasper has a chip on their shoulder and a pressing need to get this season back on track.
  2. Indieanapolis

    0-9 and 9-0

    South Spencer is looking kind of rough this year. They might not find a win.
  3. Indieanapolis

    Big 8 Week 4

    Jasper has a big test coming up. If they can get this win they should be able to get things back on track. But HH won't go easy. I'm most impressed by Boonville. I don't know if they'll lose a regular season game this year. Too bad about that sectional though, a real buzzsaw.
  4. Indieanapolis

    Gameday Scores

    Pretty tough (and unique) stadium to play, I played there in 2015 and 2017. Never got a win though. Good on these kids.
  5. Indieanapolis

    Gameday Scores

    Princeton 14-6 Mt. Carmel. Final
  6. Gibson Southern is also the largest school in the PAC by a considerable margin.
  7. Indieanapolis

    Jasper (3-1) at Vincennes (3-1)

    With Mt. Carmel in free fall and the rest of the big 8 fumbling to catch up, this is the game to watch. I think the cats have a slight edge, but Vincennes relishes few things more than beating Jasper.
  8. Southern is going to win this year, and probably will for the foreseeable future. But high school sports are prone to ups and downs, and I think this will become a heated rivalry again. Southern already has another non conference game to play whoever they want. I'd save this one for their Northern counterparts.
  9. Indieanapolis

    Big Eight 2017

    With Princeton beating Mt. Carmel I'd say the big eight is essentially anarchy at this point. Of course Jasper is still a favorite and Vincennes is strong, but it seems like Princeton, Boonville, Mt. Vernon, and Mt. Carmel could end up anywhere.
  10. Indieanapolis

    812 Football 2017

    Princeton is going to struggle this year, rebuilding with a new coach and a good amount of young players. I fear this will be a rough year for the tigers.
  11. Indieanapolis

    Big 8 2017

    The season may be underway, but the Big 8 hasn't started inter-conference play yet. Feel free to make predictions. Mine are as follows: 1. Jasper 2. Mt. Vernon 3. Vincennes 4. Boonville 5. Washington 6. Princeton 7. Mt. Carmel This is a tough one because 3-6 are all pretty close. Princeton lost a lot, and they'll be rebuilding this year. With a new coach, it'll take a lot to get 3+ conference wins. Mt. Vernon is a good team and I could see them taking the title, but Jasper shouldn't ever be written off. Mt. Carmel struggled last year, and it seems like they may continue that trend.
  12. Indieanapolis


    Do they literally eat steak and beans or is that an expression?
  13. Indieanapolis

    Big 8 2016

    My. Carmel continues to mow down the competition. Washington is the last chance for someone to stop their onslaught of Big 8 teams.
  14. Indieanapolis

    Big 8 Girls Basketball

    So far my predictions are shaping up nicely. I an impressed by Boonville though. They're definitely preforming better than I anticipated.
  15. Indieanapolis

    PAC 2017

    1. Southridge- lots of returning talent and a good coaching staff 2. Southrn, still a threat to the conference with several atheletes. 3. Heritage Hills, rebuilding, but it wouldn't shock me to see them on top. 4. South Spencer- solid team, might not be able to take the big 3, but still respectable. 5. North Posey- losing some big seniors hurts this team 6. Forest Park- will likely struggle, but score a few wins. 7. Pike central- graduated a lot of great players 8. Tell city- has been down lately, had a hard time finding momentum.