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  1. Mike McNelis- Class of '04- Did not go to a big time school (played at Depauw) but was the nastiest one I ever played against. That Chatard '03 team was nasty. We were 4A state champs that year.....and Chatard beat us 28-0...frankly, it could've been worse.
  2. Coach K coached me as a senior at Down and Dirty Camps, I worked with him at Down and Dirty Camps while in college, and I coached Middle School football under Coach K. He is a great coach, but I think the most underrated side that people do not talk about is his ability to motivate. Between him and Coach Scifres, I have not seen 2 coaches with the ability to motivate kids and young adults like they have done. Best of luck Coach......
  3. You won't find a better HC to work for....good luck KJ!
  4. Had the opportunity to officiate a middle school spring game a few weeks back. One team was from all one school, while the other was a pick em all star monster squad. Ended up being a good game (the all one school team is pretty popular), but I can see this as a problem. There are not enough teams to have these all star teams......that can wait until college. I think spring football is a great idea at the middle school level, like one has started in south central Indiana (slowly already creeping up to the Indy metro area). If a kid does not want to play baseball or do any other sports in the spring, it is a great way to start getting ready for your high school's system.
  5. rebel03

    Indy Star Project

    2003 Warren hands down.....I believe 8 Division 1 FB players on that squad (Just seniors) 2003 Bishop Chatard not far down the list 2006 Warren (Darren Evans Sr. Season) 1991 Ben Davis 2001 Ben Davis Agree with Irishman on the 06 Cathedral team as well...... No particular order with exception of the 03 Warren team
  6. The problem here is all of the conference changes...this has put our crew working the same team more than once. This is something we try to avoid, but sometimes is unavoidable. It is not fair for a crew to have to switch with another crew to go somewhere over an hour away to avoid this situation when the schools decide to schedule 5-6 years out. With conference shifting, we have had one team 2 times this year, but the second game was not on the original schedule 3 years ago. It is also unfair to the "home" school AD that schedules the crew to try and switch things around because of the away team being a repeat team for that particular crew. Once the conference realignments die down, you will also see this "issue" die down as well.
  7. rebel03

    JV Clock Rule

    Old timing rules in NFHS should be used......clock starts after change of possession when the ball was still live on the previous play. (I.E. completed pass in bounds, run in bounds, etc.) If ball is dead(incomplete pass, out of bounds, etc.) then the clock should not start until the ball is next snapped. This is the same deal for after kickoffs. If ball is kicked out of bounds or player returning runs out of bounds, clock should not start until the ball is snapped. If returner is tackled in bounds, clock should start on ready for play.
  8. rebel03

    The Dude Predicts - 4A

    I have seen SB St. Joes up close and personal on the field as an official....they are the real deal...if the quarterback is healthy again, I do not see them being beaten. I also have seen Chatard up close and personal when they were not at their best, but they will be on that path come sectionals. If I was a betting man, I would say Chatard and SB Saint Joes in a dandy for the 4a championship. New Pal as a sleeper in the south....and as always Dwenger. After talking to some people that have seen the Rebels play this year..probably another sectional defeat to the Trojans this time instead of the Irish.
  9. Saturday, Sept 7 5pm Lawrence Central Field!
  10. rebel03

    Evansville Reitz

    Coach Hape came to Franklin my senior year and I was the only senior on the oline that year. I thank God everyday I had that one year to be around such a great coach and an even better person. Reitz is beyond lucky to have Coach Hape come back to lead the helm! Congrats Coach Hape......truly deserved