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  1. The twins at Pioneer are great kids. They will learn and grow. Be afraid in 2A north if they move up next year.
  2. What exciting games are coming this Friday?
  3. I would like to help in 1A
  4. brvheart63

    Hoosier Heartland 2018

    Watch out for Carroll!
  5. brvheart63

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Who are the top teams in the Hoosier Conference this coming fall? Are there any surprises?
  6. Some teams switch from 3-3 stack to a 4-3. Some go from Spread to wing-T. Some guys practice for 3-4 hours one year and then next year they go from 1 1/2 to 2 hr practices.
  7. What are you doing that is NEW to your team? Is it an offense, defense, special teams? Is it how you practice? The amount of time you practice? Are you doing man talks during your football season?
  8. Jack Kiser would easily play for any football in the state. He would be their stud player on the team. I have heard that he is a great player, student and young man. Why would you not want a leader on your team like that?
  9. brvheart63

    The Hoosier Conference 2018

    Who is in the conference with LJ?
  10. I have seen Kiser and the Lewellen boys. They are legit. Any team would love to have them on their team. You can NOT teach SPEED!
  11. So. Your player now has to go to basketball practice, football practice and maybe wrestling/swimming or baseball in the summer. Would you as a high school kid do all of that for each sport for 4 years? I think we need to scale back alittle on the summer workouts. 2 or 3 days tops a week. Practice or lift time just 2 hours or less. You can do two 7 on 7's and one 11 on 11. Let them be a kid. Also a dead week before the start of the season. Just a few ideas. I think then the kids will not be sick of football or all sports by their junior year.
  12. Thanks. Really wanted to know who from the south is strong. Is is Eastern Greene, North Central, Indy Lutheran, North Knox or that team that is hiding in weeds. I do understand that Pioneer is the team to beat in the north.
  13. brvheart63

    Practice Times?

    Do you think that short, up tempo practices are good?
  14. How are the teams throughout the state? Sheridan? Eastern Greene, Fountain Central, Carroll (Flora), Southwood and others? How are they going to be?
  15. Do you think 3-hour practices are a good thing or bad? What does your game week practice look like? Monday - JV game & Varsity walk thru's what you wish to install for the week. Tuesday & Wednesday - Rep up what you wish to install for Friday night - 2-hour practice tops Thursday - Walk-thru, film, eat together - 1 1/2 hr practice Friday - Game. ENJOY! Saturday - Walk thru JV - 1 hr. Film - Varsity and life a little. Is this how some of you handle your practice?