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  1. What is that supposed to mean??? I will say I felt some of Valpo U's tougher players always came from the region and our "athletes" cam from the Indy and Chicago areas
  2. There was no control group in the study they discuss. Meaning they did not test for CTE in people that did not play football.
  3. Every teacher I know works all summer with many working two jobs (not counting coaching) during the school year. Most leave with debt they can not afford to pay back and anyone looking for advancement must incur more debt by going back to school to pursue a masters. Unions can't protect teachers from the accountability system related standardized testing which is a whole other animal we could tackle. Also your generalization of job security does not fit as school corporations all over the state face financial crisis and are making cut backs I enjoy your banter and stirring of the pot but your generalizations and stereotypes are way off as I assume mine would be looking from the outside at your profession. Also by your theory of advancement and chances for younger coaches to make a difference how much longer does a young coach like myself have until I need to be led out to pasture for the next young difference maker? I can tell you my intent is to make a difference for all my students for as long as God wills it. No teacher that stays in the profession is in it for the money...we do it to make a difference and make the world a better place.
  4. Long time reader, first time responder... 5) Participation decline Participation is at an all time high in our community with our youth league completely full. Numbers are so high for our middle school and varsity programs that we had to purchase more equipment. 7) Attendance declines We set a new gate record for the season nearly doubling the previous record which was set back in 2009 8) Officiating Shortage While this is a problem 3 of my students that graduated last year entered the ranks and said they were not alone with quite a few other young men going to the clinics and camps with them. As coaches we are encouraging our guys that don't go play college ball but want to stay in the game to give it a try. Despite what the media wants there is still a bright future for football...we just have to work together as a football community to continue to educate and promote safety.
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    MasonHAsher's Games Attended Thread 2016-17

    Awesome stuff....thanks for the thread!
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    Favorite gyms

    Having grown up in and starting my high school career at Cloverdale, then finishing up at Scecina in Indianapolis; I always enjoyed the smaller gyms in west/southwest Indiana over the larger squared gyms of central Indiana. Here are a few of the small gems that stuck out to me: 1) Greencastle - Huge gym by all local standards; loved the atmosphere of the Putnam County Tourney games 1) Cloverdale - Loved everything about it 3) Shakamak - They packed the place and just had an awesome atmosphere 4) Eminence - Very tiny but felt like I was playing in a gym from Hoosiers; especially the locker rooms 5) Clay City - Just something about it 6) Cascade - Loved playing below the crowd due to the gym's bowl and elevated bleachers Other notables: Union Dugger, Worthington (Middle School I believe) I'm sure most have changed as I have not been out that way in many years but it was an awesome area to grow up playing basketball in the great state of Indiana