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  1. Well, I’m excited to go see Seymour vs. NA tomorrow. I’ve been out of town a lot and haven’t seen the Bulldogs since week 1. My understanding is the Owls have a great runner......NA/Seymour games are always tight...weather should be good. Looking forward to some Friday night lights.
  2. Well....sounds like I missed another great game. I’m not gonna lie, waking up out here and seeing that score hurt my feelings a little. Proud of the guys for being that competitive and hoping they can start winning some of these close games. But a lot of good stuff to build on. Congrats on the win fellas......maybe a 2nd chance in sectionals? Lol
  3. Lol.....I’d be disappointed if you didn’t. I’ll still be out here, so thanks in advance. I hope the Bulldogs play well, but after a tough loss you never know how kids will respond.
  4. Wanted to thank you for keeping me updated on the score last night. I’m out west so I missed what sounds like a great game. I’m not going to second guess Cooley on the FG decisions.....coaches have tough calls to make sometimes. Btw, there are some good pictures on the Louisville Courier Journal website from the game including one of the QB scoring. Looks like he easily made it, but what about the WR holding in the end zone😂. Thanks again and good luck next week.
  5. That’s true enough. But being beatable and actually getting beat are two different deals. I hope the Bulldogs give them a good game, but the I’d be surprised if they won. Being at home is a good start. I hope they are ready to play BNL first.....that should be a good game.
  6. NA/FC is big game for both teams , schools and fans for sure. But you can bet your hind parts I’ll trade a win vs. CE for a loss to Floyd. At least then I could have a little fun with the CE guys here 😀
  7. NA beat JC 55-17. Sorry I can’t tell you more than that.....wasn’t driving up in the rain.
  8. NA beat Castle 27-20. Don’t want to take anything away from my Bulldogs, but that is not the same quality Castle team I’m used to seeing. Great win though.....defense really played well.
  9. Last I heard, NA up 35-0 in 4th. I never judge much from this game. 2A school and week 1.
  10. No argument.....he certainly made a good amount of money. I'm guessing however that going 1-9 with a career ERA of 5.62 in MLB was disappointing to Bullington and the Pirates after they drafted him 1st overall in the 2002 draft. No criticism involved......injuries etc. happen. I'm glad he did well in Japan.
  11. Dawgs_Dad

    Wood Memorial

    Can someone please explain the reluctance in Indiana to go to 8 man football in some of these rural areas? I grew up in Texas and over 250 high schools there play 6 man football. It's a lot of fun to watch and offers students the opportunity to play football that otherwise wouldn't exist. 30 states have some kind of reduced player football at the high school level......over 1500 high schools across the country. It seems to me that many states have found this option helps smaller communities continue to offer football.......I'm just curious why Indiana hasn't looked at this, or maybe they have?
  12. I'm thinking it says a lot more about his family than about the schools in Jeff. So they move him from Jeff to CN, over to CE, back to CN, and now he's back at Jeff? Sounds like his family/decision makers are a much bigger problem for this young man than Jeffersonville H.S.
  13. I have a feeling this is going to go down hill from here......I'll let myself out.