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  1. I would think New Prairie should be solid again next year especially on the offensive side of the ball. A few key holes to fill on defense. If I’m not mistaken I think St Joe and Mishawaka both have pretty susbstantial losses to graduation. With Dwenger winning and getting bumped up to 5A things may be wide open for 4A in the north.
  2. NPFan

    NLC - 2018

    Sorry I’m not trying to hijack the thread. Heck I’m not even from this conference, lol. But wouldn’t it work out that way anyway. The better teams would obviously have more players because they are better, not because they have an allotment to meet. I’ll drop it now. 🙂
  3. NPFan

    NLC - 2018

    I certainly wish it could go back to selecting an actual “team”. The new way seems like a way to avoid having to make difficult choices and prevent hurt feelings. It also leans towards more praise/focus on the quarterbacks and running backs. It sure looks like linemen get the short end of the stick (again). I’m sorry but 6 QBs from an 8 team league is just kind of silly. Oh well. Does anyone know if the NIC awards by position or just “best players” from each team.
  4. NPFan

    NLC - 2018

    Congrats to the kids that made the all conference team. Just a question. There are 8 teams in the conference and there are 6 QBs selected as all conference? Isn’t the idea of all conference to select the best player in the conference at each position? NIC hasn’t announced their lists yet, but I hope they award it by position.
  5. This is a bit of a sore spot for several in the NP community. We have a new AD at the school this year and the word on the street is he is promoting a softer, kinder, gentler dont yell at these poor kids approach. Sorry to get political, but just like many other places in society: be politically correct, dont offend anyone, and hey let's give everyone a trophy. Things seem to have worked out pretty well for over 40 years for Radtke. Just listen to players that have played for him, they respect him. Call me crazy, but just maybe the guy knows what he is doing and doesn't need any "assistance" from the administrative staff. Sure hope they don't cannonball the football program that that players, parents, and community has been working to build.
  6. Congrats to St Joe. They played a solid game. Just too many mistakes on the NP side. I had thought all year that St Joe, Mishawaka, and NP all could beat each other on any given day. We will lose some very key players but have a solid bunch of underclassmen coming back next year. Hopefully they just got a little more motivated for the 2019 season. Good luck to the remaining NIC teams.
  7. I’m not sure if there is an appeal process for New Prairie for the Tyler ejection/suspension in Friday nights game, but anyone that watches the video it is very clear there was no “targeting” on the play. He is playing free safety and the WR runs a slant/post. Tyler has his hands up as the ball sails over his and the receiver’s heads. He pull his hands down to defend himself and the two players collide. Nothing malicious in the slightest. I guess I can see the penalty just because of how the game has to be played today, but absolutely no reason for an ejection. That would be a very big loss for the Cougars, though he was out with injury the last time the teams met.
  8. Could be......if people think the spread is 60. 🙂
  9. I’m all for seeding, but I’d say this is a good example of why not to seed. Hobart is 7-1 but New Prairie and St. Joe are both better football teams. Hobart plays weaker competition so they have a better record. This is the main reason why it is tough to come up with a system that is equitable. *but it still stinks they are playing in round 1 🙂
  10. NPFan

    NIC Week # 8

    I'll second that one. I thought it would at least be competitive based on the scores when both teams played St. Joe. I think we are a much better team than what showed up that night, but we did get dominated. Interested to see how the Cavemen do against them and how we do against EC after their good showing this week.
  11. NPFan

    WEEK # 7 in the NIC

    Penn’s defense totally dominated the game. The NP offense got down to the 12 yard line once and turned over on downs. Other than that no threat at all until Penn 2nd defense in at end of the game. NPs defense actually didn’t play all that bad, they were just on the field all night long. In my opinion Penn’s offense needs to improve before tournament time if they want to make a run.
  12. NPFan

    WEEK # 5

    Really good game. The two fumbles inside the 10 were the difference. Mishawaka offense very solid. Harness and Shively ran hard. NP wasn’t disciplined enough on the outside which resulted in several wide open pitches. Could definitely see a rematch down the road. I couldn’t believe the play that ended the game. The NP QB is a play maker. Why take the ball out of his hands? I agree, about FG. I was saying the same thing. Make the FG and the game is over right there.
  13. NPFan

    WEEK # 5

    Bremen rolling so far this year. Looks like they spread the ball around quite a bit. Marian over Jimtown St Joe vs Central should be a good one. I’m interested in seeing how St Joe rebounds against what seems to be a good Central team. NP vs Mishawaka should be a good one. The NP offense is humming pretty well and it sounds like the Mishawaka defense is too. NP has been very stout against the run this year, but the secondary was torched against Andrean. Mishawaka passing game nowhere near as capable so hopefully the Cougars can pull out a W.
  14. NPFan

    NIC WEEK # 4

    I think the majority of the NP fan section agrees with you there.
  15. NPFan

    NIC WEEK # 4

    Yeah I’ll say, should be a good one. Radtke ran the option for years and seemed to have a good game plan last year to shut it down pretty effectively. I saw a picture of the Harness kid in the paper today, he looked like he bulked up quite a bit from what I remember from last year.