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  1. hunter63

    Southridge vs Paoli

    I know our FR QB is his cousins son, his wife is also a Southridge grad so there may be more.
  2. Seeing you guys talk about Klem like that makes me think back to the little kid following his dad Chris around the softball games in Huntingburg and Holland, he grew just a little bit, but then again he might have been in the 2nd grade when they moved your way (darn Toyota) Well anyway be gone most of the week just want to tell you guys good luck Friday night lets keep the PAC rolling. We have played Brownstown in regional a couple of times when they were in 2a they are very well coached and there line always impressed me very sound no matter of there size, but GS should be fine in this one just play your game, once again lets keep the PAC rolling Good Luck again.
  3. southridge 21 mater dei 19 final
  4. We put in Turf, This is a game we all knew would happen, but nobody wanted it to, and how many times has this game been played a Southridge? I can think of only 2 times it was at the Bowl and one of them was in the 80's.
  5. hunter63

    Tell city vs Southridge

    TC went for 2 and the lead with 42 seconds to go, SR had it stopped but Brown kept it alive running sideline to sideline and they had a block in the back at the 10 yard line. very weird play.
  6. Congrats to GS on winning the PAC, great game tonight very solid team, your team shows great sportsmanship,and very well coached. good luck the rest of the year, make a great showing in 3a for the PAC
  7. hunter63

    JV and Freshman scores.

    Frosh----Southridge 20 Jasper 14 OT
  8. We could of had a family war if they were still in PAC Southridge's and Tecumseh's head coaches are brother in-laws
  9. Yea when they show highlights on Home Team Friday they show him a lot I think Lance W. has a man crush on him (just joking Lance) but Conner is very fun to watch, but yes this game well benefit both teams look forward to seeing you guys, no matter what the outcome is both teams are going to learn from it and help them for what I hope is a lot more games to come this year.
  10. Southridge went for it 5 times on 4th and short when they played Tell City and Conner didn't get the ball on any of them plays, and it is not how many times he gets the ball it is what he does with it when he gets it, the paper has him last night with 5 carries for 140yds 2 td, 4 catches for 91yds 1 td, and a 87 yard kickoff return for a td.(the radio had him for 4 carries 147yds).
  11. Southridge 34 Heritage Hills 8 final
  12. hunter63

    PAC Week 7

    Southridge 34 Heritage Hills 8, 8:30 to go 3qt
  13. Been to many of games at the Jungle and I can say I have never heard music during the game, just wondering did you have a headset on when you heard that!!!!!!
  14. Southridge 33 South Spencer 0 Final