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  1. I looked forward to playing Scecina on Roncalli's turf so Webo could leverage the passing game. In actuality, I think it helped Scecina as much or more based on their small but quick athletes. Webo relying on ground and pound was the difference maker in that game. That's one of those "be careful what you wish for" kind of things.
  2. I think you look at it on a case-by-case basis. During the sectional final game at home, Webo’s field was in good shape and last week was an away game. The forescast for Thursday shows a wintery mix being mostly light snow which means very little moisture before the weekend. Weather.com shows a 20% chance of precipitation on Saturday. That said, I highly doubt the field conditions will be challenging. Webo did spend quite a bit 3-4 years ago to completely reshape and resod the field for decent drainage.
  3. Looking at his MaxPreps profile, all his highlights are focused on basketball. He appears to be a darn good baller at that. Looking forward to seeing his athleticism on Saturday.
  4. Here is the direct YouTube link
  5. If 40 times get listed, you might as well include bench, clean, squat, and vertical.
  6. Yes Webo has 3-4 capable backs, with 2 being the primary guys. It all of course starts with Webo's talented O line. Tackle to tackle the line averages 250 lbs. Add in the ability to run a two platoon system that gives guys a break and that often equates to better offensive production in the 2nd half vs the first. This is what happened vs Scecina.
  7. I usually prefer to use "I-75 through Atlanta at 2 am speed" as my reference.
  8. Really looking forward to this game also. I expect a big crowd overall assuming SR has a similar community backing like Webo. You can't beat the turnout of small town, public school fans.
  9. I saw a discussion on a SS game thread about venues. I’m curious, are there specific requirements schools must meet to host SS games? Minimum capacities etc based on class or is it just up to the host AD to determine appropriateness of hosting?
  10. A quick look at results from last night shows two very different game outcomes for these two teams. A defensive grinder where Webo held Scecina to their lowest points of the season vs a high combined score affair where Southridge triumphed over Paoli. The Sagarin was close on the point differential for Webo over Scecina. Will the 22 point advantange it shows for Webo vs Southridge play out that way?
  11. When Washington got hurt late in the 3rd I was concerned. From that point it turned into the Wethington show. Multiple big runs with 3-4 defenders hanging on him. That is not an exaggeration. Scecina had no answer.
  12. BigTimeDB

    football booster

    Yes, the disbanding could have been avoided because a profit would have seen that coming.
  13. Coming up on 24 hrs before kickoff and this thread is quiet. Did @Sergeant Dangle's flip phone finally die?
  14. I was wondering when this thread was going to go all Joe Donnelly vs Mike Braun. Ha ha