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  1. Seriously? Didn't know that. How dumb fwcs should be ashamed
  2. Other donors are stepping in also according to the parent. Not sure on the timing of it all as it seems it's in the early stages of talk
  3. Not fwcs but Heard from a luers parent luers will be getting turf with a donation from a cowboys player 😎 very good for my Alma mater
  4. 260SportsGuru

    SAC Week 4

    Wayne by a lot Luers by 14 Snider with however many points they want to score Carroll but could see this game being closer than Carroll would like Homestead by 14
  5. 260SportsGuru

    SAC week 3

    Have a feeling that homestead dwenger game will be a good one
  6. 260SportsGuru

    SAC week 3

    Concordia at Snider - Snider in a revenge shootout game North Side at Carroll - Carroll with a comfortable win Northrop at Wayne - Wayne South Side at Bishop Dwenger -Dwenger by however many they want Homestead at Bishop Luers - Homestead by a touchdown
  7. I know this isn't fwcs related but I never understood why dwenger put in turf on their practice field but not zollner. Between them and Concordia I'm sure they could have put turf down . Does anyone know the reasoning ?
  8. Luers had the same thing happen. Darn air conditioning
  9. If a sponsor wants to come forward and help pitch in to benefit a school what's the big deal? Nothing wrong with someone wanting to help benefit a school with improvements. Not only would it help the football teams but bands, soccer teams, and lacrosse as well. And give the community something to be proud of.
  10. 260SportsGuru

    SAC WEEK 1

    I think it's time fort Wayne schools add turf http://www.wpta21.com/story/38932119/condition-of-fwcs-football-field-questioned?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook_ABC21_WPTA
  11. 260SportsGuru

    SAC WEEK 1

    Sounded like zollner was a swamp tonight like most fields in the area with out turf. Sad to see
  12. 260SportsGuru

    SAC WEEK 1

    I could see the luers and Wayne games both being shootouts like you said should be an interesting first week of ball!
  13. 260SportsGuru

    SAC WEEK 1

    I like all the picks and scores . I see Wayne giving dwenger a close game and possibly winning with that speed they have and being the first game of the season