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  1. Alices11

    Big 8 2017

    At Princeton next year.
  2. Alices11

    PAC Conference 2018

    Washington over HH 4-2..sounded like a pretty good game. Hatchets might be a tough out in the revamped sectional.
  3. Alices11

    Big 8 2017

    Bermuda grass infield, new baselines and rebuilt mound. Last year. But the seating and rest of the facility will be interesting for a sectional.
  4. Alices11

    Southridge Sectional

    Sullivan over Pike in Game 1. Game 2 lived up to the hype. Unbelievable grit shown by the Alices to come back from an 11 point deficit to force overtime and eventually knock off the Tigers 62-59. Outstanding basketball game by both teams. Friday, it will be Sullivan vs. Southridge in Game 1. And Vincennes vs. Washington in Game 2.
  5. Alices11

    State Predictions

    Agreed! Greensburg looked really good against Lincoln in the regional but think NW is on a different level. Will be interesting to see how Rivet matches up against Marquette Catholic's size. Know very little about the other 2 classes.
  6. Alices11

    State Predictions

    Anyone have any predictions for tomorrow's championship games?
  7. Princeton has to be the favorite, and on paper the first round match up between the Tigers and Vincennes could determine the sectional champ. However, never count out Coach Miiler, and Sullivan and Pike have both been playing well. The Alices have been wildly inconsistent this season, and for them to be 15-7 is actually pretty impressive. When they have been good, they have been really good. When they've been bad, they've been awful. They have some outstanding wins, beating Bosse, Memorial, Indy Howe, and University. Just hope that is the team that shows up next Tuesday. Should be a great tournament. Best of luck to all teams!
  8. Alices11

    Charlestown Regional

    This has to be one of the best regionals in the south or maybe the whole state, no??
  9. Alices11


    Dog days of February. Don't look too much into results right now. All preparation for the tournament.
  10. Alices11

    Big 8 Conference 2017-18

    I know it doesn't effect the conference standings, but man did Vincennes play well this weekend...as tough as a Friday/Sat stretch as you can have. Very impressed with their toughness coming off the very difficult loss to SK.
  11. Alices11

    Vincennes / Jasper

    Jasper wins 61-49. It was tight through the 1st half, but Lincoln could never get over the hump in the second half. Kotter played but very little and was a non factor. I do think he will be by the end of the season. Jasper played very well defensively and was very efficient offensively and took advantage of some poor Lincoln offense. Hopefully the Alices bounce back this weekend.
  12. Alices11

    Vincennes / Jasper

    Another chapter on Friday night. Lincoln comes in 7-4 with a nice weekend to win their Holiday Tournament. Jasper comes in 3-4 but have played some very good basketball teams. Throw the records out the window as always for this one. Jasper will be looking for revenge from a buzzer beating loss last year at Alice Arena. Should be a great atmosphere as always.
  13. Alices11

    Big 8 Conference 2017-18

    No, Kotter has not played yet. He has been cleared to practice, per the Vincennes Sun Commercial.
  14. This was a really impressive 3 game stretch for the Alices. Thought some guys really clicked into their roles, which is something you hope for when it comes to these types of tournaments. Still don't believe we have seen the best basketball these guys can play. And have done it up to this point without Kotter. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going.
  15. Alices11

    Vincennes Lincoln 2017-2018

    Hein has played most of the season but has been out with a foot injury the past 4 or 5 games. Haynes has not returned.