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  1. No Punt Intended

    PAC week 1

    Dont forget.. Saturday game: Pike Central @ Indianapolis Lighthouse East
  2. No Punt Intended

    Graber Post Classic Review

    The Graber Post Classic is a guarantee for great games every year. Loogootee gave us the most exciting games in my opinion. Loogootee let the Barr-Reeve game slip away from them. The Loogootee-Brownstown Central game was very exciting. Great win for the Lions. Can someone post the individuals that made the All-Tournament Team?
  3. Evidently, the kicker who kicked the "onside kick" wasn't even the starting kicker. GS Titan 80 has it right. It was supposed to be a pooch kick. With that said, I can't say I agree with calling three timeouts to get the ball back under two minutes to play in the second quarter already up 4 TDs. Gibson Southern is a very disciplined football team and it shows every week. Sellers is the real deal. He gives everyone else the credit for the success this season. Congratulations on their fantastic year thus far. Also, I want to point out three things. 1) Pike Central scored on Gibson Southerns varsity defense. Not many teams have been able to accomplish that this season. 2) Only two other teams have scored on Gibson Southern in the first half. Pike Central scored in the second quarter. 3) The final scores for Gibson Southern in Week 6 and Week 7 are not that different.. GS 48 HH 7... GS 63 PC 6. Touchdowns vs Gibson Southern's Varsity: Henderson County, Ky: 3 (one in 1st half) North Posey: 2 (both in 1st half) Heritage Hills: 1? Pike Central: 1 (in 1st half)
  4. No Punt Intended

    Summer results

    I believe Ken Dilger would have been on this team as well.
  5. No Punt Intended

    Schedule Changes

    Pike Central picked up Evansville Memorial. Mitchell was dropped from the schedule. PC was 4-0 against the Blue Jackets in the last 4 years, beating them by a combined 46 points in the last two victories. The Ev. Memorial game is on December 17 at Ev. Bosse. It is our last game before going into the Graber Post Classic. Nearly all Evansville high schools will see action on Dec. 17 at Bosse. Matre Dei, North, Reitz, Memorial, Harrison, Bosse, and Castle are scheduled to play throughout the day.
  6. No Punt Intended

    Summer results

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Coach Hawkins and the Patriots can do this season. Talking about the tallest players out of Heritage Hills... What year did Southwood graduate? Late 80's/Early 90's by chance? While doing research for a local team recently, I have read a few articles where it said Heritage Hills had some big boys around that time. I think for the 1988-89 season the Patriots didn't have anyone under 6'0"! Not sure if that report was true, however, sounds like they were a solid team.