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  1. There should some take since they were given this during school contact that summers for them should limited. Under 20 team events would sound about right.
  2. Does the rule say anything about in season athletes going to out of season workouts? If not, then you are right. It will come down to athletic directors to limit in season athletes from going to out of season workouts. They should have made it only for your next upcoming season. Meaning during Football season only winter sports can use these new 4 hours. But they won't because I am pretty sure this was proposed by basketball in way to limit AAU.
  3. https://www.southbendtribune.com/news/education/school-board-approves-million-to-buy-new-locker-rooms-at/article_2c60abd1-f15c-5a09-b9c2-008a42134492.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=email&utm_campaign=user-share Good for Penn!
  4. Seems odd that a school the size of BNL would have three middle schools. I can see why they would go from 3 to 1 team, probably not able to properly fill out all three teams. There are a good number of 5A schools who only have one middle school. And Westfield a 6A school only has one middle school. I agree if you have the numbers to have 2 or 3 middle school teams then it is better for your program to have more players getting more reps.
  5. FanFootball

    Legal? Can you "curl" the Punted Ball?

    I didn't know an old astro field still existed out there.