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  1. NPFan

    WEEK # 5

    Really good game. The two fumbles inside the 10 were the difference. Mishawaka offense very solid. Harness and Shively ran hard. NP wasn’t disciplined enough on the outside which resulted in several wide open pitches. Could definitely see a rematch down the road. I couldn’t believe the play that ended the game. The NP QB is a play maker. Why take the ball out of his hands? I agree, about FG. I was saying the same thing. Make the FG and the game is over right there.
  2. NPFan

    WEEK # 5

    Bremen rolling so far this year. Looks like they spread the ball around quite a bit. Marian over Jimtown St Joe vs Central should be a good one. I’m interested in seeing how St Joe rebounds against what seems to be a good Central team. NP vs Mishawaka should be a good one. The NP offense is humming pretty well and it sounds like the Mishawaka defense is too. NP has been very stout against the run this year, but the secondary was torched against Andrean. Mishawaka passing game nowhere near as capable so hopefully the Cougars can pull out a W.
  3. NPFan

    NIC WEEK # 4

    I think the majority of the NP fan section agrees with you there.
  4. NPFan

    NIC WEEK # 4

    Yeah I’ll say, should be a good one. Radtke ran the option for years and seemed to have a good game plan last year to shut it down pretty effectively. I saw a picture of the Harness kid in the paper today, he looked like he bulked up quite a bit from what I remember from last year.
  5. NPFan

    NIC WEEK # 4

    I was surprised at how undisciplined St. Joe was, and to be honest the lack of a response from the St. Joe coaching staff to the poor sportsmanship. The cheap shots late were just totally uncalled for.
  6. NPFan

    NIC WEEK # 4

    NP up 27-8 at half.
  7. NPFan

    NIC WEEK # 4

    It’s a weird year for the NP fans to chime in. Since playing on the other side not too sure what to expect each week. Should be a good one this week against St. Joe. Radtke hasn’t lost two in a row in his tenure at New Prairie. I believe NP QB will be back in the line up this week.
  8. NPFan

    NIC WEEK # 3

    I know it’s a rivalry game, but I would be surprised if St. Joe didn’t win fairly easily.
  9. I think what folks are trying to say about CP is congrats for winning the 6A sectional 2 years in a row. Just be thankful not in 5A or even 4A because you wouldn’t have won either year.
  10. NPFan

    NIC Week # 2

    I’ll take Goshen over Central Marian over Glenn Lowell, MI over Adams New Prairie over Clay Northridge over St. Joe Penn over Merrillville Washington over Jimtown Riley over Bremen Valpo over Mishawaka
  11. NPFan

    NIC Week # 2

    Riley vs Bremen and St Joe vs Northridge should both be interesting games.
  12. NPFan

    NIC Week 1

    NIC 3-0 vs DAC in week 1. Gotta love beating those Region teams!!
  13. NPFan

    NIC 2018

    New Prairie scrimmaged Michigan City. NP never shows much in scrimmages and sat several key players. Starting two massive young kids at offensive tackles. As they gain experience the Cougars will get better and better. Friday cant get here fast enough.
  14. NPFan

    NIC 2018

    Interested to see what everyone has coming back? NP loses several linemen to graduation. Have some big guys stepping in to fill the spots, but will be inexperienced until Russ and staff coach them up and they get some games under their belts. Have some good skill position players returning. Overall expecting another successful season. Switching sides of the conference will be interesting as mentioned. Had good success against Mishawaka and St. Joe last year, but as always it's a new season. The other side should be wide open with NP moving and Riley graduating their QB that was a big part of their offense. I think Bremen was pretty young last year if I remember correctly.
  15. Congrats to Lowell and good luck the rest of the way. We just had too many plays where we didn't execute and left point on the field. Can't do that in a tight game like that one.