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  1. AverageAmericanMale

    NIC 2019 Looking Ahead

    Why the emphasis that he was a “football player”? Local media *%#!?*s, disappointed to see WHME joining the click parade on their social media.
  2. Swimming - resistance training that’s easier on joints/tendons, excellent conditioning/cardio, muscle endurance, core strength.
  3. AverageAmericanMale

    NIC 1st Round of Sectional Play

    You should get more than a day lol, 8 years and 30 before that, you might not be alive for the next one.
  4. AverageAmericanMale

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    What’s Mishawaka’s playoff road look like?
  5. AverageAmericanMale

    What does PENN Have to do?

    Ha, what? They had a “young” soph QB if that’s what constitutes “young”. And he didn’t play this year. Nah, still surprised. This is pretty bad.
  6. AverageAmericanMale

    What does PENN Have to do?

  7. AverageAmericanMale

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    Then you’re pretty unimaginative.
  8. AverageAmericanMale

    NIC Regular Season Edns

    They should have 2 non conf dates available, Penn has 4, maybe 5 now. I see the rivalry game continuing.
  9. AverageAmericanMale

    Sampson James

    Hope ND stays after him
  10. AverageAmericanMale

    NIC Week # 8

    Mishawaka always plays their best, but Penn shouldn’t have any trouble with them from what I’ve seen.
  11. AverageAmericanMale

    NIC Week # 8

    The problem isn’t the offensive coordinator in as much the as the decision to cater the offense to hype. Cement shoes and an elastic waistband won’t cut it at QB. Can’t run the read/wrap, holds onto the ball like it’s 7on7, should be playing TE/OT.
  12. AverageAmericanMale

    WEEK # 7 in the NIC

    Was listening on and off during the first half, tough to tell if Penn just caught a couple early breaks and jumped on some opportunities or if they’re actually dominating. Is this the 46 GOTW?
  13. AverageAmericanMale

    What does PENN Have to do?

    Jesus Christ, they let you around children? What district should we avoid?
  14. AverageAmericanMale

    What does PENN Have to do?

    Gawd, was I this bad back in the day? 😂 Penn’s not very good this year, but they might get better. They lost a starting QB that fit the offense better to the potential of a 7 figure signing bonus in MLB and a D1 OL with SEC offers to a move. Probably the difference between cakewalking to regionals undefeated and now having competitive games every other week. Beyond that I think it’s absurd to say Penn couldn’t, at minimum, mirror CG’s success/competitiveness in the MIC with like ~1k more kids. Seeing that competition week in and week out makes a difference when all other intangibles are fairly equal. I’d prefer Penn join the DAC as it would undeniably raise their competitive floor in football, and ceiling in all other sports. But as PBW mentioned, the competitive floor isn’t the concern in football, Penn needs the flexibility to schedule outside the conference. Pretty sure that couldn’t happen without divisions/some kind of agreement. I kind of get the sense that some DAC programs, similar to the NLC, are content in their own world and not that interested increasing their competitive edge at the expense of making scheduling more difficult.