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  1. How many teams participated last year?
  2. We are interested!  We look forward to it!

    1. cowboy08


      Awesome coach I will put u down and be in touch with details. Thanks again Coach and have a blessed night.

  3. CoachO

    2017 Schedule

    Delta - Green Diamond Restaurant - Order the "Big Larry" tenderloin. It's life changing!
  4. Very organized and knowledgeable coach. Definitely loves the community. Great hire!
  5. CoachO

    What's your numbers?

    Delta 4A has 71 players in 9-12.
  6. Tri-Central - 2013 State Champ/2014 Sectional Champ Delta - 2015 and 2016 Sectional Champ Woodlan - 2015 Regional Champ/2016 Record 10-1 Pioneer - 2014 and 2016 State Runner-Up Winamac - 2016 Sectional champ Monrovia - 2015 State Champ/2016 Regional Champ
  7. This was a very organized event and by far the best scrimmage we attended last summer. I would love to see some bigger schools sign-up this year!